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If you are an avid news checker and like staying updated regarding what is happening around you, then you may have heard of Reviews will give you more insight into this news agency. 

News agencies (print or online) provide us with daily facts, keeping us aware of what is happening around us. They are an integral part of society! Today your respected newspaper has gone digital in an attempt to reach the new generation! Isn’t that amazing? 

The Townhall is based out of the United States. In its initial years, it was published by the Heritage Foundation. It was taken over by Salem Communications in 2006. 

What is 

It is an American news daily that calls itself the leading source for politically conservative news and commentary and analysis

They have been serving in the conservative news industry for 25 years. They mention that they want to expose the left and hold the big government accountable. They are further talking about protecting your constitutional rights and defending conservative journalism. 

This number 1 agency also has radio shows that reach out to millions of listeners with similar views. has been breaking barriers and providing a platform to fellow conservatives and breaking barriers between opinion, journalism, and political participation. 

Who is this site perfect for? 

While some may not share similar ideals as those of Townhall, some others might. The news agency is providing legitimacy to their views. It is important as not everybody welcomes them or appreciates them. 

You can gain access to this site if you are a conservative or even otherwise as they share a variety of other news bits. News updates on Townhall are usually ranging from what is happening in the country and what the American politicians have to say about it. 

Apart from this site also hosts radio shows, podcasts, entertainment, and even cartoons. If you are into finance, then you may want to check out their townhall Finance section. You can get an Ad-free subscription of the site for $35 a year. You could also become a gold member of the site at $49 or $89 a year. 

Is legit? 

The site may not be everybody’s cup of tea, as most of its content is more from a conservative viewpoint. Does that still make you wonder is legit or not? Reading the pointers below will give you clarity. 

  • It is a 25-year-old news agency and has been rated number 1 in the conservative news provider category. 
  • There is a link to their Facebook page on the site. They have a following of about 1 million. 
  • They have a Wikipedia page that gives you details regarding the makers of the news agency. 
  • The about us section of the website will give you detailed information regarding the site. 
  • Townhall is obvious regarding its perspective. So much so that they say just that in its introductory page.
  • Moreover, it is a free news agency that provides political bits every day. You do not have to make any purchases. 
  • You can reach out to them by leaving your email id and the message in the space provided in the contact us section.

These pointers will tell you that the site is not a farce and that it is an official news agency that wishes to reach out to like-minded individuals. 

Cons of the

The views and opinions of are profoundly conservative. Most of the content published favors conservatives. Online websites such as media bias fact check talk about the Townhall using strong language such as shove it. You will notice this, especially in its choice of article names. 

Townhall remains very strong about its perspective of the left-wing and will use negative statements to support their theories. They focus more on right-wing policies and ideals. They do this through their choice of stories put up on the site. This can be unsettling for some, and people may not see eye to eye with most pieces on the site. 

Also, its current owner has been known to own right-leaning Christian radio stations in the United States

Final Verdict- 

Readers, it is essential to notice that while the site may have some negatives to it. It does not seem to be a scam as it does not ask you to make any unnecessary purchases. wishes only to provide news regarding the political issues in the United States. 

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