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Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Legit Site?

Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews 2020

Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews [Oct 2020] Is It Legit Site? >> As mentioned, article is for website named Ultimate Haul that sells women clothing items online.

There are new sites that come up every week. With the emerging of these sites, there are also new emerging cases of scams leaving the users in despair. So, should we stop shopping online? No! We should be a bit cautious while making a purchase. We must always check the legitimacy of a website before placing an order on them. 

Today, we will review a clothing site. This India-based site has a beautiful collection. Though only having a beautiful pool is not enough to trust a website. So, let’s dive right into Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews and know more about the site. This article will help you decide whether you should make any purchase from this site or not.

What is Ultimate Haul Shopping?

Ultimatehaul by Craze N Demand is one shopping site based in India. It sells Indian ethnic wear. One can find a beautiful collection of sarees and lehengas on the website. This Indian website claims to ship worldwide.

Once we started scrolling down the website to view the collection, we saw multiple pages. One can enjoy scrolling through thousands of designs. The pictures on the website are beautiful. But what caught our attention were the prices that are mentioned for these products. We would agree that one cannot find the collection that it showed at such throwaway prices. Whenever a website sells things for too cheap, then it is usually a red flag for us.

Then we started to search for the owner’s information on the website; however, there is not much that can be said about the owner. Whenever a website has nothing written in the section of owner information, it immediately raises our suspicion towards the website.

Then we tried to find contact details for the website; there was nothing mentioned on the website. There is just a contact form that the user has to fill to reach the website’s customer support. It is suspicious for Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews.


  • URL of the website:
  • Address of the website: Not available
  • The email address of the website: Not available
  • Phone number: Not available
  • Email for technical support:
  • Modes of payment: Airtel, Mobikwik, Paytm, Visa, Rupay, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, etc


  • The website has a beautiful and vast collection.
  • There is a variety of fabrics and designs.


  • The owner’s information is missing.
  • There is no information about the contact details.
  • The site doesn’t have any social media presence.
  • The price of the products is too reasonable to be true.

Is Ultimate Haul Legit? 

We think that the website is not legit. There is no owner information available for the website. There is nothing mentioned in the name of the contact details. There is no mention of any email ID on which the user can contact the website and its customer care. All of this has raised our suspicion on the website. 

The products mentioned on the website are placed at the price that seems to be too low to be legit. Thus, we think that for Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews, this shopping site is not legit.

Customer Reviews:

We tried searching for some genuine customer reviews for this website. If a website has honest, positive customer reviews, there are more chances of being legit. So, when we tried to find good customer reviews for the website, we were disappointed to find absolutely nothing for this website. 

There is also no section on the website to encourage users to write their experience with the product. Thus, for Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews, there is not even a single factor that will help determine the legitimacy of the website.  

Final Verdict: 

So, there is not even a single factor that will prove this website to be legitimate. To determine the site’s authenticity in Ultimate Haul Shopping Reviews, we think that the website lacks credibility. There are no factors that will allow a user to identify this website as legit.

Hence, we will discourage our users from making any purchase from the website. Getting a product from this website will not only cause a loss of money for the users, but it might also result in the misuse of private information such as information related to the credit card, etc.

If you have ever purchased anything from the website, write to us in the comments section below, describing your experience.


  1. I placed the order on 19-09-2020 Order not received yet (24-09-2020) and there is no update and no tracking no.
    There is no customer care
    Is a very bad service

  2. I am also purchased 3 sarees but till i dont receive but i paid but no tracking number and no contact number i think they are cheeters.

  3. I have ordered sarees on 23rd September and paid through credit card. I didn’t received any information about delivery . I mailed to the ultimate haul/20 but there’s no response.

  4. Chor hai ye log saale mere do order ko kha gye. 15 din ho gya abhi tak saalo ne koi Tracking no. tak nhi diya hai. F.I.R karaunga Ultimatehaul ke naam par.

  5. I had paid online, I didn’t receive any product till date no tracking no.
    There is no customer care How to make complain?

  6. I think its a fake website, even i ordered saree on 20 sep and till now no any updates about delivery, even they dont have cod option, so we have to pay online for purchase, i think facebook also ban this site. Pls dont purchase anything from this site, they are just fooling around people by attracting them with very low prices product.

  7. I agree to the article that it is published as the site Ultimate haul is a spam & fake orders are being placed & no delivery of any goods is done..

  8. Amr order 18tarikhe kora hoyeche but 19sep mail e boleche on the way but akhno aseni..order gulo jokhn dite parbe na tokhn lok e chiting korar ki payments o hoye geche..plz order ta delivery koro…

  9. For the information of all of you, you are aware that this is a very useless and inferior site.
    No one should purchase anything from this site
    because these loads do not deliver material by taking money.

  10. I ordered a saree on 17th Sept. 2020 till there is no information. Even after order I won’t get the order receipt. Please do something needful.

  11. ULTIMATE HAUL CHEATERS , no one purchase anything , my order no#7263, i orderd on 21.09.20. untill now no delivery. i already paid money.

  12. I placed my order on 24th Sept for saree of 219 Rs. While order I found very less price but some suspicious and I told my wife as well. She compel me to order and I place my order by paying amount of Rs. 219 but till date I didn’t receive my product.

    I received confirmation mail of my order but not received.
    We should go for police complaint and ask for cyber crime.

  13. Even my daughter made a purchase, and we got an automated email from the website with the order number #6525… But haven’t received or heard anything after that…

    Please help us understand what is the concern..

  14. Please guys don’t purchase anything from this site .i paid amount on 23-09-2020
    still I didn’t get any order from this site.

  15. this is fake website who the fuck create this close this website or else i will complaint as soon
    dont cheet any persons i lost 500

  16. all people who cheated on this website plzz do complaint against this in cyber cell and consumer complaint department don’t let them go..plzzz do it 🙏 otherwise they will cheat on people again and again

  17. I placed an order 3 weeks back with this guys and didn’t get the status or order delivered yet.. they are such a fraud people. Don’t ever buy anything from them

  18. Even I have ordered sarees on 1st September and paid through phonepay. I didn’t received any information about delivery . I mailed to the ultimate haul/20 even I have tried to reach mobile always is use to hear as number is busy busy…but there’s no response.

    This is the number is tried :9327629279

  19. Ultimate haul is ultimately FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.. These guys having the habits of cheating others, this site should be BLOCKED with an immediate effect

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