Vbuxtoyou8 Com (Oct 2020) Claim Free Gaming Currency!

Vbuxtoyou8 Com (Oct 2020) Claim Free Gaming Currency!

Vbuxtoyou8 Com (Oct 2020) Claim Free Gaming Currency! >> This article gave you all the relevant information about a website that claims to provide free gaming currency.      

Who doesn’t like gifts? Everyone does, and with that said, most companies take advantage of this particular scenario. It has been 7-8 months now since the Lockdown was imposed, and because of that, each organization had to face the repercussion of it as no one ever thought of this situation. Things that have been complicated with everyone, both financially and mentally. 

People lost their jobs; salaries were cut down, daily wagers found it hard to earn their living and whatnot. The only organizations which used the internet as a medium survived this difficult phase. 

One establishment that has made immense profits in these difficult times is the gaming community. Everyone needed something to release the stress from this whole scenario. In this article, we’ll discuss vbuxtoyou8 com, a site made in the United States that claims to provide free gaming currency to its users.

What are V-Bucks?

As we all know of the game PUBG mobile, a battle royale game, you need to survive to win the round. But do we know where it got this idea? PUBG was first launched on PS4 and PC at the starting of 2017. 

While it had a new concept, it was unable to grab a considerable following. Later in July 2017, a new game named Fortnite was launched, which was tricky in contrast to PUBG but gained massive downloads.

What is Fortnite?

It is a Battle-Royale game that was launched on PS4 and Pc. In this game100 players are dropped from a party bus at different locations. Players need to find the supplies and guns they need to kill their foes and eventually win the round. Healing items are also provided at different point-of-interest. 

Today this game has approximately 30 million downloads in the United States and around the world. As this game is free to download, you must be wondering how the organization is making so many profits. 

So, there are in-game purchases that require V-Bucks, and these V-Bucks are bought at a special price through the credit or debit card of an individual. vbuxtoyou8 com assists you in getting free gaming currency.

What can you buy with this currency?

Usually, players buy skins for their characters. For example- you can become an iron man, wolverine, silver surfer, etc. This game has collaborated with Marvel. Other than that, you can buy cold Weapon wraps and dance moves which you can show off among your friends.

How does this website help?

After subscribing to vbuxtoyou8 com, you’ll get various codes that you need to enter in your console. But before subscribing, we would ask everyone that do you want to take that risk? Intelligent developers make games, and they know how they can be scammed. You need to click on different links provided by the website that we think it won’t be safe.


We know those easy ways to earn a reward lure everyone and to not fall in such traps, you must remain aware. Most importantly, you should never enter your personal details on such websites. We would recommend our readers only use legit techniques and never use a short-cut. vbuxtoyou8 com might help some users, but it is a gray area that you might not want to explore.

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