Traveling to Dubai: What Is Important to Remember When Renting a Car and What Places to Visit

Traveling to Dubai: What Is Important to Remember When Renting a Car and What Places to Visit

Many tourists often rent a car for the entire duration of their vacation in the Emirates or for a few days to drive around the city and go on excursions. And it happens that often Rent Mercedes Dubai for one day – to get from the airport to the hotel and the car will be at your personal disposal for the whole day.

Also on the way back, they rent a car in the city and return it at the airport. It turns out to be profitable, especially if the hotel is not so close to the airport. And you can still have time to go to the most interesting places and see them on your own, without spending money on an official excursion or travel with transfers.

What is important to remember when renting a car

The price of renting a car depends on the company, the class of the car, and how many days you plan to rent the car. According to many travelers, the rental price is not that high if you choose a budget option.

There are a lot of car rental companies in the UAE, especially in Dubai. They offer cars – both luxury and budget. You can order online by selecting the car you like and pick it up at the designated location upon arrival. The company can also deliver to the specified location. Or, upon arrival, you can register a car at one of the companies at the airport.

Some tourists find it convenient to agree to rent a car directly at the hotel – they say that the car will then be quickly picked up, there are never any problems with documents, and you can leave it in the hotel parking lot.

In some companies, the deposit can also be left in cash. Then all travel on toll roads and bridges is subtracted from it, and a printout is made almost instantly. If there are fines, they will be deducted too. The remainder of the deposit will be returned immediately.

On the roads, you need to be very careful about changing lanes, speeding, etc., but there are cameras everywhere, and the fines for violations are very high.

When a car is handed over, experienced tourists, just in case, immediately take photographs of all scratches and chips, if any, so that there are no problems when returning the car.

Many resorts in the UAE have parking (almost all good hotels have free parking for their guests). Parking at shopping centers is mostly free, but there are also paid ones – for example, at the Mall of the Emirates shopping center you can park for free only for 4 hours. If you are vacationing in Sharjah, there are many free spaces in local parking lots. But in Dubai, near shopping centers, sometimes you have to circle around to find a free space.

What places to visit with a rented car

The Farm. It is a place literally takes you to a completely different world. Green and blooming. The Farm has an artificial lake (river), densely surrounded by a variety of trees and shrubs, and all dishes are made from ECO products.

Box Park (food, cinema, promenade, shopping). This place opened a couple of years ago, but we haven’t had time to visit all the places yet. This is something like an area stylized as garages/boxes (hence the name box park), where many cafes and restaurants with different cuisines are located. 

There are many beaches in Dubai, and every season they are more and more equipped. We want to talk about a place like this, where there is not only sand and water, but also showers, you can take a sunbed and an umbrella, and also have a snack and even play volleyball. It’s always sold out on weekends, even in summer. But the place is really cool. It’s called Kite Beach.

We hope that you rent a car wisely and enjoy your vacation.

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