Toyhouse Lego Scam (Sep 2020) Explore The Website for Clarity.

Toyhouse Lego Scam (Sep 2020) Explore The Website for Clarity.

Toyhouse Lego Scam (Sep 2020) Explore The Website for Clarity. >> In the above article, you read about a web store that is an exclusive dealer of Legos for small and specialty stores in the United States and its territories.

Legos have been a popular entertainment source for not just kids, but adults as well for a long time now.

This popularity of Legos has brought many businesses to join this brand and earn high revenues. This article is about ToyHouse LLC, an exclusive dealer of Lego products for small stores across the US.  

However, with no reviews available readily for this company, many retailers have expressed their concern in taking dealerships from this store as there might be chances of Toyhouse Lego Scam.

Please read the following article on Toyhouse Lego Scam to know more about this website and its authenticity. 

What is ToyHouse LLC?

ToyHouse LLC is a distributor which is based in the United States. This store is the single partner distributor for LEGO Systems, Inc. This store sells Lego products to specialty stores and small stores that resell these Lego products to ultimate customers.

This company acquires its customers through its website, which it approves after the screening of customer applications.

How to become a ToyHouse LLC customer?

If the small stores or specialty stores want to acquire their stock of Lego products from ToyHouse LLC, they will have to fill a customer application on this company’s website. 

After ToyHouse LLC receives all the required information, business certificates, pictures of the display site, and some other pre-requisites, it processes all the information. If all the details submitted by the customers meet the required criteria, the customers are confirmed. 

After this, customers can place their orders with ToyHouse LLC.

Why become a ToyHouse LLC customer?

The approved customers of this company enjoy certain benefits. ToyHouse LLC is the authorized exclusive distributor of Legos to smaller stores in the United States. These customers have access to the exclusive and limited collection of Lego products, which they may order according to the preferences of customers in their area.

Is Toyhouse Lego Scam?

Many small retailers have been worried about is Toyhouse Lego Scam. No complimentary or negative reviews have been found about this company online.

However, this company seems to be legit as its information is available on various online sources. It also has a LinkedIn page, where people have marked their professional association with this company. However, no customer reviews are available online that can add to the authenticity of this company.


Toyhouse LLC provides an exclusive collection of Lego products to multiple customers across the country. It also ensures that its buyers are authentic sellers of the Lego products, and ensures that these sellers in no way can hamper the goodwill of the Lego products and brand. However, the product quality and services of this company still need to be verified.  

Do let us know about your experience or views on is Toyhouse Lego Scam in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Toyhouse Lego Scam (Sep 2020) Explore The Website for Clarity.

  1. I ordered from this site on Facebook. I ordered 3 sets, mycredit card was charged immediately and I didn’t receive the sets I ordered. I received a pair of sunglasses. I am furious. Nobody likes to be scammed. This company is a scumbag group that takes advantage of people. Beware! Maryjane Comer

    1. Hi MaryJane, Did you purchase from ToyHouse or ToySHouse? (Notice the S after Toy) I’m doing a websearch before purchasing from ToyHouse and the fraudulent charges seem to be from ToysHouse. Please let me know before I make a big mistake! Thanks!

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