Studio of Halloween Reviews [Nov] What More Can Be Fun?

Studio of Halloween Reviews [Nov] What More Can Be Fun?

Studio of Halloween Reviews [Nov] What More Can Be Fun? >>This review will discuss the quality, durability, and price of the Halloween products.

Are you looking for your new Halloween party dress? You have come to the right place to dress up for all the needs for the Halloween party.

Halloween is a very popular festival in the United States among kids and grownups as well. It is celebrated in autumn when the weather is very nice to get dressed up for a party. 

Studio of Halloween Reviews will take you through a tour of all your basic needs for the Halloween party. 


Forget about the old fashioned makeup for the Halloween, studio of Halloween specialized in latex made masks; making your appearance more realistic

IT is not only for Halloween, but they also make masks for all kind of purposes such as movies, mask-collectors, theme-parks, etc. All their masks are made with high-quality  United States latex, which promises product quality. 

They have highly trained artists who have gained years of experience, making the masks more realistic than ever; they say practice makes a man perfect.

They make sure of delivering high-end quality to their customers with invincible customer provision.

Studio of Halloween Reviews will reveal the offers and collections they have to offer. 

Variety of Masks:

  • They have a vast collection of masks available such as Belial-the-demon, Flayed-Frank, Khan-the-beast, Freddy-Krueger, Michael-Myers, Led-purge, Kiss-the-demon, and many more.
  • You can have your mask custom made according to your need.
  • They all come in different colors, and they come with other accessories such as clawed gloves.
  • All the masks are available at a discounted price of &29.99


There are several positive reviews about these masks.

One customer said he was blown away by the detail and quality of the mask. He has worn it several times, but it still looks like it was just out of the box.

Another customer said the craftsmanship on the mask was remarkable and was one of a kind. None of his friends have seen something like this before.

Moreover, there was a customer who said the realism of this mask was outstanding. According to him, it was the best Halloween he ever had, and it was very comfortable to wear.

One customer suggested buying the mask from this site because she was pleased with her purchase.

There are several other positive reviews about the comfort and quality of these masks.

Please leave your comments in this Studio of Halloween Reviews.


In this Studio of Halloween Reviews, we can say that there are many happy customers. The craftsmanship and the quality of the latex they use are of very high quality, making it more durable and realistic.

The prices are like 70% discounted, which makes it in the reach of all kind of population. Even the make would cost somewhere this cost, so it’s better to buy these makes than going through the trouble of makeover and then washing off all the chemical products from your body.

Latest technology has made such products reach of a common man, which were once affordable to movie-studios and theme-parks.

Overall it’s a right product and is recommended by many happy customers.

25 thoughts on “Studio of Halloween Reviews [Nov] What More Can Be Fun?


    1. STUDIOOFHALLOWEEN.COM IS A SCAM! I ordered a mask 10 days ago.. I Emailed 5 times with no response… I contacted my credit card company and they told me to sit tight…if I do not receive my mask by Nov 9th..They’ll go after them and refund my money. Would suck to have bought a mask not to get it by Halloween however, I will get my money back… DO NOT BUY FROM THEM … IT’S A SCAM AS THEY HAVE THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE…

  2. This company is a scam, I ordered my mask from them almost 2 weeks ago now and haven’t even gotten a notification that my product has been shipped, I’ve emailed them about 5 times now and still after 3 days, no response.

  3. I got the belial mask and gloves and it wasn’t supposed to be the one split up the back the horns don’t stick out had to pull latex apart.

  4. False!!! Ad said ships in 48 hrs. Never got confirmation of tracking or received goods. They take your money then you never hear from them. Do not buy!!!!

  5. I have never received an email now after two weeks. Of course when ordering it state receive before Halloween. But because of the lack of any email response, I think they meant receive an email before Halloween – BAD SERVICE AND NO RESPONSE.

  6. Apparently went through what everybody else did. I ordered the mask and costume and have not received one email.

  7. I ordered 2 masks at the beginning of October, never received any confirmation. I have emailed them several times and no response. This place is a scam.

  8. My husband and I ordered not one but 3 masks almost 2 weeks ago and still nothing ,no reply to emails, no tracking info , no masks .. beyond pissed .. this place needs shut down and the ones responsible thrown in jail

  9. Straight up Scammers!!! Ordered Oct. 15th no email confirmation no tracking. NOTHING!!! Ships in 48hours my ass! And now the Site won’t even come up…..

  10. Im not happy at all with losing money! Nothing in a reply or update from and order on the 12th! Worst customer service and yes… the site is down and will be contacting my card company for a full refund! Totally fucked up and wrong!

  11. ordered freddy mask oct 15 said recieve by halloween got the purchase order email and never got a shipped or any other email and now the store link is offline and still no mask. scammed going to see if the credit card company will do anything about getting the money back

  12. Yup, it looks like this place is a scan. I bought a mask on 10/9/2020. I received a confirmation email and a message saying it was shipped, but I never received the mask.

  13. I ordered a purge mask for my son from Studio of Halloween and never got a confirmation and emailed them several times, didn’t hear back. I even messaged them on their shady Facebook (only 26 likes on their “business page”), no response. The site went down about a week ago. It’s 100% a scam. Calling my bank tonight to try to get we a refund. I’m going to report them to the Better Business Bureau as well.

  14. Damn, I believe they are a scam and got me good. I ordered a mask on Oct 16th, didn’t get an email confirmation of being shipped, and when I tried to go back to my email and click on the hyperlink that was supposed to lead me to my purchase details, the site reads no longer available. Will be filing a complaint and getting my money back from the bank.

  15. SCAM, yes, I was scammed to. I ordered a Micheal Meyers mask on October 13, 2020. It is now December 2, 2020 and I never recieved anything. I contacted my credit card company and I was refunded the money, unfortunately these rip off artists make everything more expensive for all of us.

  16. Obviously this is a scam. My question is that this was a promotional click through on SNAP chat and this was a now obvious ripoff! Does anyone know how to contact SNAP about promoting this and other fraudulent companies?

  17. Its a bullshit scam got the email that my product was shipped and will update when its been delivered never got a email since October 9,9,2020 its been 6 months and never received it and its 2021 now

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