Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews (Dec) Is This an Online Scam?

Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews (Dec) Is This an Online Scam?

Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews (Dec) Is This an Online Scam?   >>  Would you like to know about a website selling wooden jigsaw puzzle products? Go ahead to read this article in detail.

Don’t people want to buy gifts for their relatives and family members? Many wooden gifts are available online because this is when people would like to purchase the gifts online just by sitting at their own homes.

Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews would like to tell you about all those gifts that are actually in the form of jigsaw puzzles that are available on a particular website, which is from the United States. We will talk about how the website is making its mark among the customers, and we will also know whether the customers are giving the reviews.  

We will also know whether those customers who have given their reviews that are true or fake. Because before buying anything, especially when it comes to expensive things, we must have thorough research on a particular website. 

What is Tikgeeker Puzzle?

The website tikgeeker.com is a site that has so many wooden jigsaw puzzle products, and some of the products have got reviews by the people, and those reviews are showing that the products have got complete five stars. 

The website is also showing that those wooden products have also got discounts. For example, a wooden jigsaw puzzle mysterious lion has the price of 59 US dollars, but after the discount, a customer can buy it for 39.95 US dollars. 

As far as other types of wooden jigsaw puzzles are concerned, the website has wooden puzzles related to a charming owl, shining fish, majestic Wolf, and proud parrot. Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews found that the site also has wooden jigsaw puzzles related Zodiac horoscope, the jungle King, colorful elephant, Noble elephant, and Christmas train. 

The website mentions that there’s going to be a 20% discount when a customer buys the products worth 150 years dollars, and there will be free shipping for any order which is over 49 US dollars.

Specifications of Tikgeeker Puzzle 

  • Website Products: wooden jigsaw puzzles
  • Email Id: service@tikgeeker.com
  • Contact number: Tikgeeker does not provide any phone number.
  • Return policy: There’s a 30-day window within which the customer will have to return the item, and post that, there won’t be any return because of the expiry of the period.
  • Refund policy: On the original payment method, the customers will get their refund after returning the item. 
  • Payment method: Payment method is there, and some payment methods are available, and they are visa card, discover, MasterCard, etc. 

Pros of Tikgeeker Puzzle 

  • The website has got so many beautiful animal-related wooden jigsaw puzzles.
  • There’s a fair amount of discount, and the offer for free shipping is also there.
  • The refund and return policy are unambiguous on the website with the exemptions of all those products that are not returnable.

Cons of Tikgeeker Puzzle 

  • The website of Tikgeeker does not mention any phone number for the customers to contact it directly.
  •  In one place, it is there that all the products have got five stars, which does not give a good sign, and it seems that those ratings are fake.
  • As far as social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, it has no presence.

Is Tikgeeker Puzzle Legit?

As we got the information about Tikgeeker, we want to say that this particular website has all those wooden puzzles. Still, its absence on social media handles shows that it has got no active method of showcasing its products to the customers. 

Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews also learned that all those who want to buy any products would find it very difficult to purchase items because items are wooden. Still, their costs are too high, and the website has no familiarity with the Internet. Hence we will call this website of Tikgeeker a scam.

Customers’ reviews on Tikgeeker Puzzle 

Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews found the customers’ reviews about Tikgeeker, but those reviews have got suspicions because all the reviews seem very fake at appearance. 

Ratings are also available, but those ratings also seem very fake because all the ratings have five stars, and even the rating givers have not given their full names except for one or two.

Final Verdict

Apart from the information that we could gather, all those people who wish to purchase any wooden jigsaw puzzle from here must understand that the Internet doesn’t mention the name of this site very often. 

All those things indicate its negative side because its traffic on the Internet is not there, and there is no surety of the customers who have given the reviews because they also do not look real. 

Therefore, Tikgeeker Puzzle Reviews can say that it is not fruitful to buy anything from Tikgeeker because this particular wooden jigsaw puzzle site is not authentic.

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  1. I believe they are a scam. I placed an order that I’ve not received and have not received a response to my email inquiry. No information is available and no contact information.

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