The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog (Jan) Check Details!

The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog (Jan) Check Details!

The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog (Jan) Check Details! >> Do you want to know about the celebrity dog who is getting attention on social media? Then, please check out the article below.

The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog: The dogs prove that there is no need to get a cat as a pet at home. Our post revolves around the same.

Real celebrities are the most famous dogs as available on the web, and they have thousands of followers, and the looks are eye-catching. Here, we are talking about such a dog that is also popular across the United States, and people love it.

Cat is the cutest pet and tops in the list of brands. However, dogs are not less, and The Samoyed proved the same. Let us know more about the celebrity dog below. 

A Few Words about The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog

While getting information about this cute pet, we found that he is Bei Bei, and he is residing in the Nanning city, under the region of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous in the south side of China. The owner of this dog is Ms. Tang, who is quite delighted with the looks and lets her dog get to make it over time to time

So, the dog has got a new look, and a video got viral over the web across the countries including the United States, through Douyin that justifies how this polar bear looks like. 

Why He went Viral Nowadays? 

When The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog is getting a makeover, a decent video clip went viral. The platform is Douyin, which is a Chinese filter of TikTok. The trending clips show that the dog is lying on the table, and three beauticians are giving him a proper makeover.   

Further, the scene cuts and show that the dog is proudly lying on the table, and the lady groomer has kept trimming his hair. After watching her dog’s video, the owner has commented and tagged her dog as a “polar bear.”

The uploaded video has garnered 1,14,000 viewers and more than ten lakh likes on Monday. 

How About His New Looks?

After the looks got by The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog, we found that Ms. Tang is quite impressed with the looks and gave him an excellent tag of “Polar Bear.” 

By adding, she said that she hadn’t given any particular instructions to the hired groomers, and the result is pretty good. 

Also, he seems too good, and we can easily see him as he does not have too much hair now.  


In a nutshell, the dog is such a cute pet, and the owner takes care of him. The makeover footage is too appealing. Also, the looks that the dog gets are too fantastic, and the owner loves it the most. 

The before & after looks of The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog has caused an immense sensation on Duoyin. He took a nap after taking a makeover for a long time. 

Let us know in the comment section if you love this pet and what you think about the new looks.  

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