Sutera Pillow Scam {August 2020} A Complete Review!

Sutera Pillow Scam {August 2020} A Complete Review!

Sutera Pillow Scam {August 2020} A Complete Review! >> This review will tell you about the actual intentions of this e-store that sells pillows.

Are you looking for reviews regarding this online Pillow store named Sutera Pillow?  If so, then join us in this review session where we’ll disclose every minor detail about this website and tell you is Sutera Pillow Scam or not.

Nowadays, Sutera Pillow is treading on the internet and getting an excessive response from the United States audience. The store is famous for its uniquely designed pillows that claim to deliver peaceful sleep at night with zero possibility of waking up at midnight. 

Additionally, the pillows that Sutera store delivers provide your head, neck, and shoulder extra comfort while sleeping. It also reduces the chances of sudden neck pain and muscle strains caused due to wrong positioning of the head during the night. This ordinary looking pain might turn into more significant pain in no time if you ignore it for now. Get rid of such problems with the help of these Sutera Pillows. 

Is Sutera Pillow Scam? 

As per our opinion, the website appears less attractive since it has only two products available, and its user interface is also doesn’t contain much information. However, there are heap of essential information absent from the website, such as the Sutera Pillow store does not hold any other source of contact details except the email address. The “About Us” page is absent. The social media links mentioned on the Sutera Pillow store found invalid. 

Despite this, one thing that favors the Sutera Pillow store is its ten months old domain, which makes it seems to be legit but our research indicates that it might be suspicious due to the availability of the more negative customer reviews over the internet.

Therefore, we can’t proclaim Sutera Pillow Scam either due to our lack of knowledge and information regarding the website, but yes it seems to be suspicious and possibly a scam as per the negative customer reviews that indicated it to be a scam.

What is Sutera Pillow? 

It is the online store that deals with Pillows, which specially created to provide excellent night sleep to the sleep strugglers. The pillow is also useful for healthy people since it comes with several features that will help you in having the most comforting and relaxing sleep. 

Besides this, Sutera Pillow works for all kinds of people no matter how do you sleep. It provides the maximum support to your neck so that you can wake up ready to go, and the most talked feature is its orthopedic contour, the unique butterfly shape that helps you cradle into a soft and restful sleep.  However, Sutera Pillow made with ultra-comfortable foam that gives you feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds.

The site is having a sale on both of its products, and you can also take advantage of its limited period guaranty if you place your order in the specified time. 


  • Website URL –
  • Product – Pillows 
  • Location – The United States 
  • Email address-
  • Company address- Not specified 
  • Contact number – Not specified 
  • Shipping time- Not specified 
  • Shipping cost – Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Return and exchange – within 30 days
  • Refund –  Time is not specified 
  • Guaranty – 30 days money back guaranty
  • Order tracker – not mentioned 
  • Newsletter – yes 
  • Order history – Not available 
  • Payment mode – American Express, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and DISCOVER
  • Discount – The store is having a sale on it, and you can also get 15% off by subscribing to its newsletter. 

Pros of Sutera Pillow 

  • You can wash the covers as it comes with removable covers.
  • It made with premium quality memory foam.
  • It works for all kinds of sleepers. 
  • Its butterfly shape help in providing excellent support to your neck. 
  • You can get it at valid prices from the website. 

Cons of Sutera Pillow

  • Sutera Pillow store does not hold any information about the company. 
  • The social media pages links mentioned on the site found unworthy. 

Customer’s Reviews 

The website holds positive customers’ opinions on it. But still, there are some reviews over the internet about the site where we only found mixed feedback – negative and positive about the product and the website’s service. 

Most of the users are complaining that Sutera Pillow Scam and they have not received their orders. But some also stated that they have received their product.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, we can’t entirely trust the Sutera Pillow website or can’t comment on the statement Sutera Pillow Scam or not as there are mixed customer reviews available, but negative are more. 

Dear Readers, kindly try to research on your own regarding the website products and services if you want to purchase from them.

Please do post your comments or share your experience below.

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  1. DO NOT BUY FROM SUTERA!!! Sutera will not send me an RMA number, will not refund for a product that is not as promised, and is no longer replying to my requests for refund. I received Order C188210AC1 on January 3rd. The order consisted of two pillows. These pillows are not as described on the Sutera website, however, my husband decided to keep his. I wish to return and obtain a refund for mine. I emailed Sutera’s Customer Service department (per their online instructions) on January 31st. This was within the 30 day return requirement. I requested an RMA number and a refund. On February 5th, I received an email that Sutera needed to have a personal conversation to process the return. I called on February 5, per Sutera’s instructions, and the Sutera Agent said that Sutera had “no record” of me contacting them for an RMA. (Obviously they have a record of my request, or they would not have sent me the email telling me to call them). The Agent I spoke with then offered me $3.89 to keep the pillow. I refused, said I wanted to proceed with the return and refund, and asked to speak to a supervisor. This was denied. I still have have not received an RMA number or refund. I received an email on February 8 asking me if I was satisfied with my conversation with the Sutera Agent. I replied that I was not and that I wanted an RMA number and refund. I did not receive any reply. I tried to reach them at their “Customer Support” line today (February 11) but could not reach a person, only an automated “we’ll get back to you” message. I would like an RMA number and a full refund for this product, which is not as promised (defective), and for which I am entitled to a full refund. DO NOT BUY FROM SUTERA!!!

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