Text Rbg To 50409 Scam (Sep 2020) Let Us Talk About It!

Text Rbg To 50409 Scam

Text Rbg To 50409 Scam (Sep 2020) Let Us Talk About It! >> This article will tell you about requests for a text message that has been gaining popularity. Please check the details now.

If you’ve opened your social media accounts recently, then indeed you must have seen people urging others to send a text message to a specific number and help them in their movement. As it was trending heavily, the concerns of Text Rbg to 50409 Scam also arise. 

Users wondered if this movement was legitimate. The story behind this movement is political and has to do with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court Judge.

This movement has become quite popular in the United States. The purpose of this movement is to urge the US officials to keep her seat vacant until a new President is elected. If you want to know more about this event, keep reading this article. We’ll reveal all the crucial information about it.

What is Text Rbg to 50409?

It is a movement asking the United States officials to keep the seat of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg vacant until a new President is elected. As sources tell us, it was her last wish to have her seat vacant until then. 

With the help of Resistbot, users requested everyone to Text RBG to 50409 to show support for her last wish. It also led to Text Rbg to 50409 Scam becoming a trending topic on social media.

Is Text Rbg to 50409 a Scam?

We did proper research to answer the question of Text Rbg to 50409 Scam, and we found that it isn’t a scam and is entirely legit. We’ll state the reasons for our claim below:

  • As we mentioned above, the story behind this event is political.
  • The RBG stands for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as we have mentioned earlier.
  • By texting RBG to 50409, you’ll be able to connect with your senators and show your support for the movement after her death.
  • In the modern age, and in the current situation where assembling somewhere to show support can be harmful, texting is an excellent method to do the same.
  • Resistbot is engaged when you text RBG to 50409; it sends a letter of support to the senators for the RBG movement.
  • Similar methods had proved useful in the past, such as “Text USPS to 50409” when it was about to shut down.
  • The movement was a success, and so there’s a chance the RBG movement will also be successful.

Final Verdict

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an icon and has been an inspiration for many women. After her death due to pancreatic cancer, her seat was vacant. According to her granddaughter, she wished to have her seat vacant until a new President is elected. 

However, US officials seem to be in a hurry to fill her seat. The RBG movement is to urge them to keep her seat vacant as she wished. So, to answer the questions of Text Rbg to 50409 Scam, it isn’t a scam and is legit.

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