Toshiba vs Insignia (Oct 2020) A Comparison Analysis!

Toshiba vs Insignia (Oct 2020) A Comparison Analysis!

Toshiba vs Insignia (Oct 2020) A Comparison Analysis! >> The side-by-side comparison helps the buyers learn about the specifications and other factors to make wise purchasing decisions.   

If you search for the best Smart TV to stream your favourite movie or series, rely on the updated and latest launches by Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition. Both TV brands have made their way successfully in every household across the United States. Below is the side-by-side comparison of Toshiba vs Insignia to help buyers shop wisely. 

Insignia and Toshiba are the two reputed TV brands that launched their latest and updated Fire TV Edition version in 2020. The brands have launched around eleven variations of resolution and screen size, ranging from 24 inches to 55 inches with 50, 43, 39, 32 inches variations in between. The price varies depending upon the size and features of the TVs. 

Besides, all the TVs from these brands are equipped with the latest features. The Toshiba’s models are upgraded to support the DTS Virtual: X, pass-through surround sound for a theatre like an experience. Here is the side-by-side comparison of Insignia TV vs Toshiba.     

Brief Introduction of Toshiba and Insignia

Toshiba is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Japan. The brand deals in diversified services and products, including television sets. It offers the widest range of televisions, ranging from Ultra HD, LCD, LED to Smart TVs. All these models are designed using advanced technology to offer an optimal streaming experience. 

Insignia is a popular TV brand from the United States. The brand deals in a variety of budget TVs of different sizes and with specifications. You will find various models from this brand, from 4K HDR to LED TVs and Amazon Fire TV. Here is the comparison of Toshiba vs Insignia for your help. 

Specification Comparison 

Here is a helpful comparison between Toshiba vs. Insignia that can give you deep insight into both the models. 

Toshiba TV Insignia TV
It offers a 720p resolution. Comes with a 720p Resolution
Supports Smart HD Fire TV Edition Supports Smart HD Fire TV Edition
Delivers true to life 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision Quality Delivers true to life 4K Ultra HD Quality
8 Million Pixels for Clarity and Vivid Colours 8 Million Pixels for Stunning Clarity
Comes with Three HDMI Ports and One USB Port, audio output, and headphone jack Three HDMI Ports, an optical audio output, one USB port, headphone jack
Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi
DTS Virtual – X Surround Sound Not Available
The Gray Uniformity – Mediocre The Gray Uniformity – Decent
The stand is plastic and curvy. The stand is straight.


Pros of Toshiba and Insignia TV

Toshiba TV

  • Best in features and quality
  • Comes with DTS Virtual-X Pass-through Surround Sound
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility
  • Runs of Fire 7 OS based on Android 9
  • 4K Resolution Support
  • Voice assistant available
  • Enough ports to hook up the gaming console, soundbar, and computer without switches

Insignia TV

  • Affordable 4k resolution Smart TV
  • Supports HDR
  • Comes with voice assistance built-in
  • Wi-Fi compatibility 
  • Runs of Fire 7 OS based on Android 7 

Cons of Toshiba and Insignia TV


  • The DTS Virtual-X only works when a compatible soundbar or AVR is used 
  • Quite costly models than the competitors 
  • Remote is difficult to understand 


Lacks in far-field MICs for voice assistant 

  • No DTS Virtual-X Surround system
  • Suitable for casual viewers only and not for home theatre enthusiasts 

Customer’s Review 

After evaluating the comparison between Toshiba vs Insignia, it is noticed that both the brands have done well in delivering Smart TVs. Customers who used both the TVs have shared positive responses about the models. Customers confirmed that both the TVs have almost the same specs other than a few differences. 

A majority of the users are quite satisfied with the TVs’ processor and performance and provided positive feedback and reviews about both the models. There are also reviews of some customers that are complaining about the remote, which has been updated. Plus, some customers are not satisfied with the stand that comes with the new models. 

Customers must check and do their researches well before investing their money in any of these models as both models have mixed reviews.

Final Thought 

Unlike other counterparts, the comparison between Toshiba vs Insignia has confirmed that both the TVs are comparable in specifications. But, Toshiba is the brand that has managed to excel this year with some updates and latest features. Toshiba’s 4k models come with many new updates, including Dolby Vision HDR, which you won’t find with Insignia TV.

Plus, Toshiba’s higher models also support DTS Virtual-X Surround Sound, which is again not available in Insignia TVs. 

Other than these few differences, there nothing to mention about both the TVs and we have found no major differences between Insignia TV vs Toshiba. However, both the models have received mixed reviews from customers, and it is suggested that buyers must do their research before buying it.   

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