Stratton Medical Supply Reviews > Is It A Scam or Legit?

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews > Is It A Scam or Legit?

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews > Is It A Scam or Legit? >-> In this article, you are educated about the authenticity of different item accessible on this website.

Do you want to feel safe from this recent deadly pandemic? Then go for Stratton Medical Supply Company.

When there is a pandemic everywhere the world, it gets obligatory to take some precautions against it. Homemade face coverings won’t protect you against the contagious diseases or viruses like the deadly Covid – 19. And for this, we are introducing you to the Stratton Medical Supply Reviews.

According to the patterns, Stratton Medical Supply Company is in immense interest in the United States. It is getting a significant part of the positive reaction from the purchasers there.

There will be no side effects and very comfortable to wear. It will also prevent you from dust and harmful particles around you.

So before going to the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews, let us find out is Stratton Medical Supply Legit?

Is Stratton Medical Supply Legit?

Online shopping is constantly a preferred position for customers. However, there are scarcely any dangerous locales open over the internet that are hindering the image of the web stores.

It is essential to realize the bits of knowledge in regards to the merchant, and on the off chance that you establish no information about the buyers, by then, you should avoid those destinations. 

Stratton Medical Supply ensures that Customer organization is their most serious need. They give information like area, contact subtleties, and bolster email ID.

Before you work together with this site page, let us request the readers to experience the whole blog.

What do they mean by Stratton Medical Supply?

Stratton Medical Supply is a site that offers careful masks. From the website, we initiate that there a few Stratton Medical Supply Reviews given by the clients. The organization is fresh, and they likewise sell the KN95 mask.

The principle highlight about the mask is that it is sprinkled safe, three-utilize removal cover, the external sheet of dim shading, and the inside shading is of dim shading.

 It comprises of a three-sheet that is a sheet of polypropylene and melted polymer. The mask can be used again and can be clean with cold water.

What is Unique about Stratton Medical Supply?

Surgical masks are made in various thicknesses and with various capacities to shield you from contact with liquids. These properties may likewise influence how effectively you can inhale through the face cover and how well the other surgical mask secures you, yet it won’t ensure you as the KN 95 does it.

The channel paper utilized in these covers gives avoidance from dust and air penetrability.

Specifications of Stratton Medical Supply:

    • Product- Disposable face mask
    • Website-
  • Email-
    • Contact no- 8772196275
    • Address – 910 Striker Avenue, Sacramento, California
  • Shipping time- 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time- 5-7 business days
  • Exchange- Available
  • Returns- Within 30 days of purchase
  • Refund- Within 30 days
  • Mode of payment- Credit card /Debit card/ Cheque.

Advantages of Stratton Medical Supply:

  • Clinical items like a surgical mask and KN95 covers are accessible, requiring little to no effort.
  • The non-woven material protects from germs and other hurtful residues.
  • Easy exchange, returns, and refunds are available.
  • According to the high quality of the product, the prices of the masks are very reasonable.

Disadvantages of Stratton Medical Supply:

  • Not many buyers believe in the authenticity of the website.
  • Extra shipping charges.
  • Only online payment mode is available.

Customer Reviews on Stratton Medical Supply:

In our examination, we found a chain of mixed reviews from the customer’s side. However, most quantities of customers have given positive Stratton Medical Supply Reviews.

They said that the mask is so comfortable and they can wear it for hours.

 As indicated by the customers, the site is certifiable, and they got the product inside 4-5 days. Barely any customers who are all uncertain about the site, they contact the proprietor and get an agreeable answer.

Final Verdict:

As depicted before in this blog, we establish a blended response from the purchasers. Not many of them have questions about the authenticity of the site. Be that as it may, scarcely any purchasers have surrendered a thumb.

In the wake of examining the customer reviews and checking all the information on the site, it doesn’t seem like the site is a scam. 

Hence, we endorse our readers to proceed with further by presenting the request on this site as the site is sheltered and certified.

0 thoughts on “Stratton Medical Supply Reviews > Is It A Scam or Legit?

  1. Stratton promises immediate shipment. I ordered masks from them weeks ago. Only today did they supposedly ship after I had to email them to ship or give me my money back. I don’t know yet if they are legit, but I suggest anyone ordering from them send them an email requesting a shipment date or cancel. Once I receive the shipment I will let you know about the quality of the masks.

  2. They pass the melting and blowing out a flame test but when I cut mine open it only had 4 layers, not 5 and none were the charcoal color they are showing. I sent them an email about the supposed charcoal layer and did not hear back. So ???

  3. Just received our KN95 face masks in Virginia. We were concerned with some of the reviews here after our order. However, we are very pleased with our KN95 masks. Sure they are made in China but look and feel as good as the ones we purchased at our local store for filling our prescriptions. We are not medical professionals so I doubt we need the top of the line used by doctors and surgeons. We purchased $169 package. The masks were delivered on time in a secure package.

  4. I ordered masks,the amount was $ 26.00,free shipping for 150 masks, they took out $69.99 from my account. False advertising. The $26.00,free shipping was highlighted. The $69.99 was next to the $26.00,but was NOT highlighted. STRATTON MEDICAL SUPPLY, you better put my money back in my account.

  5. I have order from Stratton Medical Supply (also know as Stratton Essential Supply) them twice. The quality of the KN95 masks are the same as others I have ordered from other companies. I cannot speak to where they are made. However, for those of you who are concerned about them coming from China, I will challenge you to find a company that is not getting them from China or other parts of Asia like Vietnam. The United Stated is not making them, even if you are buying them from an American company. My first order from Stratton did take quite a while to receive, and I had to follow-up with two inquiries before I got the order. However, the second order came in less time that was advertised. The pricing is fair. I also ordered two of their reusable masks (for my wife and I). In comparison to other I purchased from other companies, I like these better. As with many others they have an inner pouch to place a filter if you choose. What I like best is the sized and contour of the mask. It fits much higher on the nose and has a contoured panel to fit under the chin. These masks do not slide off my nose when I talk, as many others do. I am about to order more.

  6. Has anyone read the labels on the package of kn95.
    I purchased 40 kn95 so check out what it said …
    Warning: This mask is not a medical device and does
    not eliminate the risk of any disease or infection and is not
    designed , sold or I tended for use except as indicated .
    Not intended for use by health care professionals staff..

    I was shocked to read that !!?

  7. BEWARE! Please read through to the response from the company. This company has an “ALL SALES FINAL” policy. I purchased $70.00 worth of mask. I received my mask and the cloth mask DO NOT FIT your face in a way that provides protection, there is no way to fit the nose piece securely. BEWARE once you receive your package YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT ONCE IT IS OPEN. The product is inferior, once purchased AND OPENED to see what you purchased you will not be able to return it if you find it unacceptable. Please check my reviews, this is the first negative review I’ve left. It was for good reason.
    Here is the response I received from the company;
    “Hi Mark,
    I am extremely sorry that is how our policy is set up. We do have to enforce this strict policy due to the nature of the products. Again, I apologize once again for this.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions. Stay safe!
    Rachelle @ Stratton Essential Supply
    Sacramento CA 95834”

    The response states “Due to the nature of our product”. Shouldn’t the nature of your product shine as a quality product that you stand behind?

  8. Stratton medical is a total scam as they refuse to even give price until customers enter all their personal info and credit card . Stratton then gives the price and sells hour info to others .they do not ship until weeks or months after promised date and most orders are not as ordered with invoices way overcharging the price agreed to in the original order . This must be a trump scam if the hover is not stopping but enabling this unlawful advertising and conversion of illegal funds. Do not buy from this fraudulent company it is a scam!!

  9. Words were changed by Receipents upon send. Should say Stratton then sells our info to others. And should say must be a scam if the govt. is not stopping this unlawful advertising and conversion of illegal funds.

  10. This can’t be a legitimate web site. It reads like it was written by a bot. It is almost nonsensical it places. Even non-native english speaking people don’t talk like this.

  11. Do not order from this website.
    I placed my order on September 9th, two months have passed and I still have no masks. I contacted the company twice, the first time they told me that the masks I had bought were pre-ordered so I had to wait for them to be made available, the funny thing is that when I placed the order nowhere did it say they were pre-orders . The second time they said that because I had selected the no tracking option at checkout, they were not responsible for the package once it has been shipped as stated in their shipping policy; The funny thing is, I never had the option to select a shipping option when checking out. Now I’m trying to log into the website with the same email address that I used to order and it says I don’t have an account with them.
    Don’t fall for this scam

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