Us Fit Wear Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read!

Us Fit Wear Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read!

Us Fit Wear Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read! -> The article is consists of about the information, specification, pros, and cons of the website name

Sometimes it becomes hard to believe whether the website is genuine or not. The reason may be the copied images of the products, web design, and the price tag. One of the vital points to acknowledge any malicious website is from the price tag. The fake website will put the unbelievable price tag that anyone will get attracted to.

 Suppose you place your order and you came to know that the website stops working? It happens several times by online buyers over the United State. Online buyers must buy the products from a legit e-commerce company only; it is not hard to find. The website which is having more comments, ratings, and buzz is the legit website.

 In this article, we will discuss the US Fit Wear Reviews provided by the customers. There are videos and articles published in the name of the website, where few customers have given their opinion, and few of them asked about its legitimacy.

 We will cover that is fitwear legit or not, and will include all the information related to the website. Awareness is a must before purchasing from an unknown site.

What is US Fit Wear?

US Fit Wear is an online shop for fitness freaks; it sells equipment’s like:  For men, they have Compression, Vests, Belts, Wrist Wraps, Apparel, Singlet’s, Men’s Jewelry. For women, they have Compression, Vests, Belts, Wrist Wraps, Apparel, and Singlet’s Women’s Jewelry.

 They have a wide range of products related to gym and gym wear; the website is providing the products in half of that of the price of the retail market. US Fit Wear  Reviews is providing up to 60% discount on particular products, which is unbelievable. It is the reason where the question raised and lots of customers asked for a US Fit Wear Reviews so that its legitimacy will be verified.

 The address and details provided by the US Fit Wear are not verified and legit; the address mentioned on the website is the address of some residential colony. There is no such offices or company located in that area, and the phone number provided by the website is also not working. By our close and detailed research, we found that few of the images used by the site is copied from the other website.

All these are pointing suspicious about the website because they have also hidden the owner’s details.


  • Phone number – (315) 719-9789
  • Office Address – 6215 kestrel view road, Trussville, al 35173 United States

Pros and Cons of the

Pros of

  • The website is an online shop where you can get the fit wears and gym accessories at affordable prices.
  • The websites are offering a discount of up to 60%; you will get a flat discount of 20% on all products
  • The site is also offering free shipping on a limited purchase of the products
  • com is offering 30 days to return the product if the customer is unsatisfied or received any damaged products.

Cons of

  • There are several videos and negative feedback on US Fit Wear Reviews available which indicates the website is not legit
  • The offers, discounts, and the price range available on seem unrealistic. No one will provide products on such a low cost
  • Few customers reported that is fake because they lose their hard-earned money on that. When they tried to reach the customer care by calling on the mentioned number, no one attends the call.
  • They have no social media account, external links, and https server in the name of
  • The address mentioned in the website is fake because the same address has been found on various other counterfeit websites.

Exchange and Return Policy

The website is offering the discount on a particular product will be available for a limited time only

The customer will get a complete refund if they cancel the product, but hey have to inform it within 24 hours

The return and Exchange product must be in the warehouse of the within 30 days; no product will be entertained after that

Once the product is sold will not be accepted as an exchange unless it is in its original packaging or damaged.


The information which we gather about is found negative; customers have reported it as a malicious website. In this article, we provided you with the best information available on the internet, but it is up to you how you take it.

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