Trevella Park Reviews [Oct] Leave Boredom, Enjoy Here!

Trevella Park Reviews [Oct] Leave Boredom, Enjoy Here!

Trevella Park Reviews [Oct] Leave Boredom, Enjoy Here! >> Please read the review of the hotel to get the best suggestion if you are planning to travel to Cornwall.

Are you planning to visit Cornwall? You have your family or friends with you and want a proper place to stay? Trevella Park Reviews comes with a fantastic suggestion for you which is Trevella Park.

The hotel has gained a response from the people in the United Kingdom and served people amazingly. It is one of the best choices for couples and family to spend quality time.

In this article, we will discuss all its facilities and amenities. Please stay connected to know more information about it.

What is Trevella Park?

Trevella Park is the hotel situated in the Crantock, a small village in Cornwall. It has tremendous service and provides accommodation for couples and families.

Trevella Park Reviews states that they provide a tent-like structure or domes for staying. They have spacious rooms and living areas surrounded by the gardens and the other facilities like the caravan for music and play area for children.

Facilities of Trevella Park

According to Trevella Park Reviews, the hotel has some outstanding facilities, some of them are as follows:

  • They provide free parking and free Wifi.
  • The hotel provides outdoor playing equipment for kids and mini-golf area.
  • It has a facility of a pool with auto cleaning for adults and kids as well.
  • It provides tents and domes as per your choice for family and other private couple areas.
  • It has free access to the beach area and ample playing grounds with no time limit.
  • They have a restaurant within the premises.
  • It provides fishing lakes for people interested in fishing.
  • They have a BBQ area for relaxing and having snacks.

Customer Feedback

The hotel reaches height if it has all the essential facilities and positive feedback by the travellers.

Trevella Park Reviews states that the people who tried the hotel has given outstanding feedback regarding the hotel. People loved the clean and hygienic environment throughout the boundaries.

They appreciated the calm and pleasant behaviour of the reception with a straight answer that helps them a lot. The travellers mentioned the accessible cancellation facility of the hotel in case you cancel the trip.

The location of the hotel is silent and noise-free and provides full privacy to the people and full guidance of sight viewing locally.

User praised the staff and held the ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with the no time-bounded usage of garden and play area.


The article is here to share Trevella Park Reviews with you. The hotel has gained excellent responses from the users—the people who are planning to travel Crantock in Cornwall. The people in the United Kingdom has appreciated the hotel and its facilities.

They provide customer service 24*7 that is helpful. Early visitors recommend to use it once have they have several positive feedbacks.

We would love to hear your opinion about the same. Please leave your comment in the comment section below.

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