Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews [Sept 2020] A Review

Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews [Sept 2020] A Review

Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews [Sept 2020] A Review >> Keep your car seeing like you just bought it, visit the Viking Car Wash for best results.

What if you want your car all shiny next weekend but don’t have any idea where to do the cleaning process? 

There is a straightforward answer to all these problems. Get the best car wash by one company in the United States and stop fretting about the car wah for the vehicle.

Services like car washing service providers keep your car all cleaned. Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews knows that it is one of the most gratifying feelings to have. Seeing the vehicle all shiny and all brand-new. But still, there are some challenges people confront to look for such services nearby. Hence, to do the same, there is detailed information to read about one such car wash company. 

What is Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews?

Viking Car Wash is a family-owned car wash services provider and running the company since 1989. They claim to do 100 % hand wash car washing. The owner of the company is Adam Huerta and his parents Richard & Kathy Huerta. 

They have established a car cleaning company that is insured to have the customer shielded from unwanted charges. 

What Are the Services and Measures the Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Follows? 

Their professional car washing service in Arizona, United States they have provided all the full-fledged cleaning and the family working are the specialists to deliver quality results. Viking Car Wash gives the following services: 

  • Car Wash and Engine Cleaning
  • Vacuuming and Paint Protection
  • Polishing, Waxing and Mobile Detailing Services
  • Oxidation Removal and Paint Restoration
  • Tire, Interior and Complete Interior Detailing
  • Scratch Removal and Headlight Restoration
  • Wheel & Rim Detailing

In addition to the COVID situation, the Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews say that the company sanitizes all surfaces people come in contact with and follow all the health and safety measures.


  • Service provided on: 
  • Company website: 
  • Company Type: Auto Detailing and Car Wash
  • Phone number: 520-526-9260
  • Company Time: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Company address: 1120 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, Barrio Santa Rosa
  • Payment Option: Accept all credit cards  

What is Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Benefits? 

  • They take all credit cards for the payments. 
  • They offer free Wi-Fi services. 
  • In case of emergency, the company has gender-neutral restrooms.
  • They provide in-person car wash visits. 
  • Customers can get $5 off any car wash. 
  • Verified company profile. 

What are the customers’ views Viking Car Wash Tucson, Arizona?

Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews noticed that customers have high expectations regarding their vehicle servicing and only want the best. The personal site website is not accessible. However, they have verified a professional profile on yelp. From there, they give several car washes services. 

They have limited customer reviews, but those are also positive, and the customers seemed to be happy with this car wash company. Most of their customers seem to be local from Arizona and nearby cities. The response time is approx. forty minutes, with a 100 percent response rate. Customers can get $5 off if the services are booked from the phone. 

Bottom Line:

The staff from this family-owned company are experts while also friendly to accommodate all the customer vehicle needs.

The Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews depicts that they give satisfactory car wash services when the customer is in the requirement of a professional car cleaning service. Surely, there are many car wash providers, but if a person is looking for a local car wash company and gives this much assistance, it is worth the money. 

What are your viewpoints on this car wash company, comment below!

0 thoughts on “Viking Car Wash Tucson Arizona Reviews [Sept 2020] A Review

  1. DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS! The owner of this car wash has proven to Arizona and the world what a pos he is when he yelled profanities at a waitress and manager of IHOP recently, check it out on Twitter, or just put in owner of Viking car wash verbally abuses two employees of IHOP…. if he spoke to my daughter like that he would be walking funny for a long time…..he needs to go to anger management…. his kids are going to turn into that! And it sure looks like he speaks to his wife and mother like that!
    I personally hope he gets people standing outside the car wash with signs letting everyone who passes know what a douche he is! I hope he loses everything! Behavior like that is unacceptable!
    Please watch video and leave a comment on any of his social media! Don’t let shat like him get away with it! Let him pay the price $ and lose every customer!

  2. The owner is a PIG!! He’s verbally abused a waitress bc his appetizer didn’t arrive on time- see the video. If that’s how he acts in public, I can only imagine how he acts at home- to his wife and children. His children witnessed his abusive behavior with every other word “f—k”, they’re probably use to his violent outburst. His excuse was that he was having a bad day- Mr. Huerta, we all have “bad days “, ask people who are battling cancer- they have “bad days” too. But your behavior was over-the-top! And you looked pretty comfortable in the role and your family didn’t act shocked or embarrassed which suggest this abusive behavior is not new to you- your family is apparently use to your abusive bullying. As a society , we should have zero tolerance for nasty, abusive bullies like Mr. Huerta, so don’t support his business!!

  3. You may have a great car wash but I fear for your family based on your temper after seeing the video of you screaming at a minimum wage waitress who was trying to obey the law. Your toddler was chill through it like you scream all the time.
    Are you kids going to grow up like that, Screaming your head off about an appetizer? What do you do when it really counts?

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