Thirteen Houston Reviews {Jan 2021} Grand Opening News!

Thirteen Houston Reviews {Jan 2021} Grand Opening News!

Thirteen Houston Reviews {Jan 2021} Grand Opening News! >> This article will give an insight into the fundamental matter after Harden’s restaurant business.

The famous American basketball player is set up to enter the restaurant business in a while. The Brooklyn Net player is bringing his restaurant to Houston, United States, in January 2021.

Internet got new trending search items related to Harden’s fine-dining business. People are buzzes around; several terrible comments have been made, as well as this classic fine dining got roasted and trolled on the internet.

Why have people done it? What is the reason behind this trolling? –you will perceive the actual matter through this blog.

‘Thirteen’- The Restaurant:

According to the leading newspaper Houston Chronicle the restaurant is making its debut in 1911, Bagby-Street, Houston, Texas- 77002, United States

Following Thirteen Houston Reviews, It will happen 9 days after his trade to the Brooklyn Net. The restaurant is named ‘Thirteen’ resembles Harden’s Jersey No 13. The opening date has already been declared- 22nd January will be the grand opening date for this fine dining.

Chef Tobias Dorzen will administrate the fine dining. He was the trained football player as well as an expert chef working as the private chef for celebrity athletes such as DeSean Jackson, Lebron James, and Tyrod Taylor.

Sources reveal the menu will be contained classic comfort delicacy, for example- Old bay spiced fries that are saturated in the Maryland Crab Cream Sauce; Red snapper that has been deep fried. 

Plus a signature dish inspired by Harden- the Sun Devil. This signature dish includes a zesty flavor of baked oyster seasoned with creamy greens and candied-bacon.

American’s Thirteen Houston Reviews:

The restaurant will open in a few days; however, Texas residents made funny comments regarding ‘Thirteen.’ Numerous posts have been uploaded on leading Social Media, roasting Harden’s new establishment on the Google Review section.

After his recent confession in the press, where he said the circumstances could not be adjusted with Rockets, citizens are roasting, providing witty reviews on Google.

From the uploaded posts, people have commented that the restaurant could not be fixed; it was not well enough, and so on. Plus, the Google featured image to show the ‘Burning Toilet’ is hilarious. Rocket followers trolled the restaurant, which has not been yet started. These dreadful reviews have turned down its rating of Google from 5 stars to 2.7 stars.  

What is Harden’s reaction to Thirteen Houston Reviews?

Despite all the matter, the fine dining spoke person, Sherrie Handrinos, said that the restaurant would be open in the last week of January. Their employees are looking ahead to provide world-class services to their clients. They would share their authentic menu to satisfy Houston residence.


Celebrity basketball player-James Harden is forwarding its steps in the hospitality business as he will make a debut by opening his solo restaurant, namely –Thirteen. Before its grand opening, rocket fans made trolls and gave funny comments on Google; further, the ‘Thirteen’ spokesperson said they are looking forward to provide Houston citizens a royal experience.

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