Temptlife Leggings Reviews (Jan) Is it a Legit Deal?

Temptlife Leggings Reviews (Jan) Is it a Legit Deal?

Temptlife Leggings Reviews (Jan) Is it a Legit Deal? >> Are you looking for some miscellaneous items? Read this article to get information on a website that sells multiple products online.

Are you all set to go on a shopping bonanza? Are you looking to stock you’re home with some new cool items?

There is no argument that we all are fans of online stores that offer the most convenient shopping way.

This article will review a United States-based website Temptlife.com that sells a fascinating supply of some miscellaneous items. This eCommerce store also claims to offer a 

  • worldwide delivery at your doorstep.
  • No wonder you cannot fight the impulse 
  • to shop with them.

How about first going through the following Temptlife Leggings Reviews to know if all this is for real? 

Let’s explore together.

What are Temptlife Leggings?

It is an online store that sells Halloween stuff, hats, gifts for Xmas, and everyday gift items.

It also sells Mosquito Repellent Stickers, Laundry Pet Hair Remover, Seamless Lace Ladies Brief, Reusable Squat-free Female Urinal, and other miscellaneous items.One can find this stock under the five categories on their website. The classes are Halloween, Gift, Home, New Arrivals, and Best Selling. 

One can’t help but get completely enamoured by their versatile collection. And this may push one into an impulsive shopping spree with them.

Our sincere advice is to first go through Temptlife Leggings Reviews and then decide to purchase with them.

Specifications of Temptlife Leggings:

  • Products- An array of diverse items
  • Website- https://www.temptlife.com/search?q=leggings
  • Address- Not given
  • Contact- Not given
  • Email- support@tellmeline.com
  • Shipping fee- Not clear
  • Shipping time- Not clear
  • Returns/Exchanges- Applicable but with conditions, within 30 days of your purchase
  • Refunds- Applicable if Returns are approved
  • Mode of payment- Online through Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal.

Do the above information ring alarm bells or makes you shop with them even more? 

You may still be unclear about the legitimacy of Temptlife. 

Give Temptlife Leggings Reviews a read till the final verdict to get an answer.

Pros of Temptlife Leggings:

  • Your order is trackable through their website.
  • Their website displays prices in your local currency. 
  • Claim to provide a secure SSL encryption 

Cons of Temptlife Leggings:

  • The only way to contact them is through email or by the “Contact Us” button 
  • Sells random products that are completely unrelated 
  • Contact number and address are missing.
  • Shipping information is unclear.

Is Temptlife Leggings legit?

The company does seem to have a well-designed website at a glance. However, if you scrutinize closely, you do stumble upon some pointers that raise immediate suspicion. 

To go further on Temptlife Leggings Reviews, let us read the below-listed facts- 

  • The company does not provide any physical address or phone number. This is a lack of transparency on the company’s part.
  • Even though the “About Us” page is pretty informative about the merchandise, it does not give any information about its origin.
  • The strangest part is that they sell unrelated products. The merchandise is very arbitrary.

Are you still unsure whether this website is worth your time and money or not? The next part of this article will reveal what customers have to say about Temptlife. 

Temptlife Leggings Reviews by customers:

The brand has no section for customer reviews on its website.It is not seen on any social media platform and therefore has no comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

This online store is more than five months old. So far, any popular store would have been able to garner some reviews from its customers.Why cannot one find a single review online? All this does raise eyebrows and paints a gloomy picture of this website. Read our final verdict to know if the brand is worth investing in.

Final verdict:

Online customer reviews are the best way to know how authentic or popular a brand is.

In the absence of any reviews from its customers either on their website or over the Internet, we doubt the authenticity of this company.

In this light, it is obvious to conclude Temptlife Leggings Reviews by saying that the brand is a clear-cut scam case.Do not shop with them. You may get caught in their trap and lose your money.

We welcome your views on this article. And, if you have some more details to share about Temptlife.com, feel free to post here. It will help us know this company better.

0 thoughts on “Temptlife Leggings Reviews (Jan) Is it a Legit Deal?

  1. Order leggings on November 3rd. Still have not received them and actually it’s just a run around on trying to email them back as to why and where are they???

  2. Templife will not honour their satisfaction guarantee or follow up for the return they guarantee. I wish I had searched for reviews before I spent way too much money on leggings that won’t fit a 10 year old let alone a an average sized woman.

    1. HORRIBLE!!! Do not order! Size small and medium ladies leggings would fit a small 10 year old! Their size charts are all wrong. Feels like cheap plastic fabric too. Customer service won’t help! They said they sent sizes I asked for.

      1. I guess I will give up. They’ve been paid. I’m getting no response.
        I’m going to make leg warmers out of them. Cut off legs. at least it will cover my knees. Quite expensive for leg warmers. Never again buy from unknown online companies!!

  3. Just add me to the long list of people “still waiting” to receive the items ordered over a month ago. (Temptlife, if you read this the order number is #34469). Anyone else reading this that may still be waiting, contact your credit card company immediately and dispute all charges! Good luck!

  4. Ordered leggings based on the size chart, they wouldn’t even come past my thighs. They are requesting photos of me in them not fitting and now that I’m refusing to send them photos they are refusing to issue a refund even though the site guarantees a hassle free refund.

    1. I received my order and have an issue with their fit. The support email asked for a picture to show the problem. It was embarrassing but I sent the photo showing that the leggings would only reach halfway towards my navel. I ordered up from M to L. They responded w stupid questions – like did u receive the product? I was wearing them in the photo. End result after numerous emails I am advised that since I received their product and it is what I ordered, there is no exchange or refund. They are sorry that I did not have a good shopping experience. Not sure they understand English well. These might fit a very skinny young girl. Sadly, the product is nice and well made, just not sized to fit an adult woman. I am out $60.00. I’m not even sure if I ordered the highest xl size that they would fit…..

  5. Scam company, absolutely correct. Purchased in early November and no delivery and communication is non-existent. I wish someone would go on Instagram
    and post something. I am not that techy to do that.

  6. This company is a scam. The “cashmere” leggings are made of fleece and do not match the advertised picture. They look like my 8th grade sewing class project. Not to mention, the sizing is completely bogus- I ordered a medium. I am usually XS. These wouldn’t possibly fit any grown woman. They are made for a child. The company will not honour their return policy. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. If you already have, like me- get in touch with your credit card company and start working on a chargeback.

  7. This is the worst experience I have had with an online order. I ordered the Temptlife leggings expecting quite good quality considering they were €30 not including the delivery that I payed. The leggings took 3 MONTHS to arrive and when I finally got them the material was nothing like the CASHMERE that was advertised. The material was not the same thickness, colour and didn’t even look close to what was advertised. Just to add to this they were way too small, I wear XS usually and I ordered small, they wouldn’t even fit a 10 year old. Finally, when I complained and asked for a refund they told me I received the correct item and nothing was wrong with it despite me sending pictures that obviously show that the ones I received are no where near the same as what was advertised. Absolutely disgraceful, it is a scam.

  8. DO NOT ORDER!!!! The medium size leggings wouldn’t fit a child AND the pants are thin felt material NOT AT ALL like the picture. Complete scam. The customer service email gives vague emails that do not really make sense. I even sent them pictures of the differences between what I ordered and what I actually got. Nope, didn’t work! I am so livid. They took over a month to arrive and then super disappointing. At least if their customer service was receptive or acknowledged their mistake but nope. Vague responses that don’t make much sense.

  9. I wish I had read all of this before I ordered. Agree the leggings are way smaller than they advertise and the quality is terrible. Not sure why Facebook would let me do ads on their platform. Total rip off. At this point I am trying to return the leggings and getting the run around. Try going through your credit card company to get your money back. Chase is very good about giving your money back and going after them.

  10. This company is a scam and will not honour their return policy !! The leggings are nothing close to what is advertised!! A total waste of money !!

  11. Same as above. I ordered 11/1 and still haven’t received my products. I’ve emailed multiple times with no response. Idea their ad on an app and now planning to complain to the app owners and report to BBB. Don’t buy from them!

  12. SCAM! Have ordered leggings on the 10th of Nov and still haven’t received them! I tried to dispute it with PayPal but they gave PayPal a false tracking number as USPS said it was delivered to a completely different address! PayPal closed my case and denied it because of that tracking number

  13. I ordered leggins for my wife on November 5th and have not received them. I got a bogus tracking number that sent my package to Illinois. (I live in New Hampshire)
    Since then I have a 25-email thread of contact with the the “customer service” email. I’ve been on the hook for six weeks. Just today, the response I received was identical to one I was given on December 9th. I haven’t even been talking to a human being. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

    1. Same as everyone scam I order 9 th nov and still nothing took them 17 day to fill the order and the tracking number is a scam 20 days to delivery from Vancouver to quebec and still nothing..

  14. Temptlife is not a company. They are a group of scammers who take your money and then disappear. They do not process any orders, they do not ship anything, and they do not respond to any communications. Once they have your money, they disappear. It’s a scam.

  15. Same experience as the others. Sizes on the website had no relation to what showed up in the mail after a lengthy delay. Could have fit a child but certainly not an adult. Website 100% risk free guarantee and return policy are total lies. I received the same response on broken English saying we checked and we sent you the correct order. Not eligible for refund or exchange. Do not but anything from this website for any reason.

  16. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I really wish I would have done research before purchasing. They do not honor their 90-day guarantee! I have filed a complaint with BBB

  17. Echoing the same comments. Do not buy leggings or anything else from this company. They will not exchange the product for a larger size because “they sent the requested size “.
    My wife wears medium in most everything she wears, and would need an extra large to fit into the product.

    Total China scam company!

  18. This is BS, I ordered some leggings and they are garbage, quality is garbage and they fit like garbage. There telling me they can’t exchange or return because they sent the correct size.

  19. TOTAL RIPOFF!! DO NOT ORDER!!!! Product does not fit as specified. Company will not allow a return or honor their satisfaction guarantee. I wish I would have done my research. Stupid me….

  20. This company is absolutely terrible. Stay away from doing business with them. You will absolutely regret it. I ordered three pairs of their leggings for my wife for Christmas. I only recieved two of the three. I ordered an appropriate size according to their size chart. When I received the pants they were significantly smaller. The looked like they were for little kids. I wrote them and told them I never received the third pair and the two that were recieved did not match the description on their size chart on their website. They refunded me for the third pair I never received but told me I could not exchange the two I received for a larger size. I sent them pictures of the leggings and of the original packaging. Their only response has been that they sent me the size I requested. I expressed that their size chart is incorrect/inaccurate/misleading and I simply wanted to exchange. They did not agree and told me their return policy is as follows “ But according to our return policy,if there is no quality problems with the products,it won’t be supported to returned or exchanged.” I obviously checked their return policy and no where does it say what Heidy Ha was telling me. I sent Heidy a copy of their actual return policy and expressed they are not following their own policy. So as it sits, I have spent over $70, for two pairs of leggings that my wife cannot use and what appears to be no way to exchange or get my money back. Also, I requested multiple times for them to put me in contact with their management, and a phone number to call to have the conversation. Both of my requests have been ignored. Never again will I do business with this company. Stay Away from Temptlife and their leggings. It has been a terrible experience, and loss of hard earned money.

  21. SCAM…..do not order from them! The medium women’s cashmere lined leggings would MAYBE fit an 8 year old child. I have tried to return them, but they want pictures of them on you showing they’re too small. I researched them far too late to find out the are scammers and they will gladly take your money, but won’t issue any refunds. Can’t believe Facebook would allow these scammers on their website. Looks like several people were scammed thru the advertisement in Facebook.

  22. Also…..they won’t provide a customer service phone number or address. All communication is done through email and you get the same response over and over. SCAM!!!!!

  23. Do not buy from them… It is definitely a scam.
    I received the items from them, but even though I ordered adult Medium size, the pants that I received were too small for my slim 12-year-old daughter.
    What they send does not match the advertising pictures. They say reimbursement 100% guarantee, but they will deny that always stating that they sent what I ordered. I tried to reason with them telling them that what they sent me is not what they advertise and that they say on their website that they will reimburse 100% guaranteed, but they don’t care about that.
    If your money is important to you, then stay away from them.
    I wish I could add pictures to this post, but unfortunately, I can’t. It is just very bad.

  24. As with all the others here, I was scammed. Ordered at the beginning of Dec and still no product. Their customer service says this is “normal” and has refused to refund my shipping cost.


    We truly believe we carry some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 90-day guarantee


    We truly believe we carry some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 90-day guarantee.
    If you don’t have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.


    Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there are absolutely ZERO risks in buying something and trying it out. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right.

  26. It took over a month to arrive, the size is way off, and the lining is a very thin cheap synthetic fabric. Definitely not “cashmere” as shown in the picture. They offered a full refund if I shipped it back to Hong Kong ($20). I’m not going to do that since I don’t trust them to pay the refund.

  27. All warnings on this site are true and accurate. COMPLETE SCAM. There are no cashmere linings, just industrial grade fabric. It too a month to deliver, sizing is way off (mediums like X smalls), stitching is horrible.

    I am trying to get my money back and getting the run around. VERY UPSET. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

  28. Size chart is not accurate. They send you leggings without any tags in them or any indication on them of what size they are. After I complained they actually asked me to send an image of the leggings not fitting on the woman! This should be illegal and this company should be reported. I actually asked them if this was for real and that this request is highly unusual. They just repeated that they wanted proof that they did not fit. Shame on them. Stay away from this company!!!

  29. DO NOT ORDER. I am one of many with the same problem. The leggings were fir a 7 year old in size. Only came up to my knees!!
    No help when I wrote 3 emails since receiving Decemberc14th.
    My credit card won’t help and it has been paid.
    Any advice on gettj g our money back???

  30. Temptlife is a terrible company. Their ads are misleading, their products are garbage, and their customer service is awful. They don’t offer refunds or exchanges when you are dissatisfied. And they treat you in a condescending manner.

    I recently ordered a pair of leggings from the company for my wife. The leggings were advertised as slick on the outside and furry on the inside. They were neither. The material was the cheapest I’ve ever seen and the sizing was way off. My wife is typically a small but we ordered a medium to be safe. The leggings we received were so tiny that she couldn’t even fit them over her thighs.

    I contacted customer service but they refused to refund me or send me a bigger pair.

    Never order anything from Temptlife. You’ll get screwed.

  31. Complete scam!! The sizing is wayyy off, like 3 sizes off. Much too small. Secondly, I ordered the “super thick” leggings and got these flimsy-thin leggings that weren’t worth $5. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They will NOT honor their own warranty. Their reply to my emails is always “Soo sorry for this issue. But, we sent you the correct item and it is not covered under the guarantee.” I am taking this up with PayPal as well.

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