Top 5 Metaverse Coins Built On Ethereum

Top 5 Metaverse Coins Built On Ethereum

Top 5 Metaverse Coins Built On Ethereum: The tech world took a whole new turn of innovation when the announcement of Metaverse was made back in 2021. The prospects of taking virtual reality to a whole new level seem promising enough as people all around the world have already bought the idea of living in virtual reality.

However, the concept is not too new for people who knew that something like this was inevitable, considering the pace at which technology is developing. Prominent developers all around the world have put in their sincere effort to bring something unprecedented to the surface, and Metaverse is the end result of such profound research. Furthermore, click here to visit bitcoin circuit website the existing best of platform lines between the virtual & actual reality. 

What to expect? 

The wave of new technology has not only diversified the perception of millions about the technology but has also paved the way for a future that seems quite unrealistic yet true. Now, it is yet to be seen how Metaverse is going to perform in the long run, but the promising start in its popularity highlights the fact that it will soon dominate the digital world from all aspects imaginable. Metaverse coins that are exclusively built on Ethereum. You will get to know about the profound & lucrative scope of such coins that are currently trending in the digital world. 

Top Metaverse Coins 

Below mentioned are some of the predominant Metaverse coins that have performed exceptionally well in the past and continue to do so: 

#Axie Infinity 

It is an Ethereum-based blockchain network that has defied all odds in terms of performance and efficacy. Axie Infinity is a prevalent Metaverse game that has gripped the attention of avid gamers. It is an NFT game that was developed by a predominant studio based in Vietnam, Sky Mavis. The users are supposed to create & fight for the creatures that they make in the game, and the subsequent battles are entitled to the rewards that such participants can claim inside the game. This game is also used to interact with other users on the platform that share the same interest & beliefs, which is why a great community has already been formed on the platform. 

#Alien Worlds 

It is connected to the Binance Smart chain, WAX & Ethereum and provides a quality experience to all the users. Emerging as the second most favorable game after Axie Infinity, Alien worlds has reached over 200K users. 

#UFO Gaming

Featuring the UFO tokens, it is basically used in the darker version of Metaverse. There are several planets, and all such planets have their respective darker world. 

#The Sandbox

Sandbox has bragging rights in the Metaverse in terms of design, and it is effectively built on Ethereum. It also features some of the best & unprecedented graphics for online users. 

#Decentraland (MANA)

It is a 3D-based network that operates on blockchain technology where players can easily buy themselves land, which can later be sold for profits. 


There is no denying the fact that Metaverse coins will run the much anticipated digital world, which has already proclaimed its dominance. All the conventional means of carrying out business activities seem to be fading away quite radically as the digital world takes command over the world. Metaverse coins will facilitate all the prospective users to make the most of their experience as they will be able to play and earn in Metaverse, which is a kind of concept that has never been utilized before in the past. Hence, it is quite interesting to see that such a technology is already at work. 

Metaverse coins will not only facilitate the transactions to perform a bunch of activities, but they also promote the development of other coins that can have a deep impact, as previously did. Now, considering the pace at which the population is beginning to embrace the disruptive technologies, it won’t be difficult for Metaverse to ingratiate itself into the personal lives of users worldwide. 

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