Tryenrolltowintoday Com [Jan] Is It Safe And Secured?

Tryenrolltowintoday Com [Jan] Is It Safe And Secured?

Tryenrolltowintoday Com [Jan] Is It Safe And Secured? >> This article tells you about a website asking users to pay them to claim a free commodity and is related with the loyalty programs niche.

Tryenrolltowintoday Com is gaining some popularity as it’s offering users some items for free. Sources reveal that it’s asking users to make a small payment to claim this reward and ask for credit card details in the process. Keep reading to find out about the legitimacy of this website.

We suggest that you keep reading this article if you want to know more about this website and confirm if these claims of free rewards are legitimate. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. This website is generating a reasonable amount of buzz in the United States.

What is Tryenrolltowintoday Com?

It’s a website that’s generating some buzz. Sources reveal that it informs users that they have won free items or rewards, and they need to make a small payment to claim this reward.

According to some sources, we have found that this website is related to the loyalty programs business. During our research, we have found that the domain of this website is created on 30th November, 2020.

How does this Website work? 

  • The homepage of the Tryenrolltowintoday Com doesn’t function and doesn’t load at the moment.
  • Surprisingly, the gift page on this website loads without any issues.
  • The page asks users to pay nearly $5 to get a free PS5.
  • Users are asked to enter details like Credit Card information to make the payment in the United States.
  • The payment portal where the details are entered is also on the same website.

Is this website legit?

  • This website is new, and this site’s creation only dates back a few weeks, which is suspicious.
  • Tryenrolltowintoday Com can’t have acquired the necessary traffic, revenue, and partnerships to offer free commodities.
  • This website isn’t successful enough to be offering free commodities without suffering a loss, which is very alarming.
  • To offer free commodities, it needs to expand its business and acquire new clients, which isn’t possible in such a short time.
  • Several reports which have evaluated this website on many parameters also rate this website low and call it a scam.
  • Crucial bits of information about Tryenrolltowintoday Com is unavailable, and it’s highly likely to be a scam.
  • This website’s trust ratings and scores are low on all the platforms and in all the evaluation reports.
  • The working of this website and the free commodity scheme is a prevalent technique used by scammers.
  • The layout and interface of this website also suggest that this website is a scam.
  • We believe this website steals the credit card details of the users. 

User Reviews

After searching for user reviews of Tryenrolltowintoday Com extensively, we weren’t able to find any responses. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if any users have received this gift, which further demonstrates our suspicions. Reports and evaluations suggest that this website is fraudulent and is highly suspicious.

Final Verdict

Such scam techniques where the user gets a message saying that they have to make a small payment to get a free commodity are quite common and can be easily spotted. We believe this website is also among them. It’s best to stay as far away as possible from this website. Let us know what you think of Tryenrolltowintoday Com in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Tryenrolltowintoday Com [Jan] Is It Safe And Secured?

  1. If you read the terms, the “cost “ is a free 7 day trial that then you must then have a monthly payment bill for their services. A $100 value for items in the website that is blank basically. The advertising costs for shipping is actually the trial cost. It then charges monthly cost. The terms state that the grand prize for one of several expensive items that a person would win. It is rather confusing. And I have noticed that this scam is very popular and several groups or have several names popular in advertising. In one scams I came across and able to contact a person about the monthly service fee for a website, that I would eventually be a winner of a iPhone 12 as they award many members each month and to remain a member I will certainly be awarded a iPhone 12..

  2. They sent me a message by text stateing this recently
    ?URGENT REMINDER?: Dear Angel , Parcel ID-2P 1C E is currently pending last mile delivery in our warehouse. Please note, the parcel WILL be returned to sender on 12/21/2020. In order to avoid additional fees, please confirm delivery time asap:
    Kind Regards, Sandy McDonell {from the|?️-Delivery Team.
    This isnt the scam that got me. It was one similar though I cant figure out how to get them to stop trying to charge my credit card so I will have to get a new card. I never received any free, or anything thing from them. I was spose to get a new Iphone 12. I have never received anything.
    I usually am more observant when it comes to scam and promotion because of this issue. I know I will be more observant, and not give up any personal, credit card of my information.
    I wish I had seen this sooner. I hope it help other’s not make the same mistake.
    Thank you.

  3. This is DEFINITELY A SCAM! I clicked the screen and indicated that I had won a NEW IPad Pro; however, all I needed to do was pay $1 with a “credit card” and the IPad Pro would be shipped in approximately 4-5 days. Started to enter my information when all of a sudden the webpage changed to This webpage indicated a contest for a new Iphone 12 Pro; however, there was $5.95 payment due and if the account was not canceled in 7days, they would charge my credit Carr’s approximately $100 to continue. It NEVER gave me the opportunity to actually claim the IPad Pro. I am reporting this website to the DOJ, FBI, FTC, & FCC for criminal investigations and prosecution for fraud.

  4. I have never received the PS5 order # A93AE3383D. And under condition are you to charge anything else to my account. a copy of this msg will be on file
    Thank you

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