Vaccinate la County {Jan 2021} Read – Vaccine Confusion!

Vaccinate la County {Jan 2021} Read – Vaccine Confusion!

Vaccinate la County {Jan 2021} Read – Vaccine Confusion! >> Phase 1A vaccine has already provided to thousands of people. Why LA’s residents are confused?

Vaccinate la County: United States Phase 1A Covid-19 vaccination has already taken the initiation. According to the US Health Department the ‘Priority Population’ list varies state to state.

Los Angeles county residences are already taking their appointment to get the phase 1A vaccine. However, Citizens are getting frustrated and blanked regarding the vaccination event. The vaccination distribution in LA has not started smoothly. 

Some confusion has arisen among the residents. While signing up for an appointment, a particular message has been conveyed. Due to this message, people are confused about their enlistment in the priority list. 

Before discussing that, let’s check first who are eligible in LA as per the ‘Priority Population.’

Eligibility Criteria for Vaccinate la County:

Not every resident of the LA would get the phase 1A vaccine, as the Phase 1A vaccine is meant to provide the people who are enlisted in the United States Health Department’s ‘Priority Population’ list. The eligibility measurement may differ from place to place. 

For LA County, people who belong to the ‘senior’ quota, having 65 or more than 65 year age, can get their vaccine appointment via LA County Public Health Department’s web portal. The citizen who doesn’t have computer access can contact- (833) 540-0473, between- 8 am to 8.30 pm for booking the appointment.

Following Vaccinate la County, people of 65 or older may request vaccination via various other web portals. Residents of Orange County can get the vaccine appointment via Othena application.

Citizens of Riverside County can get information from ‘Riverside University Health-System,’ whereas San Bernardino County’s people can obtain vaccine-related details from Count’s web portal.

Ventura County’s offering is different from other Counties; they offer people ages 75 or more than that are eligible for phase 1A vaccination.

More details of LA County’s vaccination:

A recent event made people confused, as per the residents, on this Tuesday, when they tried to request a vaccine appointment, their calls got disconnected. Following Vaccinate la County, even though they attempted via websites, the sites got crashed, and they got a message that only healthcare personnel would get vaccinated.

This message created huge confusion among the residents. People are querying about this matter.

After this incident, a tweet has been uploaded on behalf of the County. They mentioned that due to thousands of individuals signing up for scheduling appointments at that particular time, the server crashed. They further said that there was no slot free for new appointments; all slots had been filled.

Moreover, the supply of vaccine is limited, to vaccinate around 1.3 million residents, it will take time. 

Conclusion- Vaccinate la County:

It has been reported that some messages made people confused about whether they would get the vaccine or not. The appointment slot has already been filled, and the vaccine supply is also limited. Hence people are told to keep their patience up.

Keep checking the official portal daily to confirm if any slot is free, and keep your patience for a bit of time.

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