Verizon $1 Scam [Dec 2020] – Know About This Scam!

Verizon $1 Scam [Dec 2020] – Know About This Scam!

Verizon $1 Scam [Dec 2020] – Know About This Scam! >> The write-up is based on the research to share information about the latest scam news.

Verizon $1 ScamAre you one who wants to stay away from the fake portal? And want to get updated news regularly, then keep on reading the article, where full details on the scams are reported. The well-known company Verizon has been filed a charge against the scam report. The scam is continued over many years and gained so much money but paid a fine when caught.

The scam news is going viral in the United States and worldwide, and people around are curious to know the details. The below article will help you to get complete details about this scam.

What is Verizon?

Verizon is an award-winning online wireless communication platform founded in the United States; it is a part of Verizon communication. It provides internet, mobile phones, and home telephones through a variety of devices. 

Why this famous company has been caught by the authority of scam reports filed against it is explained below; please read and share it with your friends and family. 

What is Verizon $1 Scam?

This scam is trending news in the news world; many are curious to know about the news. If you’re one of those, we hope the write-up will help you save yourself from being scammed. 

The Verizon Company, a well-known award-winning communication hub, has registered a scam case against it. Verizon charged $1 amount each month on 8% of their customer over many years and collected massive amounts until they caught.

Why this scam became a success? 

They thought about 50% of the people wouldn’t think much and pay the bill or even notice nobody will fight for $1. And another 50% would notice and try to complain and remove it. Among that, 50%, 35% of people would get stressed and give up complaining. 

This scam is continued until they were caught and received approximately $120,000,000, for which they paid a $25,000,000 fine. 

How to save yourself from a scam? 

Save you from a scam like Verizon $1 Scam by following the few steps mentioned below: 

  • Share the least personal information online.
  • Don’t trust the newly launched website without researching.
  • Go through the minute information provided on the site and beware of the red flag.
  • Mainly read the articles and watch a video made to create awareness in people’s minds. 


Beware of the scam going around the world which may take your personal details, or redirect you to the dangerous site, or may hack your account. If you have come across such a scam or fake portal, please stay away from it and inform others. 

Thankfully there are many awareness videos and articles available over the internet, giving a wake-up call for a scam site. 

Verizon $1 Scam is another such scam registered which charged $1 from all users, and over the year, many people caught under this scam. The company strategy was nobody would notice such a small amount charged, but luckily, it’s been caught.

If you want to share anything about the Verizon Scam, please share it with us in the comments section below.

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