tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews (Jan 2021) Safe Deal Or Scam!

tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews (Jan 2021) Safe Deal Or Scam!

tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews (Jan 2021) Safe Deal Or Scam! >> In this article, you get to know about the best flashlight in the market.

TP360 Pro Flashlight Reviews: Are you looking for a flashlight that will provide you the power pack experience? People usually rely on electricity and do not make sure to have backups for any consequence. If they have a backup of lightings, it doesn’t give maximum benefits, nor does the job of protecting us.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Review

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Flashlights are readily available in the market, but choosing the right flashlight which will give assurity is not easy. There is one flashlight that is said to provide you the best possible experience you can ask for a flashlight. The product’s name is TP360 Pro Flashlight, which is also widely used by security and armed forces. This product is internationally famous in the United States.

What is TP360 Pro Flashlight?

This flashlight is a portable electric light, and it is known to be your partner whenever you need it. Whether you are walking in the dark or doing adventures amid the forest or navigating, or when having a blackout or electricity cut, this flashlight is useful at all times, and it provides you the brightest light possible.

The flashlight has amazing qualities like it is very lightweight and incredibly portable. It is supposed to provide you 32 x brighter light than the regular flashlights. The product is limited stock available with free shipping. The product comes with extraordinary features and exciting offers, which makes it unbeatable in the market, especially with its satisfaction guarantee.

Specifications of TP360 Pro Flashlight:

  • Product: It is the brightest flashlight, portable, and easy to use, best for emergencies.
  • It comes with five changeable modes like high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe.
  • The battery of this product has 3x AAA batteries/ 1xLi-ion rechargeable.
  • It has a very powerful LED with 9000 Lumen output.
  • It is highly waterproof with the IP65 standard.
  • The light of this flashlight avoids flicker.
  • It has in-build heat protection, to avoid hot surface.
  • The quality of this product is slip-resistant.
  • It made up of aluminum alloy with aircraft grade.
  • The product has a tactical modes option.
  • It has a telescoping focus of 1x-2000.
  • The dimensions of this product are 5.09 IN x 1.90.
  • The weight of this product is 5.6 OZ.
  • The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews

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Benefits of using the TP360 Pro Flashlight:

  • It is highly water-resistant and waterproof.
  • The light of this flashlight never flickers and maintains consistency.
  • It has in-build heat protection, to avoid hot surface.
  • The product is slip-resistant for easy griping.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The product has tactical switch modes for working according to your situations.
  • The brand gives an exclusive offer of 50% off with its limited stock available with free shipping.
  • The battery gives high power pack performance.
  • It has five modes.
  • It provides much better bright light in comparison to other brands.
  • The pricing of this product is very cost-effective.
  • It has a 30-days money-back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee.

How to know if you need TP360 Pro Flashlight?

TP360 Pro Flashlight Reviews say that everyone should use this product irrespective of age, gender, or region. This product is essential for tackling any blackout situations. Armed forces and adventurers mainly use the product as it is trustworthy. The product is legit and authentic. 

This product can be your lifesaver in crucial times. This product can be your backup of your partner in late-night walks. The product gives a 30-days money-back guarantee if you change your mind. The product has excellent longevity, and it is the best option in the market. Hence, everyone can use it, buy this product now and get up to 50% off.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Scam

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How exactly does TP360 Pro Flashlight work?

The product uses 9000-lumen output, making it a premium which gives you the brightest light. It is digitally regulated, which provides you non-flickering constant light. It has tactical switches, which makes it easy to work as your condition. The telescoping focus gives you the much larger dept of field. The 3x AAA batteries provide the best standby.

What makes the TP360 Pro Flashlight better than other options?

The other flashlights are usually more costly than it is worth, whereas this product gives you an exclusive offer of 50% off. This product provides much better battery backup as compared to other products. TP360 Pro gives 32x brighter light as compared to other flashlights. This product does not trouble you with a burning body of the flashlight like other products do. It has useful tactical modes that rarely seen in the market. This product is highly durable and portable.

What are people saying about the TP360 Pro Flashlight?

The product is proud of its services and showcases its customer’s reviews, and according to one survey, the light was excellent and can flash the light to the 21 acres field, which was helpful for her in the forests. One man said he was very impressed by the light that he brought 5 for his family.

The portability and material impressed one person that he makes sure that one is available at home and in his car. According to some customers, the product does provide a satisfaction guarantee, and the battery runs for a very long time.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Where to Buy


  • Where can I buy TP360 Pro Flashlight today?

This product is availble on the given link, so purchase this product now and get up to 50% off.

  • How to use TP360 Pro Flashlight?

The product is straightforward to use, switch the tactic modes as per your choice. The product is completely functional, and you only have to turn it on and off. If you still have a problem, use manual.

  • Is TP360 Pro Flashlight legit?

Yes, this product is legit, and there is no way it is a scam as it has given essential details about itself and has excellent customer reviews.


Based on the TP360 Pro Flashlight Reviews, this product turns out to be the best option for a flashlight. The qualities of this product are impressive as compare to its pricing. The brand also has excellent customer service. Hence, after evaluating everything, you should try this product today with an exclusive offer of 50% off.

0 thoughts on “tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews (Jan 2021) Safe Deal Or Scam!

  1. I ordered the TP360 Pro Flashlight on May 7,2020 paid for it and have not heard or seen anything on the shipping of it!! So what can you tell me about this order? Please contact me would you please. Phone #361-765-1653

    1. Mr. Jackson I had the same experience and can find nowhere to complain. I paid for mine over a month ago and can only find out that a shipping label has been printed at the post office but they have not received the flashlight for shipment. Good luck, but I believe we’ve been had.

      Michael Walker

      1. Same here! I ordered back in late April and finally had to get PayPal to force them to send the flashlight or they would take the money back and reimburse me. I finally received the flashlight ten days ago. Not worth the $29.00

    2. Just got mine today after a month of waiting or so and it was small AF, and lights up about 3 feet, NOT 3 nautical miles. Couldn’t light plastic if you left it for a year.

    3. Yep this is a fraud and a scam same here no product. All I can do is have the credit card company hopefully remove the charges. Buyer Beware

    4. I bought one and want a refund. It does not do anything that is advertised and made very cheap. They will not refund the purchase, this is a SCAM…..

  2. If the flashlights are not a scam then how come the commercial and marketing videos are of people using other flashlights

    1. I purchased the light shown on the ad that “lights up a neighborhood” and burns plastic all for $29.99. What I received, from China, was a cheap $15.00 piece of crap that lights maybe 20 feet. Couldn’t burn plastic if you set the light on fire! So far no response from customer service. BEWARE!!

      1. I hate to admit it but I was dumped again. The TP360 PRO is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. It isn’t even the same one shown in the sales photos. It is nowhere near 9000 lumens I have a 4000 lumen light that blows it away. This flash light is just a cheap $9 to $12 dollar flash light you can pick up at any home improvement store or auto parts store. This will be the last time I trust an on line add as they are all out to screw you. Light duty flash light to throw in a drawer and forget about. Thanks for nothing.

    2. I ordered these so called brightest flash lights and when they came in I put three AAA batteries in one and literally is as bright as a flash light you get from harbor freight or Walmart. Cheap Chinese garbage. Don’t buy especially because yes the ad shows a completely different flash light being used. In addition mine didn’t look like the ones advertised either. Had a button on the tube of the light, not the base, and a big external ring to change the beam angle.

  3. I ordered one on 5/14/2020 received a shipping confirmation but there’s no way to track it. Probably another Chinese Scam!!!

  4. This is a SCAM. I finally received mine after a month of waiting and this flashlight is a Cheap Plastic piece of JUNK!!!! It’s a knock off and a poorly made one at that. It does NOT get hot like the advertisement says. I held the flashlight on the palm of my hand for 1 minute and my palm never got hot. I am going to open an investigation with my CC company and get my money back.


    1. Any idea how to contact whoever sells this piece of crap. I just got mine finally with no charger and after putting batteries in it, it doesn’t even work. I am pissed

  5. The TP360 PRO Flashlight is nothing but a lie. It’s a joke and a scam!!! Take my word on it. Don’t buy it because you Will be mad with yourself later. I bought a dollar flashlight from the dollar store that worked 100 times better than this one. I want a full refund !!!!!

  6. The flashlight burning the paper is called the flame torch all of the reviews that are saying its a great light are full of crap and fake this is a scam you get a cheap piece of shit

  7. order finally arrived. not the product described in the ads. no way this is more than a 3$ flashlight. no lithium battery included–no batteries at all
    very disappointed

  8. This is not what I ordered!!! Will not get hot enough to cook an egg as advertised and cheaply made. One already fell apart while adjusting the dimmer and will not stay together when I try to fix it. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Fine for a normal flashlight but that’s it. WILL NOT CATCH ANYTING ON FIRE like they claim. 0 stars. Doesn’t even look like the product in the video. VERY CHEAP MATERIAL!!!


  9. OMG… I got a what I thought was a flashlight to beat all flashlights but instead I hot a P.O.S. I’ve got pen lights that are as bright as this thing. Cheaply made and no where near the price I paid for it. Sad day when people will scam you this bad. for a few bucks. Not a happy camper. It has a plug in for a charger, but no plug wire or paperwork at all.

  10. I ordered mine on May 11, 2020 and just got them. Tracking showed them coming from China. So it took almost 3+ weeks to get to me. No instructions included.

  11. Don’t buy this flash light 30$ get you a flashlight that is no different than any single led chip with a magnifine glass on the front only features I see is low high and strobe I waited almost 3 weeks for a 10$ flashlight that I could have gotten from harbor Freight definitely doesn’t get hot at any point at all I put it at it highest setting and left it on bare skin didn’t even get warm save your money go on police security website and get a real tactical flashlight for less and get it sooner

  12. I ordered this for my husband on May 16th. It is June 6th and no flashlight yet. Was e-mailed that it shipped May 20th. It should have been here by Now.

  13. Its a total scam. I received the ones i purchased and they are little better than dollar store quality. I took one on a walk around the neighborhood with my children and it BROKE. ON A WALK. Its not miltary grade and it does not light paper on fire. Lol so dumb.
    I sent an email to return and no answer after a week.

  14. Do not waste your money. This thing is no more powerful than a $5.00 from walmart!!!! What a freakin’ rip-off!!!!!!!

  15. Advertisement shows people using a flashlight that starts a fire and melts plastic. Not the same flashlight. This TP360 is LAME!!!

    1. Totally a scam do not do business with this company! They are Chinese junk and would not work on arrival. Delivered dead on arrival only one would light and my phone has a more brilliant light than this. Don’t fall for this a

  16. This product is a complete fraud! The flashlights are advertised to be 9000 Lumens, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, having 5 modes of operation, made in USA, etc. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE! The items shipped from China and they are dollar-store garbage. The LED is LESS BRIGHT than a penlight. The buttons, battery cover, battery holder, and handle are terrible quality. Parts are loose; they rattle when you shake them. They don’t match the pictures either.

    DO NOT BUY!! These people are a bunch of liars and cheaters!

  17. I’m calling this a SCAM!! I ordered the three package, got it just shortly before posting this comment. It is not bright enough to illuminate three nautical miles, these are just regular flashlights. I did need one, however, but still I feel like I got cheated.

  18. I received my order today( finally) does NOT perform as advertised..honestly it’s a 5 dollar cheap ass light..I’m seeking a refund..It does not have the capability to melt plastic, ignite paper ( survivor purposes, NOT arson) or disable an attacker…And yes, fresh alkaline batteries were used…” gobbij”( garbage) basura, trash, would NOT waste my $$$$ again?

  19. This is a scam these flashlights are not what they say they are. They are not 9000 lumins. I have a 1,000 lumin that is way more powerful. You can’t light fires with the light. I want my money back. Bunch of bullshit. Nothing like what they show on youtube. You tube should remove their advertising. Totally unethical. The TP 360 stand for toilet paper

  20. Don’t buy the TP 360 it is not what they are advertising. The TP 360 will not do what they are showing totally a crock.

  21. Its a piece of crap…… it should be sold in gum machines for .25 cents. This is a bait and switch or at least deceptive advertising

  22. 1. Why does my TP360 not melt plastic like on TV?
    2. Why does the charge port cover not stay in place?
    3. Why is my TP360 PRO not a bright as shown on TV?
    4. Why does my TP360 look different than the one on TV?

  23. I waited 3 weeks for delivery, and the flashlights i received will not perform as advertised. I want my money back!!!

  24. Why is the flashlight I received different than the one on your advertising. And isn’t any brighter than a cheap flashlight

  25. It’s a SCAM!!! I received mine today. Claims to be 9000 lumens and can set things on fire! This is not the flashlight that they are promoting.

  26. I just got my PRO 360 flashlight. What a piece of junk. There was no recharge r with it,no instructions, no return information. I believed the ads and ordered. Because I couldn’t find the merchant through PayPal I tried to cancel but no luck with PayPal. Called my bank they refunded my money and are looking into the whole thing. PLEASE DON’T BUY IT!!!

  27. I ordered 5 to get the best price. They arrived today about 11 days after ordering. They are FAKE. Just regular flashlights. I bought similar ones off ebay for #3.50 each. Apparently they think some people will just keep them. I will be returning them

  28. Yeah its basically a scam, I did get a flashlight but the parts have all the ridges of being printed by a 3D printer. Only 3 of the 5 light settings work and its no where near as powerful as the advertisements suggest, its just 3 times as expensive for something you could buy at a checkout aisle at Lowes.

    Will attempt to get a refund

  29. Scam scam scam. There MAY be a version which is not, but the ones you get from this are definitely a scam. This is a $3 value flashlight, sold to look like a much better quality flashlight.

  30. Exactly!!! Listen to what the other person says. Why are your nighttime advertising videos other flashlights. You guys make it so obvious like melting plastic with a flash torch??? Really it should be selling at 10.00 at the most. It isn’t a terrible product but it belongs in Walmart by all the other so-so products. I got tooken by these fools so I know. I got better torch lights on ebay for 8.00 w/free shipping. Genuine crees too. So I say to all you might be tooken people , go to ebay.

  31. I ordered 3 of them, and (when they arrived 3wks later) I found they are not bright, even with brand new AAA batteries. They are as bright as a regular flashlight for $10. They absolutely are NOT tactical level. I am calling this a scam… They got their money and gave me crap lights.

  32. This flashlight is No better than any other flashlight I have in my collection. As a matter of fact , the “ip 67 inspector RC” BY NEBO puts the TP360 pro to shame. Not to mention the ip67 is rechargeable by using your phone charger, and cost less than the 360. They say the 360 is rechargeable with the ion battery yet they dont send a charger with the flashlight and your order. My opinion is it’s a waste of time and money buying it!

  33. This flashlight is No better than any other flashlight I have in my collection. As a matter of fact , the “ip 67 inspector RC” BY NEBO puts the TP360 pro to shame. Not to mention the ip67 is rechargeable by using your phone charger, and cost less than the 360. They say the 360 is rechargeable with the ion battery yet they dont send a charger with the flashlight and your order. My opinion is it’s a waste of time and money buying it! Also, the flashlight they show starting a fire,…total garbage!

  34. I received the flashlight two weeks ago and no way, no how does it light up the way the ads show. And, it came in a plain brown envelope without any kind of documentation. I don’t even know what company sent it. I’m angry because I know it’s a scam.

  35. I ordered three or the TP360 flashlights June 2nd and heard nothing about shipping. They showed up yesterday, what a piece of $50.00 each junk. They do not recharge and are no brighter than any other 3 AAA flashlight. They will not do anything the above ad stated. Unless there is more to be mailed to me I wasted my money. I would say this is a scam, don’t waste your money.

  36. So I ordered one and received it.
    The flashlight is different from those pictured.
    NOT as powerful as described.
    Does NOT start paper on fire or melt plastic bags.
    Has 3 (annoying) modes instead of 5.
    Compares to $5 flashlights found on AliExpress.

  37. I received my tp 360 today, it does not have 5 modes only 3. It is not as bright as my 10 year old headlamps and came with no rechargeable battery. All in all this is a complete scam, don’t waste your time or money!!!!

  38. This is a total scam! The flashlight you get is NOT the one advertised. It’s a $1.99 flashlight, nothing more. The beam is not even close to what’s advertised. STAY AWAY!

  39. this is a scam… I ordered one and it came in …..not same flashlight as advertised and light ouput is worse than any other flashlight I have ever owned.

  40. I finally received by TP360 Pro flash lights. THere were no instructions and I cannot get them to turn on. Please advise me on how to use these and what to do.
    Thank you

  41. I was about to order this product TP360 and the reviews are ALL bad, google the reviews before you buy. People are saying its cheaply made, to orders showing up 10 days later, to the quality of the flashlights valued at $5 let alone the actual advertised stamina of the flashlight.

  42. I ordered it. It took forever to get here. Almost three weeks. No packaging. No directions. Very bright but doesn’t appear to get “hot”… at all. Certainly can’t light paper or cook an egg. Oh well. I needed a “good” flashlight.

  43. I bought 2 get one free. They aren’t what they were supposed to be and one doesn’t work at all. I would appreciate a kiss next time.

  44. this is the cheapest flash light i have ever used in my life. dont waste your money., didnt even work when i got it until i fixed it. feels like its made of aluminum foil. dont buy it. scam scam scam. the flash light they show isnt the one you get. you get the cheapo depo crap one..

  45. Scam, garbage, not as shown in ad and do not work as in ad, Do not waste your money. First one out of the package will not even work. Second in package works but you may as well get yourself a flashlight at the dollar store.

  46. I received your product today, which I paid $49.85 for in order to “expedite” the delivery and “skip to the front of the line” as your advertisement promised.
    June 12th to June 27th.  More than 2 weeks to ship EXPEDITED.  
    You also charged me the “expedited shipping cost” of $19.95, and the Lifetime Warranty was a benefit of expedited shipping, yet no mention of expedited shipping on the receipt below.
    I know received your product with the following:
    1.  An imitation TP360 flashlight.  It doesn’t even match the flashlight in any of the pictures on your advertisement.
    2.  In the small USPS packaging I received the flashlight, the 3 x AAA Battery adapter, the back end of the flashlight and a small circular piece of plastic that was obviously meant to ship INSIDE the battery cavity -yet you shipped it as a separate item inside.
    3.  I did NOT receive any sort of charging cord in the package, yet the flashlight has an obvious opening for a plug, which I assume is how it gets charged.
    4.  IT DOESNT WORK.  I put multiple, fresh Triple AAA Batteries in the adapter following the instructions on the adapter itself, and inserted it into the battery cavity.  I can’t even get the light to turn on.  Possibly because it ALSO requires a charge of some internal – OR MISSING – Lithium Ion battery, using a MISSING charging cable – one that isn’t even an industry standard port, i.e. mini-USB, USB-C, so I have no usable charging cables laying around to attempt to charge it.
    5.  The package had 0 instructions in it.
    6.  The build quality is incredibly suspect.  This thing looks and feels like it was made in a Chinese sweatshop.
    I am demanding a full refund of $49.85.  If you would like me to ship this defective light back to you – or explain to me how it works, why its missing an obvious charging cable and/or rechargable battery, why the circular piece of plastic was shipped outside the flashlight, and why it wont turn on with 3 fresh batteries.

  47. Also – These comments/reviews were NOT AVAILABLE WHEN I PLACED THE ORDER. I 100% feel I have been purposely scammed out of money and 100% intend to get every penny back, one way or another. Every penny.

  48. Scam Scam Scam lights are not same as shown in video. received mine broken and all contact attempts have been fruitless. I’d like to know where there office is and pay them a call.

  49. [BUYER BEWARE] This flashlight is nothing like their ads! Cheaply made, doesn’t do what they said. Doesn’t even light up a room, let alone a forest! Doesn’t start a fire, not even hot pointing the beam at my palm, nothing happened! My Maglite-mini works a heck of a lot better. I have one other made by Duracell which also is much better than this, both have aluminum case that are sturdier and more heavy-duty than this knockoff junk. I bought the “buy 2 -get 1 free”… all in all noth worth $52 I paid! Will try to return them, but I’m sure they’ll give me the run around about the refund. Came in a tacky bubbled envelope, with no box, no instruction, no pamphlet, no warranty, nothing whatsoever.

  50. Dont waste your money, far better torches on the market, feels and looks cheap and parts rattle inside. Nowhere near as bright as they state. The advert should be banned as it is very misleading. It does not melt plastic or burn paper.

    If I could send it back I would.

  51. Regarding TP360 flashlight, if you are concerned that the product supplied is not the product that is advertised. Then if you paid via Paypal, contact them immediately through the resolution centre and state the reasons why you feel you should return the item/items and be refunded in full. I have done this as I hate being ripped off.

  52. Your style is very unique compared to other people
    I’ve read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark
    this blog.

  53. I bought 3 for about 60.00 and they are junk. Went to ship them back and it was going to cost me 45.00 to ship them back for a office could not guarantee they wouldn’t get lost in Transit. Don’t waste your money.

  54. I received my flashlights yesterday; I was like a little kid at Christmas. Finally after weeks of waiting I finally received what I was anxiously waiting for. However, my hopes were quickly dashed when not one of the lights worked. Not one! I want my money back! Is anyone aware as to the return address, even if they won’t refund my money I’ll still send the scam product back to them!

    My email address is if anyone can assist me with the return address. Please and thank you!

  55. The TP360 PRO Flashlight is a TOTAL SCAM. Made in China, it is a piece of garbage.
    To get a refund, which they pretty much refuse, they want you to ship it back to China.
    It is NOT “WATER PROOF.” “TACTICAL SWITCH” is non-existent. It does NOT
    perform as stated

  56. Agree with all of the above. Huge scam, total junk. Bought three, no batteries as promised, no charger, two failed within three uses, third one never worked at all. I have been in heavy manufacturing for 30 years, used many, many different lights. This does not even warrant being listed as being tried by me. Streamlight Stylus Pro is the best penlight I have ever owned, back to it then.

  57. DO NOT BUY . If you see a Ad for this Cheap Azz Flashlight …Run !! Run like Wind.!! You’ll get more Light from a Bic Lighter . Straight Scam…

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