The Weeknd Face Real or Fake (Jan) A New Role!

The Weeknd Face Real or Fake (Jan) A New Role!

The Weeknd Face Real or Fake (Jan) A New Role! >> If you are still confused about why the Weeknd choose a weird look for his face, then read this article and find out.

The Weeknd Face Real or Fake: The weeknd is a Canadian singer who lives and produces his music in the United States; he rose to fame in 2012 by making his debut in the Billboard Hot 100 and is going strong ever since.His real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, but he goes by his stage name. That is The Weeknd; he is famous for his eccentric and falsetto music style, and he has heavily influenced the contemporary R&B and many other artists.

What is The Weeknd Face Real or Fake?

The Weeknd released his new song called “Save your tears,” in whose music video he appears to have a different look, and that look is not the ordinary people usually have.The singer’s face has bruised, some bandages and some blood could be seen, his face was oddly shaped, and it looked like he had some surgery to modify his looks.With this modified look, the attire that he wore was the same old red jacket that he has worn in his old videos, and that is associated with him. The face went viral, and the social media handles get upside down after seeing the same. 

Is the truth uncovered behind The Weeknd Face Real or Fake

The whole social media and the news media of the United States were on a debate regarding the Weeknd new look as the reason behind the look was not revealed, and that made people come up with their theories.But, in the end, it was revealed that the Weeknd was playing a character, and as he was indulging in what people call method acting, he decided to get prosthetics for his face to have this look.All this was done for his new album called After Hours.

What are the people’s thoughts on The Weeknd Face Real or Fake

At first, the Weeknd posted a picture of himself where his face was covered with white bandages, and at the time, nothing was said about it.After some time, he showed his new face to the world while giving a live performance and posted the same on his Instagram handle; after looking at his, social media went mad, as his fans could not make out the reason behind it.Some memes were shared about this, and many showed concern about the singer’s new look.But when the truth was out, all coming to a halt, and all the questions were answered.


In conclusion, it can be said that the new look of the singer The Weeknd is a fake as he has used prosthetics on his face and not done any medical surgery to attend such a look.All this was done for his latest album, and when he was asked for the reason, he stated that he is playing a character for his new album.The users have advised reading The Weeknd Face Real or Fake reviews before coming to any conclusion, which will help them clarify the things.

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