Tryegg Reviews {Oct} Is Buying this Product Safe

Tryegg Reviews {Oct} Is Buying this Product Safe

Tryegg Reviews {Oct} Is Buying this Product Safe >> A unique product to boil and get the peeled eggs out, as seen on Tv, read here for the details.

Are you facing the problem when you boil the eggs and peel them? So don’t wait for more to read on Tryegg Reviews, where we will share a unique product to help you out.

People from cold countries like the United States usually eats boiled eggs as their breakfast or evening snacks.

Stay with us for more details.

What is Egg Pod?

Egg Pod is a big box-type thing that helps cook your eggs the way you want. It also works with a microwave and can boil a small number of eggs in around 8 minutes. It also helps you remove the shells from the eggs after the boiling is done. That is pretty good, as the shells are pretty annoying. 

Tryegg Reviews show that it is a white container shaped like an egg. Its materials do not contain Bisphenol-A at all, so it can also be washed in a dishwasher. It doesn’t take up that much space in your kitchen.

How to Use (Step by Step)

Step 1: Add Water to your EggPod–

To use this product, you will have to add water to the EggPod. Remove the top half before you do so, or you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Fill it to about the halfway point (bottom of the container.).

Place Eggs Inside and now continue for Tryegg Reviews.

Step 2: Get Those Eggs–

Take the eggs and put them in the water. Add as much as the container can hold. No egg must be on top of another one of its kind. Transfer to Microwave

Step 3: Put the device in the microwave–

Close the lid and put your pod in the microwave. When in the microwave, the water will boil, and the steam will go up, move around in the container, and cook the eggs quickly.

Shake Container

Step 4: Removal of the Container–

About 8 minutes after you put the pod in the microwave, please remove it from the microwave and shake it vigorously for about half a minute. For the Tryegg Reviews, we say that the container’s inside is specifically designed to make the eggshells slide off. 

Pull Off Shells and Serve


  • The product is designed for Microwave where Egg Cooker can be placed inside, and it cooks and peels the eggs
  • Works with the inside heat power of the microwave
  • Takes fewer times to boil the hard eggs.
  • It is made up of BPA Free Plastic

Pros of the product

  • Compact – It is as big as a regular bowl, and it has a lid. It is pretty small, thus making it perfect for any kitchen. Tryegg Reviews say that you can store it anywhere in the kitchen without ever having a problem. You can also take it on trips, as it is as small as a bowl.
  • BPA Free – Bisphenol A is still present in many plastic products, even after the ban that was imposed on the usage of BPA. Luckily, this does not contain any of it. Your eggs won’t have any polluting waste in them if you use an EggPod. 
  • Dishwasher Safe – You can wash the EggPod in any dishwasher. You can also wash it by hand. There’s no problem with that. Just remember that while using the dishwasher, you must separate the lid and the container. Place them like you would place two regular bowls. Voila!
  • Easy on egg boiling and then peeling as well, without any hassle.

Negative Points

  • The product is not transparent, so it isn’t easy to check inside.
  • The product is not safe to be operated by young kids.
  • The product cannot hold many eggs together.
  • One can only use it for egg boiling purposes.

Customer Reviews

The product has received many mixed customer Tryegg Reviews on various social media platforms. As per the buyers, one said that-

That the product was just used twice, and it worked well, but later it tends to become heated and blasted with egg portions all over the floor.

So the usage depends on the type of microwave is used for keeping the product inside. You can research before buying.

Final Verdict:

We conclude the Tryegg Reviews here by mentioning that product is seen on Tv, and it is useful. You could choose once your research is done.

Kindly share your views.

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