Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 (Nov) Make Your Food Special!

Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 (Nov) Make Your Food Special!

Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 (Nov) Make Your Food Special! >> The write-up shares some of the best food ideas for Thanksgiving 2020, both for the vegan and non-vegan people.

Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020: Thanksgiving is popularly celebrated as a federal holiday across the United States on the fourth Thursday of every November. So, 26th November 2020 would be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day, and people are preparing for exciting meals and dinner plans for the special day. 

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated to pass regards and giving thanks to others for the autumn harvest. The annual harvest celebration is the oldest festival celebrated across the world.  

From rustic to classic and elegant, there are different types of food ideas that everyone in your family will love. Whether you are hosting the Thanksgiving festival for the first time or celebrating it for years, you know how much work is involved in the preparation.

Preparing for a unique meal plan for Thanksgiving 2020 seems to be challenging. Plus, you have to keep in mind the restrictions of the pandemic. 

From vegetarian to non-vegetarian and more, there are hundreds of food ideas that you may use for Thanksgiving Day 2020.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is the federal holiday celebrated every year on the 4th Thursday of November across the United States. It is the holiday celebrated to give thanks for the autumn harvest. 

The custom of giving thanks to others in the autumn harvest is not new as it dates back to human civilization’s drawn. Thanksgiving is now considered the national holiday and celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

People decorate their homes and invite relatives, friends, and family members for dinner. Different meals are cooked on the day. If you are also planning to host a Thanksgiving party, ensure to check the Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020.                   

What are the Top Thanksgiving Food Ideas in 2020?

  • A Grill-Lover Menu – Grilling is not only restricted to the summer months get-together. The grilled meals are the perfect choice for a Thanksgiving party. There are different grill menus that you may prefer to choose from. It is the best thing to break out the Weber and enjoy the wood chips’ smoky flavour with your turkey meat.
  • Classic Thanksgiving Menu – If you like to follow Thanksgiving tradition, the classic Thanksgiving menu is what you must choose. From entrees to starters, sides, and main course, everything is included in the classic Thanksgiving menu. It can be completely vegan or non-vegetarian.
  • Traditional American Thanksgiving Food Ideas – The traditional American Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 includes a main course of butter-roasted turkey with giblet pan gravy, sides of mom pan’s creamy mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing with pork sausages and sage, sun-dried cranberry salsa, and southern style green beans.     

Is there Any Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 for Vegan?

Yes, there are food ideas for vegan people. They have various choices in vegan meals for Thanksgiving 2020.

From starters to the main course, sides and desserts, everything can be vegan friendly. Vegan stuffed mushroom and Thanksgiving harvest salad are the popular starters. Whole roasted cauliflower is the main course, and vegan Mac and cheese with dairy-free mashed potatoes are the best sides with vegan pumpkin pie as dessert. Look for some other vegan-friendly Thanksgiving Food Ideas 2020 online. 

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