Tcl TV Store Scam [November 2020] Clear With Reviews!

Tcl TV Store Scam [November 2020] Clear With Reviews!

Tcl TV Store Scam [November 2020] Clear With Reviews! >>This article reviews an online store that sells numerous four-series smart televisions with advanced technology at very budget-friendly prices.

Entertainment and that too at a very reasonable cost, all this sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? 

TCL TV store based in the United States sells some high definition Smart TV sets that provide you with the best viewing experience.

This article, Tcl TV Store Scamwill review the store’s legitimacy and if one should shop here or not.

What is Tcl TV Store?

Tcl TV Store is an online portal that sells smart televisions with HDR technology and 4K UHD picture.

The televisions at this store offer a stunning resolution, which is four times better than Full HD.

These Smart TVs are available in 43 inches, 49 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, and 75 inches screen width.

The televisions also pair well with an HDTV antenna through which one can watch numerous locally broadcast TV channels. You do not require any cable for this connection.

The advanced technology allows the televisions to connect with the wireless Wi-Fi very fast. This helps you have easy access to your favourite channel. 

What more could you ask for? Just to let you know that all TVs are compatible with the mobile app to get the best experience.

And last but not least, these smart TVs get the latest software updates automatically. This gives you improved features, services, and apps from time to time.

But is Tcl TV Store Scam or an authentic player? Let us discover through the article.

Specifications of Tcl TV Store:

  • Product- 4-series UHD smart televisions 
  • Price range- $89 to $899
  • Website-
  • Address- 6 Tiger Drive, San Jose, California, 95119 United States
  • Email-
  • Contact- +1 478 501 8323
  • Shipping time- 1 to 6 weeks
  • Shipping fee- depends upon the weight of the item and order value.
  • Exchanges and Returns- 14-day warranty and 30-day warranty for free repair (conditions apply)
  • Refunds- Within five days, if applicable
  • Mode of Payment- Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB, and PayPal

Is Tcl TV Store Legit?

So, have you already made up your mind to buy one of these smart televisions?

There is no doubt that you are enamoured by the TV sets and their reasonable pricing if you browse the Tcl Tv Store website. 

You can enjoy Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, ESPN, Hulu, and many more channels on these TV sets.

Moreover, under the ongoing promotion, customers enjoy up to 75% off on the televisions.

But, at this point, it is important to seek an answer to is Tcl TV Store Scam or a legit name? The following details will help us know this in a stepwise fashion.

Pros of Tcl TV Store: 

  • Televisions have improved clarity and detail
  • Accurate and bright colours for an enhanced viewing experience
  • The built-in tuner in the TV sets gives access to free over-the-air channels; you don’t pay extra for a satellite or cable subscription
  • 30-day warranty for free repair
  • Work with Google Assistant and Alexa

Cons of Tcl TV Store: 

  • It sells only nine products.
  • Free shipping only for orders above $40
  • It pays for the return shipping cost.
  • It has return policy is not very clear.
  • The store has a strikethrough pricing.
  • The website has a very bad trust score.

Customer reviews on Tcl TV Store:

This website has given a five-star rating to all its products. 

However, on exploring the Internet, numerous reviews that answer Is Tcl TV Store ScamSadly, all these reviews say yes, the store is a scam. 

The first pointer to this is that their address is fake. 

Secondly, Tcl TV Store does not operate under TCL and therefore uses an illegal brand name.

Thirdly, the store sells products at very unrealistic prices.

If you read customer reviews on Amazon, customers complain that it is not a smart TV. One cannot watch Netflix, Hot star, Amazon Prime, or any other video streaming service. The only channel that you can watch on this TV is YouTube.

The customers are very annoyed that the TV does not work very well. They have to unplug the TV and restart it now and then.

Some customers say that they will give zero-star ratings to Tcl TV Store.

Final verdict:

We conclude our article “Tcl TV Store Scam” by warning you not to buy from the store.

The store has very negative reviews on the Internet.

If anyone of you has experience with Tcl TV Store, do share it here.

0 thoughts on “Tcl TV Store Scam [November 2020] Clear With Reviews!

  1. It’s 100% a scam and you won’t get a TV…The phone number is a nice little old man in Georgia that gets 150 call a day… The address is a vacant lot in 6 Tiger San Jose CA ..and their Chinese name sent through PayPal means “Nobody”.. You say they send bad TV’s?…Umm??? You sure they got one?

  2. I fell for this sadly. All my emails have been returned and the phone number says it hasn’t been set up yet. Cannot believe this site can still be operating. I’m sure I will never see a tv. Terrible

  3. Unfortunately I agree. It is 100% a scam. I ordered 2 under different emails and neither ever came. However, somehow shipping info from UPS says they were delivered. Thankfully it was through PayPal and I am hoping for a refund. So bummed, they were Christmas gifts

  4. Update: they somehow get ahold of UPS tracking info for other shipments and then pretend like they shipped it and it was delivered to you. It took a simple call to ups to figure out this is another part of their scam. The package that was delivered to another address weighed less that 6 pounds which would be a very light 55 inch television. When I called paypal they already knew of the scam and said this seller has been flagged multiple times. Make sure you call PayPal and get a refund. This has been so irritating but you can get a refund through PayPal.

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