Takafancy Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Takafancy Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Takafancy Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> The post will give a detailed analysis of a new fashion store that sells women’s fashion online.

Do you like buying fashion clothing online? If yes, then you might be looking for new web stores that get launched daily. One of them is takafancy.com that we will be talking about here in this article. You can read Takafancy Reviews in this report that we will be presenting today.

The website is relatively an immature site that got built up only about two weeks ago. The website which is from the United Kingdom, sells fashion apparel for women like tops, bottoms, trousers, etc. Thus it is essential to analyze it accurately before making any purchase. 

What is Takafancy.com?

The webstore that is so young, sells clothing products like outerwear, skirts, tops, bottoms, etc. For women. The prices are pocket-friendly, and many products are available at discounted rates. The shipping cost is not present on the website, but the delivery time is around 13 to 30 days. The returns are accepted within 15 days, except for few items like swimwear. There are no Takafancy Reviews present on the website of Takafancy.com.

The mode of payment is only PayPal, and you can not use any other method. There is no address of the United Kingdom given on the website. Apart from that, no phone number is present for the buyers to make any query. An email address is given on the website. 

Specifications of Takafancy.com

  • Webstore Type – Online store for Women fashion clothing
  • Webstore Country – United Kingdom
  • Shipping price – Not available
  • Returns – Available within 15 days
  • Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email – service@takafancy.com
  • Payment mode – Only PayPal
  • Social media – Nil

Benefits of Buying from Takafancy.com

  • The webstore has a large range of fashion clothing available for women. 
  • The returns are acceptable for most products. 

Drawbacks of Buying from Takafancy.com

  • There are nil Takafancy Reviews present on the web. Thus, new buyers cannot trust this webstore. 
  • The webstore is only two weeks old, and you cannot rely upon it for shopping. 
  • There are no details given about the office, nor any phone number is available for customers.
  • There is no presence available on social media platforms. 

Is the website Takafancy.com a legitimate site?

To make an in-depth analysis of the Takafancy.com website, we researched on various platforms. To our dismay, we could not get any feedback for this new webstore that got launched only two weeks back. There are no Takafancy Reviews available anywhere on the internet. That shows how rarely known the new website is among online shopping lovers. 

There was no detail available about the owner of the website, and lots of information is hidden. That creates doubt in the mind of an online shopper and he cannot trust such a webstore. People usually question such web stores, regarding their legitimacy, and end up nowhere. Due to a lack of information about this website, it is not easy to trust such a fashion store. 

What are Takafancy Reviews given by the Customers?

People give feedback only when they are aware of such web stores that get newly launched. But, due to the lack of any information, this webstore is highly unknown among new buyers. People hardly know about this webstore and can give the benefit of the doubt too. However, due to the absence of this webstore on leading websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., they cannot trust it easily. 

The customer strength of the webstore is almost nil, and it is highly unpopular on the web. That, you can judge easily by the non-availability of Takafancy Reviews on the internet. Awareness of a new store is the responsibility of the store itself. It needs tools like advertising and presence on social media platforms.

The Last Thought

To make the final judgments, we have analyzed all the aspects related to this website Takafancy.com. We feel there is a lack of awareness among people, and above that, transparency is absent with the customer. Such a website cannot be relied on for shopping online, and you have to be careful. 

Looking at the presence of nil Takafancy Reviews on the internet, you can judge it correctly now. We request you to avoid such doubtful sites that have a lack of details available for the customers. It is not advisable to purchase anything from such web stores, thereby safeguarding your money. You can shop for similar products from legitimate platforms on the web for the last several years and are trustworthy. Still, the final call is yours, and you are the best judge. 

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  1. This company is NOTbased in United Kingdom it is from Hong Kong and my bank statement says Chicv- I read the reviews they are terrble.I fear I have lost my money as the clothing is said to be poor and there is no return address

  2. I have been duped by Takafancy, (and a sister company). I have been offered 25% of what I paid. The clothes appear to be wool but are cheap nylon. There is an expectation that you pay for return shipping and have a printer for the label. This really is a site to be avoided

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