Temptau Com Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Temptau Com Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Temptau Com Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Thus, the website, as mentioned earlier, is a site that sells reusable cloth diapers for babies.

It is rightly said that it takes a village to raise a baby. There is a wide variety of available products for babies, such as baby lotions, creams, diapers, bibs, napkins, etc. There is no shortage of beautiful products that are available for kids online. Various websites on the internet are popping up that sell baby products online. 

You can find multiple such sites in the United States. Today, we will review one such website named Temptau com that sells reusable baby diapers online. So, read on for Temptau Com Reviews

What is Temptau?

Temptau is a website based in the United States that sells reusable cloth diapers that can be purchased in various colors and designs. When we scroll in the about us section on the website, we find that the website claims to have a transparent structure, allowing users to enjoy an excellent shopping experience. There are a lot of other such claims made on the website. 

There are many things mentioned, but there is no information about the origin of the website.

Sections of the website, like returns and exchange, about us, FAQs and Help, are available on the website. We found the website made in a user-friendly way with the designated sections made for everything. It helps the user scroll the website with ease.

For Temptau Com Reviews, we found that the website has a total of fourteen items available. Well, this seems too less for the users who want to buy something from the website. The average price of the products is 36 $. We think that the cost of the products is reasonable enough. However, the designs of the products are beautiful and cute. 

Also, the reusable items promote sustainability and promote the protection of the environment. The products have prints that can be associated with baby care products. The material of the diapers is cotton. 


  • URL: https://www.temptau.com/
  • Products: There are some tremendous reusable cloth diapers available on the website.
  •  Contact person: Timothy Jackson
  • Address: 678 E 3390 S, Salt Lake, UT 84106, United States
  •  Email address: mail@temptau.com
  • Phone number:  813-239-4563
  • Shipping Processing time: 1-2 business days.
  • Shipping is done by USPS priority.
  • Reviews on Media: not available Temptau Com Reviews

Pros of Temptau Com:

  • The website has some cute designs.
  • The price of the products is reasonable.

Cons of Temptau Com:

  • It is a new website.
  • The website has very little variety.

Is Temptau Com legit?

The website is made just one month ago. Usually, the sites like this that commits the acts of scam. We found that there is a lack of information about this website on other platforms on the internet. There is also less traffic available on this website. There is no presence of this website on social media sites. Also, there is a lack of owner information on the website; all of this raises suspicion on the website.

When we tried to find authentic user reviews for the website, we were disappointed to find no customer reviews written for the website anywhere. For Temptau Com Reviews, we think there is a high chance of the website being a scam.

Customer Reviews:

When we tried to find authentic customer reviews for the website, we were disappointed to find no reviews of this website anywhere. The website is a new one, so there is not even enough traffic on the website. Also, there is no dedicated section on the website for the reviews of the website. Thus, we think that there is not sufficient information for Temptau Com Reviews.

Final Verdict

Thus, we think that the site is a potential scam. There are a lot of new websites that end up committing scams. We believe that the site is one of them. There is no owner information available for the website. The variety on the website is too less. There is no presence of the website on social media or other platforms. Thus, we would not recommend this site to our readers as a purchase from this site might result in them losing out on money and personal information. So, it was all about Temptau Com Reviews.

If you have any previous experience of shopping with the site, please write to us in the comments section below. It will empower the other customers with knowledge about the website.

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  1. The website is a scam. I ordered a child’s bike trailer for $99.50 and never received it. They claimed to have shipped it and sent a tracking #. The product never came. They do not answer phones or emails. Paypal was convinced that they had shipped the product probably because of the tracking #, however when I contacted the Post Office I was told that the teacking# I received was for a 6 ounce package that went to a different address. Not my package.

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