Strawberryhill Com Reviews (Dec) Legit Deal or Scam?

Strawberryhill Com Reviews (Dec) Legit Deal or Scam?

Strawberryhill Com Reviews (Dec) Legit Deal or Scam? >> Would you like to know the detailed information about a website selling delicious cakes of various types? Do read this article.

Are you someone who wants to have delicious chocolates and cakes with different kinds of ingredients to make them very tasty and mouth-watering? There’s a website of Strawberryhill from the United States that sells cakes and chocolates using other ingredients.

Strawberryhill com Reviews will talk about all those edible items that the website provides for customers. It will also get to know how to deliver all kinds of chocolates and cakes with different ingredients like walnuts and strawberries.

What is Strawberryhill com? 

The website of Strawberryhill com has items like cakes, chocolates, English Walnut; it has the cakes by the name of Apple cinnamon along with the coffee cakes as well. On top of the very first page of the website of Strawberryhill com, we found that it provides a 20% discount along with free shipping to all those caking chocolate lovers. 

The website also gives the service of gifts which anybody can order and give them to their loved ones. Strawberryhill com Reviews found that different kinds of edible things have got different prices. For example, Apple cinnamon Cake is for 31.99 US dollars; on the other hand, English Walnut cake also has the same price of 31.99 US dollars. 

There is a chocolate cake, which is also for 31.99 US dollars, and a cinnamon Walnut coffee cake for 24.99 US dollars. This particular website is very famous for preparing Povitica, that some of the customers have to say that they liked the taste.

Specifications of Strawberryhill com 

  • Website Products: Cakes and Chocolates are the products that Strawberryhill com has on its pages.
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 8006311002
  • Address: 7226 W. Frontage Road Merriam, KS 66203
  • Hours of operation: 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • Return policy: The website of Strawberryhill com does not mention a return policy because the items are edible.
  • Refund policy: The website claims to deliver the fresh cakes, so there’s no refund policy question.
  • Payment method: This website, which gives different kinds of delicious cakes, provides various ways of payments like visa, discover, MasterCard along with PayPal.

Pros of Strawberryhill com 

  • Strawberryhill com Reviews found that the website of Strawberryhill com gives the service of free shipping and a 20% discount on the products.
  • This cake making website gives all the contact information, including email as well as a phone number.
  • Strawberryhill com has an outstanding presence on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to update its different cakes.

Cons of Strawberryhill com 

  • Apart from the 20% fixed discount, Strawberryhill com doesn’t mention any additional discount on all the cakes.
  • the price of the cakes looks very high even though it has got lots of delicious ingredients.
  • Strawberryhill com doesn’t mention any refund policy in case any cake is stale after delivery.

Customers’ Reviews on Strawberryhill com 

Strawberryhill com Reviews found different ratings and different kinds of statements regarding reviews from all those who bought some items of cakes from this website. 

We found on the Internet about the taste of the cakes that this particular website provides and customers have to say that they were very much impressed with the cakes’ quality. 

Some customers have to say about their favorite types of cake from this Strawberryhill com website. A website on the Internet mentions 4.5 ratings for Strawberryhill com out of five from 45 reviews.

Is Strawberryhill com Legit?

We got to know about the presence of Strawberryhill com, and many customers have bought different kinds of items of cakes. Strawberryhill com Reviews found that the website’s information has got verification with other pages of different websites. Therefore, we will give the verdict in favor and say that Strawberryhill com is an authentic website.

Final Verdict

All those cake lovers who want to eat the best of the cakes with different kinds of ingredients like Walnut and chocolate flavors may choose this particular platform of Strawberryhill. 

We found that most of the customers are quite satisfied with the quality of the cakes. Those who can afford the cakes’ price mentioned on the official website may purchase and eat the quality cakes. 

Strawberryhill com Reviews can say that the customers can also visit the official site and its pages on the social media platforms and know more about the varieties in cakes and their descriptions as well.

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