Toonme .com {Feb 2021} Read To Know About Toonme App!

Toonme .com {Feb 2021} Read To Know About Toonme App!

Toonme .com {Feb 2021} Read To Know About Toonme App! >> Turn into a toon version & become a part of social media challenge with this app in the store.

As technology has advanced, a lot of apps on android and iOS are becoming more attractive. One of them is Toonme .com, which has become a trendy challenge on social media. It helps the users to show some creativity. It has all the features that tick all the correct buttons. The has many reviews and a high rating from the users.

In Thailand or worldwide, many have taken selfies for the #ToonMe SNS challenge introduced by the artist and great illustrator René Córdova. People worldwide notably overpainting selfies with a toon or AI versions of themselves online. If the users want to learn more about the app, then dig more here. This post has all the information!

What is Toonme .com? 

Toonme is the latest app online for the users to turn any images into cartoons or favorite AI characters built in the app. People from Thailand and other users have access to this free app that has a special AI-focused algorithm. It immediately makes excellent portraits like it was hand-drawn and gives the AI version of the users in the high quality.


  • App Type: Cartoon and Caricature image maker
  • URL:
  • App Category: Video and Photo
  • App Seller Information: Informe Laboratories, Inc.
  • App Compatibility: It requires iOS 9.0 or later, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
  • App Age Rating: 4+
  • Toonme App Size: 177.7 MB
  • App Price: It is Free and has some In-App Purchases for Cartoons monthly and annual selection
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Uncomplicated Chinese

Is the app secure? 

It is a go-to application for any non-artists on the internet. The users have to upload a selfie on the site, and they soon receive the cartoon self in seconds. It comes with the already in-built styles and makes the app more flexible to use. The app is reliable and secure to upload the pictures, and the user’s data on Toonme App is safe. 

The users can cartoon themselves unlimited times, and the best part is that it has no ads. The app needs a few cartoon filters. Otherwise, the app can be downloaded easily to have fun with friends and online.

What are users saying? 

The users have a fun ride for many weeks after this app was used for trending social media challenges. #ToonMe challenge is an ongoing popular trend on Instagram. At first, it was used mostly by digital artists with the ToonMe app, but now many have taken the art initiative with this app to showcase their artistic skills. The app has a 4+ rating and positive reviews from the users. 

Toonme .com Final Verdict:

Overall the app has all the features and gives tons of choices to portray their AI on the internet. Get the Simpsons to look or a Disney princess when using the app with their pictures. A lot of custom styles onboard have an alternative to incorporate them into a lovely collage. 

The app gives many things to do, and even the user participates with others with the latest challenge. The app is secure and can be easily downloaded on any device.

Comment below if the users already or thinking of taking the #ToonMe challenge!

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