Voicemail Text Scam Australia {Aug} Be Alert About It!

Voicemail Text Scam Australia {Aug} Be Alert About It!

Voicemail Text Scam Australia {Aug} Be Alert About It! >> Are you aware of scam voicemail text messages? If no, then read this entire writing to get all the details.

You might have heard many online scams that take place every day to cheat innocent people worldwide. Many scam messages will pop out on your device to gather your personal information and steal your hard-earned money.

So, we are giving you all the information regarding one of the scams, Voicemail Text Scam Australia, reported recently, and people of  Australia are complaining about this scam.

Let’s check all the details.

What Is This Voicemail Text Scam?

Scammers send scam messages through the text to hack devices and fool ‘n’ many people. We found recent news on Voicemail scam text receiving by many in Australia. 

The earlier scammer used to send spam text or phone calls to fool people, but now they have found a different way to approach innocents through ‘Voicemail Text’. As a result, many Australians received text messages along with a link to click and hear voicemail. These types of messages are reported as Voicemail Text Scam Australia

What Is The Message Is About?

The scammers send messages through the internet to people’s personal devices. For example, there is a popup message received stating that ‘You have a new Voicemail’. It is always risky to open such messages from an unknown ID because they get linked to your device, especially computers, once scammers get access to your device, which results in money loss from your accounts.

The Voicemail messages are with the sender name as LINE, and the email ID is like Rocky.deltfield@fxwexpressdelivery.com, which are fake names and email IDs.

The main purpose is to:

  • Stealing people’s personal data.
  • Blackmailing and phishing.
  • Forcing people to pay the tax dues.

How does Voicemail Text Scam Australia Works?

In general, people of curiosity open voicemails. Once they open those messages or links, the scammers get a notice on their device, and scammers got to know the person’s interest. In the message, there is a Voicemail, which you will ask to listen to. Once you tap that link, it will take you to the website, where you will ask to install the voice message on your device or computer to listen to the message.

After installing the recording from Voicemail Text Scam Australia, it will redirect to a phone call with charges at premium rates. Over that call will convince you to install other misleading apps. And also in the meanwhile, scammers succeed in stealing your data from your devices.

Methods To Avoid Voicemail Text Scams?

People share their experiences and post the type of text messages over social media to warn others not to fall for such scams.

You can avoid these messages by not opening them, deleting them, and reporting scam voicemail messages. Check it out here:

Final Verdict:

After discussing  Voicemail Text Scam Australia, we conclude that these fake Voicemails cheat innocent people and steal their money. We ask you to be alert and do report such scams to avoid other scams in future. Have you received any Voicemail Text messages? If yes, delete it and share your viewpoints with us.

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