Tomatopizza xyz Reviews [July] Is This A Scam Website?

Tomatopizza xyz Reviews [July] Is This A Scam Website?

Tomatopizza xyz Reviews [July] Is This A Scam Website? >> Read this article to know about the online shopping store that sells the latest gaming products.

Is Tomatopizza Legit? Or the site is a scam. Nowadays, in the online market, you will find tons of ecommerce websites that claim to deliver exclusive products at minimum prices. But it is hard to identify the site’s authenticity and its intents for innocent customers. 

Today we will help our readers in understanding the purposes of Tomatopizza xyz, the online gaming store. This gaming store placed in the United States and contains a wide range of branded gaming consoles available. Furthermore, the offers and services that Tomatopizza xyz promised to provide its shoppers are highly-impressive. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore it either that the site is still new to the online world. 

We will tell you each significant detail about the site in this Tomatopizza xyz Reviews article to help you in making the wise decision. In addition to it, we request our readers to stick with us till the end. 

What is Tomatopizza xyz?

Tomatopizza xyz is an online store that sells the latest gaming products & accessories. The store contains every recent game that newly launched in the market. The site deals with the most demanded gaming brands in the United States, like Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox. 

The buyers can get an upgraded version of the PlayStations, HD gaming console, Video Games, and Bluetooth Controllers, etc. from the Tomatopizza xyz. 

Besides this, customers can take advantage of its low prices without negotiating in the product’s quality and technology. You can check the specifications and product details by clicking on the product name. Tomatopizza xyz is also giving many perks to its customers to make their shopping experience memorable with the site.


  • The buyers can check on the Tomatopizza xyz with this link –
  • The Tomatopizza xyz sells gaming products & accessories. 
  • The available brands on the site are Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox. 
  • The contact details mentioned on the Tomatopizza xyz are- 
  • Contact Number – 818 – 404 – 0765
  • Warehouse Location – 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, California, 91331, USA
  • Email address-
  • The shipping cost is $10 on a few items for the US location, but on some products, the site charges a weight-based shipping fee. And the website is offering free standard shipping nationwide on orders over $40. 
  • The estimated delivery time is 1-5 weeks for the USA customers, and for the other countries, it will take up to 1-6 weeks in the delivery of the product. 
  • The customers can track the order with the help of the provided link sent to them in the Email after shipment of their order. 
  • If the order did not deliver at the buyer’s specified address within the four weeks, the site claim to treat it as a lost package, and the site will provide the same item to the buyers with no additional charges. 
  • The site offers 30 days warranty on each of its products. In which for the return & exchange 14 days warranty period is applicable. And 30 days warranty period applied for the free of cost repair.  
  • The customers can cancel their orders before shipping the item and get a full refund within five working days. 
  • The website’s primary mode of payment is PayPal, and the other secondary methods are VISA, MasterCard, American Express and JCB, etc. 

Advantages of Tomatopizza xyz

  • The shoppers can grab exclusive gaming items at the lowest prices. 
  • The buyers are free to return & exchange the products within the 14 days warranty period. 

Disadvantages of Tomatopizza xyz

  • The site does not have social media existence.
  • The Tomatopizza xyz domain is just one month old. 

Is Tomatopizza Legit? 

According to the experts, the answer to this question- Is Tomatopizza Legit? is No – the Tomatopizza is not a legit site. We have noticed several inappropriate things about the website. The site is giving away $299.99 costing product at just $79.99. The difference is vast, and it indicates that there is something wrong with the website. 

Furthermore, the domain name is only one month old, and the reviews we found on the internet are also not in favor of the site. 

Customer Reviews 

The site does not hold any information related to the client’s ratings & reviews. The Tomatopizza also does not contain its social media accounts link on it. Although after exploring the Tomatopizza xyz Reviews over the internet, we found various negative comments in which people said that the site is not legit and a scam. And some customers also commented that the site sells fake items.  


After considering all the points regarding the website, we end the Tomatopizza xyz Reviews by declaring that the Tomatopizza xyz is not a safe and secure shopping site due to several causes, which we stated above. 

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