Theo Duel Links {Jan 2021} A famous game series

Theo Duel Links {Jan 2021} A famous game series

Theo Duel Links {Jan 2021} A famous game series -> Information and Reviews about the popular online card gaming deck in the duel world.

Card games are growing fairly popular in-app stores worldwide, but having better fun never hurt one. One such well-known online card game known better by its character is the Theo Duel Links.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has everything you would expect from a duel-based online card game, and the fans of anime series franchise will be extremely pleased. Let’s understand this online game better with our New Writing.

Who is Theo?

Theo is a NEW character in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links series of Japan. Also known as Unexcited Academy and Low tension Academy student in Japanese. He was launched in September 2020 as a Standard type duelist character in the ZEXAL Duel World. Theo Duel Links imply the character Theo from the game Duel Links.

He can use the standard duelist decks. As he is an opponent, it cannot be unlocked as a playable character. Also seen to a part of the Shark attack: Numbers appeal as Possessed Duelist.

What are Duel Links?

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links is an online multiplayer card game developed by Kanomi. Available worldwide on PC windows and mobile downloads on iOS / Android / Steam®(PC) platforms.

 It is a Japanese Duel World game where players can select and challenge NPC to duel, increasing every stage. By completing the mission, the levels can be raised, and new duelists with features get unlocked. It also gives the character new decks, jewels, gate keys, gems and skills to ace the game.

Features of Theo Duel links?

The Duel links feature the character from Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. An action-based online card game where players need to compete with live opponents in the multiplayer environment or single-player with cards held by them in decks and win more duels. The card has defence and the attack point is in the cards must have the highest number of attack points.

As this game has no inappropriate content or violence though it’s a battlefield of card decks, it is safe for kids. This is a brave and vital opponent that has taken over social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit and gamers are continually sharing their views and strategies to win over Theo.


As far as our research, Theo Duel Links is one of the new characterin the series of Duel Links and sets a high level for players to win. The reviews we came across online are mostly positive as the gamers are enjoying the card battlefield with their favourite anime character as players.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. The new challenge to win over Theo and customize the card decks is buzzing. We found it safe for kid’s entertainment and play.

Have you been among the gamers in a similar stage to earn decks and unlock new features by winning Theo Links? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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