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Theshopple com Reviews [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Theshopple com Reviews 2020

Theshopple com Reviews [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about an online store that sells multiple products.

Who wants to look fashionable? Well, Theshopple com would be your choice to shop online as they have minimal edition products.

Company has listed only 13 items in their online website with minimal products like vintage drop light, Intelligent electric skateboard, kids electric supercar, smart digital frame, shift wear sneakers, 3-second eyebrow stamp, 8 in 1 tiger wrench, decal remover pro, auto-grip car phone mount, Insta flex trainer, kids ride-on horsey, and Phantom RC fighter 3.0

Theshopple com is all about fashion products, which is launched recently in the United States.

We want to elaborate this website in Theshopple com Reviews, which will help the online users understand before they shop.

What is Theshopple?

Theshopple Com is your ultimate shopping marketplace that sells products like vintage drop light, intelligent electric skateboard, kids electric supercar, smart digital frame, and shift wear sneakers.

They have minimal collections in their product checklist, and only 13 products were listed on the online site.

In this article, we would like to elaborate more in detail about the company and the online website.

Specifications of Theshopple

  • Type – Online shopping store
  • Website URL –
  • Delivery time – Not specified
  • Logistic provider – Not specified
  • Exchange- Applicable
  • Return policy – Applicable
  • Return policy clauses- You can return the product by paying the shipping cost on your own and need to ship to their France address
  • Shipping charge- Not specified
  • Refund policy – 30 days refund policy applicable
  • Non-returnable items – Gift cards, software products & health, personal care products.
  • Only inquiry form is available to submit any request
  • For exchange/return – The company mailing address is specified, which is 28 Avenue du Chateau, 41700 Cheverny, France.
  • Mode of payment – Amex, Pay, Visa

Is Theshopple Legit?

Nowadays, we could find numerous counts of online websites being launched around the world which have potential risk and turned out to be scams as well. 

From our end, we have researched on the internet to find reviews; unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews as the company is newly launched.

The website is not clear with any contact information, and multiple sections are missing on the site, which might create suspicion in the customer’s mind.

We cannot guarantee as it is not a popular & newly launched store. After doing some detailed research, we found out that the site is a scam. 

We do not recommend this site due to the above-specified reasons. We suggest online users stay away from this suspicious website because those who shop from it have the risk of receiving fake goods or nothing.

Pros of buying from Theshopple

  • Name is a cache 
  • The website has a mail server
  • Using the Shopify platform
  • They do have exchange and return policy
  • The site has an only inquiry form
  • There will be a pop-up message on the website if any users made their purchase or add products to their shopping cart.

Cons of buying from Theshopple

  • No company addresses or contact number
  • Only 13 products were listed on the online store with minimal products.
  • Server location is in Canada
  • Website claims for United States, they have France mailing address for any return/exchange
  • No shipping or delivery information 
  • Lack of Transparency

What are the customers saying about Theshopple?

We didn’t find any reviews on the internet as the brand is newly launched a month ago.

The website is very clumsy might raise some potential risk for online users as no trace of social media, although they have a mail server, which is a good sign, but no guarantee. The website has HTTPS protocol detected as well, which keeps your browsing experience safe.

Final Verdict

It is a fashion store; unfortunately, we couldn’t find any items on the shopping cart which were into fashion products or have trendy as per market standards.

The website raises the potential risk for all the users who might want to shop online for various reasons, as mentioned above.

Our Theshopple com Reviews do not recommend this website for online users to shop online as they have listed only 13 products that are not into fashion segments. 

There are no reviews, newly launched website; they do not care about customer service as you have to pay on your shipping charge if you need any refund/exchange. 

Hence, this site is a scam and we suggest online users do their research, and if you find anything, please comment below.


  1. I have ordered 2 intelligent electric skateboards!?! Am I likely to receive them or if I don’t will there be a way to get a refund?

  2. I have recently bought from there , and I do feel it’s a scam they took over two hundred dollars of mine and never gave me my items

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