Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 (Jan) All Details Inside!

Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 (Jan) All Details Inside!

Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 (Jan) All Details Inside! >> Do you want to know about the Stock market holidays of the current year? Then, please take a peek at this article till the end.

Us Stock Market Holidays 2021: Do you know whether the stock market is open today or not? Then, take a look at the post below.

In today’s article, we will shed light on the days that the stock markets like Nasdaq, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and others take off in this year, 2021. Thus, we will stay aware of all holidays and make a schedule accordingly.

Stockbroker from different nations such as Singapore, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India want to know these. 

Let us move forward and provide you with the U.S. Stock Market Holidays 2021 and the relevant info soon.

Highlighted Holiday rules for Stock Market

Here, we have some rules that is used in the sector of the stock market to finalize the holidays for each year. Let us have a look at these below:

  1. Although there is no such official holiday on Friday, especially after Thanksgiving, it is a tradition of the market to close at 1 pm (ET).
  2. If the stock market holiday appears on Saturday, then it will keep the previous day off, unless and until Friday is the ending of the accounting period yearly or monthly. 
  3. Also, if the holiday will be on Sunday, then the market remains close on Monday, the very next day. 

Us Stock Market Holidays 2021

The Stock Exchange market remains close on some US holidays. We have mentioned all holidays with some closing timings of exchanges involving NYSE and Nasdaq.

  • 1st Jan’21: New Year’s Day (Closed)
  • 18th Jan’21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Closed)
  • 15th Feb’21: George Washington’s Birthday (Closed)
  • 2nd April ’21: Good Friday (Closed)
  • 31st May’21: Memorial Day (Closed)
  • 5th July’21: Independence Day (Closed)
  • 6th September’21: Labor Day (Closed) 
  • 25th November’21: Thanksgiving Day (Closed)
  • 26th November’21: Day Following Thanksgiving (Closes at 1 pm, optionally at 1:15)
  • 24th Dec’21: Christmas Day (Closed)   

Let us move further and know some holidays with different dates every year. 

Some Holidays found on Different Dates of the Year   

We have some Us Stock Market Holidays 2021 that appear on other dates every year, as enlisted below:

  • On every third Monday of Jan month, we have observed the Jr. day of Martin Luther King. 
  • 3rd February month has been observed as the Day of the President.  
  • Memorial Day has appeared on the last Monday of every May month. 
  • Labour Day will appear in September on the 1st date. 

The Bottom Line

After exploring all details, we found all days off from Jan’21 to Dec’21, and it is better to know of these days off. There are some holidays that too significant as it appears on some specific days of every year. 

Therefore, the holidays are for all employees of the stock market, and they can enjoy the days to the fullest.  

Please write down all queries and questions about U.S. Stock Market Holidays 2021 in the comments section below. 

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