The Marvelous Suspender (Feb) A Google Chrome Extension

The Marvelous Suspender (Feb) A Google Chrome Extension

The Marvelous Suspender (Feb) A Google Chrome Extension -> This article will make you aware of an extension and its problems.

Do you want an extension in your Google that can automatically delete the unused tabs that are lagging your computer’s functions? Google Chrome has recently provided this extension for its users who could delete their unused tabs automatically from their computer.

This article will provide information about one such Suspender which Google Chrome has claimed. Many people from the United States mostly used Suspender.  

Google Chrome has launched the Marvelous Suspender as an extension to delete unused tabs automatically. This extension helps to declutter the google and helps to improve the functioning of the site.

Let’s look at the fact that what is it and why it is in the news.

What is Marvelous Suspender?

It is a Google Chrome extension which focuses on deleting the unused tabs automatically for the computer. It was initially seen as a handy extension as it was able to delete tabs automatically. It was useful for the people as the google unloaded with the clutter of unused tabs.

Thus, the Marvelous Suspender was very much useful for people in the United States. Recently, this extension was suspended and came into the controversy of sharing users’ passwords. Thus, it was in the news lately, and Google Chrome discontinued it.

Why was the extension suspended?

Recently it was suspended by the google chrome as it found something suspicious in this extension. There is no such an exact reason for the suspension, but it is assumed that it contained some malicious malware and proved dangerous.

The extension traded with some new developer, after which google observed some suspicious behaviour in this extension. Due to which it became mandatory to suspend this extension for the user’s safety and privacy. 

The Marvelous Suspender was having some suspicious tracking of the users due to which it became essential to take action against this extension.

It was seen that the extension consisted of the user’s tracking code, and it shared passwords of the users. Therefore, it became necessary for google to suspend its functioning to maintain users’ safety and privacy. 

Google has warned its users about the Marvelous Suspender and its dangerous activities till the matter is being investigated. 

Final Verdict: 

It is an extension for deleting unused tabs automatically from google. Google Chrome has launched it, and it was one of the essential extensions as it made the functioning of the computer very easy by just deleting the tabs which were not in use recently. This made google declutter itself, and the functioning of the computer became easy.

The Marvelous Suspender was used widely by the people until recently when google found some suspicious activity on this extension. It was wary of sharing user passwords. Therefore, it was suspended to maintain the safety and privacy of the consumers. 

If you have any idea about this extension, please feel free to express your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. You need to check your facts and stop spreading lies. It was The Great Suspender which was removed by Google, not The Marvellous Suspender.

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