Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV (Oct) Read And Then Buy

Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV (Oct) Read And Then Buy

Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV (Oct) Read And Then Buy >> This article is a product review of the China-made touch screen purse and finds how legit it is.

There are an ample number of purses in the market with handy pockets for keeping the mobile phone safe and where it is easily accessible. Variety is not a deal here as we have a purse with pockets where the phone is easy to access and use without taking it out from there. Here, we are going to explore and let you know all details about Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV that is vital to know.

The best part about this product is that it is available for purchase all across the world, including the United States. Similar purses are available with plastic pocket dedicated to cell phones only, and they vary in sizes. Still, these touch screen purses are too cute in terms of style and fashion with the availability for purchase at a fair price. These are nicer, reliable and fancier also.

Let us know more about it in this post.

What is Touch Screen Purse?

Simply put, it is a touch purse that is a small bag that has a plastic screen on its back. People can use that plastic screen pocket to keep the phone in it with your screen opposing the plastic. The product enables buyers to use the mobile phone without taking it out of the bag. Hopefully, this will keep your device safe, and it would hold it properly as you do it with your hand. The phone is easily accessible and easy to use too.  

Dive into the purse through this post on Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV.

Specifications about Touch Screen Purse

  • The product has created by Entrepreneur Tami Lange and backed up by Lori Greiner.
  • The purse is made in China and sold from the United States.
  • It has RFID protection.
  • It is available in different colours such as black, leopard, grey, wine and snake.  
  • The product price is $19.99 + $4.99 p&h.
  • There is an offer “Buy one, get one free”.
  • It has made from Vegan Leather.
  • The phone fits up to 6.75” tall and 4.00” wide.

What are the pros of Touch Screen Purse?

  • The product is easy to fit with all sizes of the smartphones and room for all essentials.
  • It keeps the phone away from all germs, smudges, and dirt.
  • The pricing policy is acceptable as it is reasonable.
  • You can store all essentials in this purse such as credit card, keys, phone, makeup, keys and cash.
  • The user can text, talk and browse everything on the cell phone without taking it out from the pocket.
  • Cross-body design gives protection from theft and snatching.
  • It is lightweight and thin.
  • It is so stylish to wear with all types of outfits.

What the cons of buying a Touch Screen Purse? 

Some of the cons of Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV have given below.

  • The quality of the purse is cheap.
  • The price is high as per the quality.
  • It does not work with all types of mobile sizes such as Galaxy 8 Note.

What did people think about the Touch Screen Purse?

We have found a lot of reviews about Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV on the internet. During this, we get to know that people have mixed reaction after buying this purse. Some happy buyers said that the bag is a perfect fit for mobile phone with other essentials and also it is nice to keep the phone clean by avoiding direct touching. Moreover, the style is right as it is easy to use and wear with any outfit due to cross-body design.

On the flip side, the purse is not an ideal fit for others. Some critics said that the purse is not able to hold all cell phones and the screen is not so clear, and it is tough to access the side button. Even the deluxe version has not enough storage and could not close the latch after keeping the phone in the case.

Bottom Line

After reviewing the purse, we conclude that it is good to use but have some flaws, so please explore the product properly before buying. It is advisable to get into details and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Kindly write your doubts and opinions about Touch Screen Purse as Seen on TV below in the comments section and sort out all issues.

We are happy to help you. 


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