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If you want access to a service or a platform where you can find genuine news as you’re not impressed with the news coverage on the TV channels, you can visit the Tatum Report. News channels often don’t give significance to some small but essential events and focus only on a selected few event. As the Reviews tell us, they reveal information that news channels don’t.

They have been gaining popularity in the United States, although their popularity isn’t enormous. Through their YouTube channel, they shed light on subjects which are ignored by the media.

What is the Tatum Report?

The Tatum Report is an online website claiming to lead a movement against billionaires and fake news and asks users for their support in the United States. It is managed by Brandon Tatum, a black conservative who created this platform to have an audience to express his beliefs. It is a non-profit organization.

How does the Tatum Report work?

The Tatum Report operates primarily through its website and YouTube channel, according to the Reviews. Please take a look at the information given below:

  • Tatum Report claims to be leading a movement against false news, and billionaires.
  • Its primary purpose is to provide truthful information to users who are continually being fooled by the news on the television channels.
  • According to the Tatum Report, the news channels aren’t showing the whole picture and neglecting some topics that need to be covered.
  • With the help of their YouTube channel, the Tatum Report does the same. They claim to give genuine and authentic information about events.

Customer Reviews

The operating scale of this website isn’t large. It enjoys a small amount of popularity and has been mentioned in some news articles; it isn’t trendy. The customer Reviews are all over the place. Some users have called this a baseless conspiracy to draw users to make donations. Some have called it provocative right-wing agenda.

A few users have also called this website a supporter of Trump. Some users, however, believe in the message of the website and claim that it shows authentic news, unlike the news channels on the television.

Final Verdict

The presidential elections are about to commence. As usual, there is political unrest in the USA. A website like Tatum Report, although legit, can have many motives. They regularly post videos on their YouTube channel informing them about some developments and events that either the media is lying about or not given attention towards.

Given the small scale of operation and the lack of popularity, it can’t be confirmed whether the information provided by them is genuine. As many Reviews tell us, it’s also possible that all their information is driven towards some agenda. You should stay alert and research correctly before you decide to join them.

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