Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Read Before Ordering From It!

Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Read Before Ordering From It!

Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Read Before Ordering From It! >> Reading reviews is a habit of smart shoppers and this post will answer all your questions!

There are multiple online stores available over the internet; you can get shoes, attires, to PCs and Laptops. The wears and attires available to this online store are available as a wholesale dealer, but what about the fashion statement? Toovercome this problem you have to visit the online store of where you can get varieties of fashionable shoes, sweaters, and jeans.

Valuedshoes offers you to provide wears and attire according to the fashion trend. You can visit the site and can view thousands of fashionable products. Valuedshoes website is providing a wide range of stylish shoes, high heel sandals, Pump, and heel for ladies. They have a wide range of options on sweaters, off-shoulders, jackets, and jeans.

You can also order any product if from outside the United States; they also ship products outside the border. And one of the best things about the store is that you will get a discount upon it. Ordering more than four pieces of any product will cost you nothing for shipping. You can visit Valuedshoes Com Reviews for more information

What is

It is an online e-commerce store that sells ladies fashion wears like a sweater, jeans, shoes, sandals, off shoulder sweaters, off shoulder jackets, and designer high ankle heels. The company claims that they sell products according to the fashion trend at a nominal rate. You can visit the website to explore the products.

The company also offers many discounts, buy four get fifth free types of offers. They are also providing gift cards, which you can purchase to gift someone special or too near and dear ones. You can get an instant 10% off if you use the coupon code provided at the beginning of the website.

The company ship products outside the United States also For Australia, Canada, and New Zealand if the customer’s order more than four pieces of the product the shipping will be free. Valueshoes are also offering discounts on shipping based on per piece. But the offers are limited to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand only.

For other countries, the customers have to pay around 5% extra for shipping.

Is Valued Shoes Legit?

You can also visit Valuedshoes.Com Website for reviews and feedbacks about the company. The website of the valued shoes is encrypted from https, which is a good sign, whether it is Valued Shoes Legit site. But in this fashion world, anything is possible. A fake website will do anything to scam you. But till now, the site has good signs.

Although the low social media presence of the site which is not a good sign. The social media presence is significant, especially on the e-commerce websites, the more is the social media platform, the more feedback, and reviews; it helps the consumers to find about the legitimacy of the website.

Feature and benefits about the (Pros and Cons)

Like any other e-commerce website, this site also has its pros and cons depending upon that the elements and the benefits of are:


  • The website is handled with https, which is a good sign for website rectifications.
  • Valuedshoes are offering great deals on fashion items; you can get a discount on the per piece you order.
  • New arrival of the product is on sale; you can purchase designer shoes, high heels, boots, and sandals at a very affordable price.
  • They also have wide ranges of designer clothes like v neck sweatshirts, long sleeves sweaters, casual sweaters, deep neck sweaters, and many more.
  • High waist jeans and low waist jeans are available at up to 50% discount.
  • If you are from Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, then you can get a discount on the per piece. Shipping is free to these countries.
  • If you purchase four pc of any product, then you can get the 5th product free.
  • You can also apply coupon code to get extra benefits on any products.
  • Currently, a 10% flat offers is available on purchase of any product, few products have a flat 50% off.
  • They are accepting the product if you are not satisfied with the product. You can return the product within 50 days and will receive a partial refund.


  • The Price of the product is cheap as compare to the market price or any other branded online store, which is suspicious.
  • No active social media presence of the website, which is not a good sign. They must continually update the products and offers and give a response to the customer.

Return and exchange policy

  • The company follows a satisfaction guarantee from the customers first. The return and exchange policies are:
  • You can return the product within 50 days from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied with the products. But you have to inform the customer care about the reason.
  • Company is not responsible if the customer provides the wrong address. At that time, the customer will be solely responsible, and the company will charge the shipping amount.
  • If you received any faulty items or any damaged or tempered product, you can ask for a refund. Even you have received the wrong product, you can return it to the address provided by the customer care.
  • The product will be delivered in 5 to 7 working days.
  • The refund will be credited to your account after all the processes up to 20 to 25 days.
  • If the cancellation is made and you want a different product again, you have to place the order.

Final Verdict

The article is about the online e-commerce website In this article, you will find the information regarding the website. Which also includes what the site is about and even the return and exchange policy of the website. Overall the place is found a legit http address, and it also has social media presence but very low as compared to the customer’s involvement. The site is also new, and in case of trust rating, it scores low.

We neither support or endorse and defame the website in any way. The information depends upon information available on the internet and from customers.

0 thoughts on “Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Read Before Ordering From It!

    1. I would suggest not ordering from Valued Shoes. I ordered my shoes 6 weeks ago and I still have no update on when my shoes will be here. The customer service claims they might be stuck on a boat! Being that these products are coming from China, I would suggest just buying in the USA somewhere. This is crazy that I don’t even have a tracking number and I am wondering if I did get scammed!

        1. Me too! June 22nd. 5 pairs of shoes. No tracking information. I contacted them twice and both times said they are in transit. I called PayPal to let them know and valued shoes offered me a $39 refund. I did not accept the partial refund so PaPal is looking into it more for me. Total crap?

        2. I order my shoes in May 2020 and it’s September now and I just received 2 of the 7 pairs I ordered . One pair don’t have a size on it and doesn’t fit the other pair is so flimsy it’s like walking with cardboard on my feet. Not sure if I will ever receive the other 5 pair. Don’t order from this web site

    2. I place an order for a pair of sandals in June and it is now September and I still have not received them. I contacted them requesting a refund a was offered an apology and a $5 gift card. They claim my order was misplaced during shipping. I told them I want a full refund not a $5 gift card and my request was ignored! Please do not order from this company they are a straight up scam!!! I’m going to contact PayPal in hopes of receiving my money back.

    3. I ordered shoes June 22nd. They say they were list in transit and they would resend. It has been a month. No tracking and shoes. Do not order from them!!!

    1. It may also be due to the restrictions on companies based in China right now due to the covid-19 stuff. Just a possibility!

    1. But they should disclose that there might be delays. Rather than just give the run around and keep tellung me its on the way. Tired of the damn “anna” responses!

  1. I placed an order February 29th and till this day have not received my order or an email from them. I started a claim through PayPal. Hopefully I can get my $129 back. Sure can use the money right now.

  2. I place my order 23 Mar 20 haven’t received than yet? I got a track number stating that I could track my shoes but the EMS doesn’t let you so, at this point I really don’t know ..

      1. I ordered in June still haven’t received it!!and they keep telling me different stories. It’s a scam. I hate that I was played like that. There’s no number just email. I keep on asking for a refund and they keep telling me something else!! I’m sooo mad

    1. I ordered 2 pair of shoes April 2, 2020, still havent received my shoes. After seeing all of these messages I should have checked this first before ordering.

      $60 gone??‍♀️?

  3. I ordered my sandals in February. Still have not received. No phone number to get In touch with company. I e mailed twice. No response.
    This company must be fake??

  4. It might be delayed because of COVID. I order something else from China and it took 4 months. I ordered in December.

    1. I ordered a pair of sandals in March and still have not got them. They sent me an E-Mail on April 7,2020 saying they were in the mail. I have yet to receive them! I am angry after reading so many people are in the same boat.

      1. I ordered 5pairs of shoes from their website March 26th, still waiting for my order. They sent me 2 different tracking numbers, one with fedex, the other with ups, the package is always in transit to both fedex and ups for days, without updates… don’t know who to call, or contact for my money back, sent several emails to them, and I realize they are cutting and pasting old emails also, this is just terrible, the website needs to be close and investigated.

    2. I’m glad I read all of your reviews. I will not be ordering anything from them. The last time this happened, I had my bank reverse the charges to my bank visa.

    1. hi , i’m having the same issue with them , WE should all report them to the BBB and keep writing bad reviews about how there company its HORRIBLE!!!

  5. I ordered a pair of shoes on March 15 ,they never sent me a tracking number then told me that my package got lost and told me they sent another one.I never received a tracking no till today .This is bad business

  6. I’ve ordered a pair of shoes two months ago and I never receive them, trying to contact customer service but there is nothing to find. Never again!

  7. I ordered shoes back in April and I still haven’t received them, when I send them an email asking about my order they are quick to send me a discount code for my next pair of shoes ….now why in the world would I want to place a 2nd order if I haven’t received my first order- not happening!

  8. I ordered 2 pair of sandals from here and still haven’t received them. Wrote them on IG and email, they send the same generic response every time! NEVER AGAIN

  9. when i placed my order for 5 pairs of shoes it did take about 2 months for me to get them. That was not the problem. I went by the size chart on their site. Since I am a size 8 1/2 i ordered size 9. When these shoes finally arrived, they were all too big for me. My foot flops out of them. I have been trying to get the return information so that I can get my money back or exchange them for a size 8 which is what I should have originally ordered had I not gone by their size chart. I have been email battling with someone in customer service to get the return information. They literally will not give it to me. Each email response comes back with a different percentage off they will give me on another purchase. I am now up to 35% off on another purchase. They even asked me to give the shoes to a friend as a gift and they will give me a “big coupon” on another purchase (started at 20% now up to 35%). This is so annoying. Then on top of all of this wrangling to get return information, once I do get it, I will have to pay the shipping fee to return them. I noticed there is a 50 day limit to return these items. Perhaps the strategy is to dicker until one has exceeded the 50 day return limit and then they are removed from the problem. Very frustrating. I will never order from this company again. I do hope they make this right and if they do i will come back here and provide an addendum to this review.


  11. I ordered sandals April 1. I have not received them. However my credit card company refunded my money. But this company appears to be a scam. They do not send tracking numbers or a confirmation email. They also do not answer emails or messenger. Buyer Beware!!!!

  12. I ordered 100.00 worth of shoes. In early March and nothing been emailing back and forth finally gave tracking number. And on the tracker says product still in China…so I think i got scammed just beware. To bad they have cute stuff I would have done more business with them if they were honest and lieget.

  13. Follow up on my attempted return:

    after weeks of email battling for refund information, the bottom line is they offered 40% back and i would not have to return the merchandise or return the merchandise for a refund. The return address i was given is: Xing Zezhi 921 S Azusa Ave City of Industry, CA 91748. I googled this address and it does appear to be a warehouse type building. While the place of may possibly be legit, I do not trust this vendor to return all of the merchandise without ever seeing a dime of my refund. therefore, I agreed to keep the merchandise and accepted the 40% refund. Now lets see if i get that….. to be continued.

  14. I guess I’m in the same boat as everyone else, except that I’ve heard back from several different people. They keep assuring me that they’ve delivered to their post office and since there are delays due to the pandemic and it’s being shipped by an actual ship and there are port issues, it will take significantly longer than usual…not sure what to expect and am still holding out hope for my shoes to come:/ I ordered on March 18.

    1. This “business” is definitely a scam. I’ve never seen the goods I paid for. The answers I’ve been given as the explanation from them when enquiring about the whereabouts of the goods were laughable and truly an insult to someone’s intelligence. I said then I’d open a PayPal dispute and asked for my money back. They begged me not to, but I did it. Meanwhile, I checked their Facebook page. They disabled all the negative comments, but they couldn’t disable angry emoticons. For me that was enough. PayPal has refunded me the full amount. I will now try and warn everybody not to have and dealings with them.

  15. I ordered two pairs on March 15th. It is now June 29th and no shoes. I emailed them twice and they apologized and said my order would be arriving soon. Nope! I disputed the charge with my credit card company and they knew which company I was going to say just by looking at my bill. What a shame!

  16. I ordered sandals back in February and never received them. I emailed them and they said my order got lost and to choose another item. I have chosen several items back and forth— all are out of stock. I asked for a refund and they keep saying choose another item! This place is such a scam!! Do not buy!!

  17. My story is the same:ordered 3 pairs of shoes that have not come after 3 months. THESE REVIEWS ARE WRITTEN TO PROTECT OTHERS: too late for me, so I hope to spare you this waste of time and money. Do not order from Valuedshoes.

  18. After reading all the other reviews i feel special, I ordered 2 pair of sandals in March and after may i thought it was a scam but they kept answering my emails assuring me the my order was on it’s way and finally today June 17, 2020 I received my shoes and they are perfect just like the pictures, i hope everyones situation turns out positive, I truly believe the delays is because of the Covid-19, so please keep e-mailing and communicating with the company please, the company never stop communications with me.

  19. I ordered two pairs of sandals on June 6th and I still haven’t received them. There was a tracking number provided when I received my order confirmation. According to the tracking number, my order moved twice in China and hasn’t moved since June 20th. As of today, I am going to open a PayPal dispute as I don’t think I am going to ever receive the shoes. I am never buying from a Facebook or Instagram ad again.

  20. SERIOUSLY, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. I ordered a pair of shoes from them and while I had a good experience on that part, they double chi argued my account and I have spent over 3 months fighting with them to get my money back that they stole from me. It’s just a circle of generic responses to get me to either give up my efforts or accept a “$5 credit for my trouble”. F*** NO. They STOLE from me. That is unacceptable in every scenario. I’ve disputed with my bank and with PayPal and they are of no help at all. So I’m stuck fighting for my refund.

  21. This website is a joke and 100% scam! I ordered two pairs of shoes in November!!!! Still nothing! It’s a joke and they steal your money!

  22. Same here. Ordered the shoes in April and haven’t received them. It is now the end of August and nothing. E mailed them several times heard back twice. They said that there was a delay due to COVID. I don’t believe it. I was jacked for $60 bucks! Too bad because the shoes I ordered were super cute!!

  23. I ordered 5 pair that took 4 1/2 months to get here and they only sent me 4. Still currently waiting on my 5th pair to come. Thumbs down…



  25. I live in USA and have been waiting four months a pair of sandals they say they are shipped but there logistics department doesn’t have the tracking number. Bunch of BS to me. I said I want my money back. They offer coupon and they are sure my order is coming.

  26. Do NOT order from Valued Shoes. I ordered in March 2020 and its now October. Their email responses to me asking where my tracking information is and then for my money back is the same automated response of “just wait . your shoes will be there any day” You WILL lose your money .

  27. This place is a complete joke. It’s been FIVE months and I have no received anything. Reached out to customer service multiple times asking for tracking and they kept saying it was sent out but still did not give me tracking. I have since demanded my money back and told them it was the worst place / customer service I have ever encountered in my life. Now that I see the other comments I know I’m not alone. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCAM OF A WEBSITE.

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