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Clothes are something that defines us. They are no longer meant to cover our body, we wear outfits according to our mood, occasion, taste and so on. It’s a way of expressing ourselves without talking.

When we go for an interview, the interviewer first looks at our wearables. Do we look presentable in them? Are our clothes suitable for the event? Etc etc. Clothes mark the first impression of our personality on any one.

So, definitely, when it comes to shopping for clothes, we are over enthusiastic and cover a lot of time choosing the most suitable ones. Here, I am going to introduce, a company based in the United State, catering to young girl’s clothing.

What is

Young girls are like buds blooming into flowers, so even they can’t be undermined when it comes to fashion. So, the little clothes they were must also hold importance in terms of comfort and style. does exactly that. Spoiling your young daughters and sisters with beautiful and elegant attire is a dream that every teenager female lives in. 

The website has a repertoire of apparel under broad categories like swimwear, Jean Jackets, Sets, bottoms and tops. There are innumerable items listed underneath the big headers, so that a visitor doesn’t run out of choice here.

How does it work? is located at 118 William Penn Dr, Eagleville, PA 19403 United States. It’s phone number is (215) 392-0160 and e-mail id is

The company receives advance payment for ‘carted’ items through PayPal and delivers the ordered stuff according to their shipping policy, mentioned in the portal.

However, in cases of returns or exchanges, one has to first contact the company through the e-mail id provided and then has to acquire the return address, if the company provides.

 In such cases, many firms furnish a return address belonging to China or never respond at all. 

In the former case, the customer will borne the huge expense of shipping the unwanted goods to China.

Who should buy from here?

Parents who wish to doll up their daughters in whatever they wear can buy clothes from here. The products are eye-catchy and pocket friendly, so one doesn’t need to think much while spending.

Also, kids grow too fast, so to keep up with their pace of a growing body, as a parent you need to keep their wardrobe updated with clothes of fitting size. 

Here, you can easily change your existing wardrobe by shopping among the fanciful options, all offered at great prices.

Why is it famous? is a simply designed web store which is free from information clutter. It targets a niche segment as it’s customer base, so that narrows down the options and makes it a classified store.

All information about the product is based on the images displayed. You like the ‘wear’ and pay for it and the item gets delivered to you. Being a SSL certified shop, all payments made are secure through PayPal.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Here, are a few shocking facts about On one hand the store claims to be dealing with teenage women’s clothes but on the other hand, one can find tarpaulins being sold here, that too, at very reasonable prices.

The physical location mentioned in the website is fake. There is no such address shown in the google map, where it indicates the presence of this store.

The company claims to be in this e-commerce business since 2018 but actually, it’s just a month old. There is no information about the owner or founder of this business.

is vemwear legit?

Even, the icons representing the social media handles like facebook, Instagram and so on are duplicated. In actuality, the company has no presence there.

The pictures of the products look enticing but are they real or not, one can’t be sure of. They might be copied and prices faked to lure customers.

 In such cases, once you make the payment through PayPal, you can retrieve it back and either the goods aren’t delivered to you at all or inferior quality products reach you finally.

In both the cases, you are a loser as a customer. If ever you fall in such trap, then do inform your bank authorities for reversal of payment and blockage of card if required.


Do not furnish any vital data related to your credit card or bank accounts like passwords and CVVs in any website. Spread the word about the new launch in your social media groups so that you are able to pull up information regarding the same.

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