Voyager App Review (Jan 2021) Is It The Legit Business?

Voyager App Review (Jan 2021) Is It The Legit Business?

Voyager App Review (Jan 2021) Is It The Legit Business? >> Please read this detailed review to get to know more about a commission-free Crypto-trading app that claims you can earn up to 9.5% interest Annual percentage rate.

Are you fascinated by cryptocurrency? Are you looking for a platform where you can buy, sell, trade, and even earn interest on your crypto investments? If yes, we might have the best platform for you – Haven’t heard about Voyager yet? We are here to help you with everything you need to know.

Our Voyager App Review is entirely unbiased, and you shall know if Voyager App is the right Crypto trading platform for you.

Many people are showing their interest in crypto-currencies nowadays and have started investing in them. Most of the crypto trading platforms work on commission, whereas we have found one trader who claims to be commission-free.

About Voyager App:

Led by an experienced group in online brokerage, Crypto Trading Technologies launched their Voyager app in January 2019. Within a year, Voyager became a leading platform in the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. They give us access to over 50 tokens and coins. 

According to Voyager App Review, the United States-based company was only open for US citizens for almost a year, but now almost everyone is free to use it.

If you’re a newbie and want to start Crypto trading from Voyager App, you’ll find it easy to use with its distinctive features. Let us now see some of its specifications.

Best suited for:

  • Investors who are used to mobile trading
  • Crypto-investors who are looking for a massive selection of projects
  • New investors looking to grow their margins 


  • Easy-to-use, well designed, and intuitive mobile application 
  • You can earn interests in most of the crypto investments.
  • Voyager App Review states that the application is approved and verified
  • Voyager is completely commissioned free.
  • Excellent user rating of 4.7/ 5stars 
  • It has a valid HTTPS connection and is safe to use with FDIC approval.


  • You can only trade in its Android and IOS apps (Desktop version not available)
  • Limited ways to reach the customer service and users have mentioned late responses.
  • Bank transfers and deposits might take pretty long to complete.
  • Trusting the trading application which is year old can be problematic. 

Voyager App Review 

Who can tell better about any platform than its users, right? Voyager App is rated 4.8/5 on google play store and IOS app store. The user-interface is fancy yet easy to use. Users also mentioned that the app has a newsfeed that refreshed every minute and helps you stay updated with the market’s information.  

Research also states that many users have had trouble with extended processing time for bank transfers and deposits.


Voyager app is a Cryptocurrency trading, exchange, and investment trading platform, who work commission-free. As per the Voyager App Review the platform is completely safe, and one can easily make their profile and start trading within minutes. 

Voyager provides us with almost every crucial detail regarding its policies. They have approval from FDIC ensuring extra security to those who fear holding USD with trading platforms.

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