United for Protection com Live (Dec) To Help People

United for Protection com Live (Dec) To Help People

United for Protection com Live (Dec) To Help People -> Here, we have talked about the concert that was held to bring the community people under one roof.

Global Pandemic has hit the world with the coronavirus and shook the people. Therefore the Jewish community is gathering all the Jewish under one roof and organizing it under one roof. Here we are sharing about the information on United for Protection com Live via this post. 

The concert was held in the United States.

What is the main purpose of organizing this event?

This event is called a day of enjoyment and appreciation that accolades them for sacrifice and tireless work by the Hatzalah volunteers. Its main purpose is to unite and embrace Jewish communities. 

Who is following the Hatzalah?

Boro Park, Catskills, crown heights, east side, west side, Monsey, Lakewood, and many other places are participating in it. A person can also donate the money in United for Protection com Live with the help of a credit card and Paypal. You can fill in your personal information like your first name, last name, street address, city, state, and zip code, along with an email address and phone number. 

How can you create the team?

You can participate without reserving the letter by writing the first and middle Jewish names. You can even write your last name and mother’s name. It offers the opportunity to participate in it. Many people like Rabbanim Roshie Yeshivos and Gedolim are asking people to encourage all the people to join this initiative. The funds will get invested to pay for the cost of the Sefer Torah on United for Protection com Live

What does the organizer of the event say?

The organizer of the event says that they could hear the nonstop sirens in their ear. He says that these individuals have families where they need to protect their health. These volunteers have done tremendous work, and it will give the awe-inspiring work. 

The show will be produced by Davidi Crombie. 

When will the concert begin?

The United for Protection com Live concert will begin at 4:15 pm. It will begin with an onset of a new Torah stroll that will be written in the merit of Hatzalah members all over the world. Comedian Modi will become the host of the show. It will be attended by Yoely Lebovits, who is a renowned entertainer, Sam Stern, who is a businessman, Simon Jacobsen, who is a lecturer, along with a musician Chony Milecki.

Final Verdict

Here, we are talking about the United for Protection com Live that is going to bring all the communities under one roof that includes the Jewish population. Many participants are allowed to become its part in the United States

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