The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021 (Jan) Some Facts

The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021 (Jan) Some Facts

The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021 (Jan) Some Facts >> In this article, we talk about a report available on a word press website. This report highlights the swearing-in ceremony of the 46th president, and his first day in office.

Are you also one of those who want to know about Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony and his first day in the office?

You are among the millions of people across the world who are waiting with bated breath to get updates about this historic event. 

There is no denying that this event was more anticipated and looked forward to than the other similar events of the past.

Here is a report trending online, “The Marshall Report”, with the heading, “The Corporation of the United States Gets a New CEO.”

In our news article, The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021, we give comprehensive details about this report that talks about the swearing-in of the 46th president, Joe Biden.

Our article also will give insight on the first day of the Biden Corporation.

Some highlights from the event:

The inauguration of the president-elect was simple, without any grandeur or pomp. Several leaders from Kansas were present in the ceremony.

The event also had the message from France praising the outgoing President Donald Trump.

The video footage of this message is already trending news on Twitter. 

One can read the unabridged version of The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021 at 

And the entertainment part. Lady Gaga sang the national anthem beautifully in her lovely voice during the ceremony.

And, while she was preparing to sing, Mike Pence assisted by handing her the microphone.

And then there were Hunger Games stars who saluted their new corporate lord.

The CEO, Joe Biden, also held his first press conference today. The meeting looked a bit high tech, but hey, he enjoys the cutting-edge technology.

It seems that the new head has rolled up his sleeves to rule the nation with zest and vigour.

Customer comments on The Marshall Report Jan 20 2021:

“The Marshall Report” is out for just one day and already boasts 132 comments. 

The readers of the report have enjoyed every bit of information given on this iconic event.

The customer comments are mixed. 

While some readers have openly welcomed Joe Biden, a few have expressed their support for Donald Trump and claim to miss him already.

But there is no argument that “The Marshall Report” has offered readers’ a good platform to debate and express their views.

The best part is that “The Marshall Report” has also replied to some of the customer’s thoughts professionally.

Final Verdict:

One thing is for sure, the swearing-in event of Joe Biden wasn’t the typical coronation.

Meanwhile, according to “The Marshall Report”, President Donald Trump also sent a customary letter to the new CEO.

However, the authenticity of this letter is still questionable. 

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