Stratton Essential Supply Legit {Oct} Review-Value Mask!

Stratton Essential Supply Legit {Oct} Review-Value Mask!

Stratton Essential Supply Legit {Oct} Review-Value Mask!  >> Save the money on the mask or sanitizer gives zero facial discomforts after buying the product.

Are you out of stock for the mask and need the new supplies?

The entire world is fighting the pandemic to date, and it’s the end of the year. It is more prevalent in the United States, where the cases are on the rise each day. The people who bought the PPE and other sanitizers or masks are running out of the supplies. So going to the store is not safe!

The online shopping for the mask has increased the demand, and many companies are coming up with their version of n95 and other filter masks. So it is best to know if the product sold by the Stratton is safe during the infection. And this review checked if the Stratton Essential Supply Legit?

For an explanation, it is best to read this review below!

Is the Stratton Essential Supply Legit or a website scam? 

Stratton Medical masks are getting famous for the personal protective gear at an affordable price. The website’s age is only six months, but the company has already established its customer base. It has provided them with the necessary details to buy the items securely. The website has additional payments for the protected gateways and easy to shop online. The return and the refund are adequately made by Stratton Essential Supply Legit to keep the safety measures in check. Hence the return by the company is not accepted.

The product is of high quality and reusable, decreasing the cost of buying the face covers a fair deal. The site is protected by the HTTP certificate and makes it safe to navigate. The owner details are not hidden, and customers can learn more about the brand from their about us section.

Then what is the response to the question ‘Is Stratton Essential Supply Legit?’. The website is ideal for shopping credible and authentic products at any time. They are coming out as a reliable site, but because of the mixed reviews, the customers have to research and read a few reviews to make a credible buying decision.

What is Stratton Essential Supply? 

Stratton Essential Supply is a United States-based website that is selling a high-quality mask. The site has a simple and convenient way to shop for the products. They choose the buyers to opt for the subscription service, which helps them restock the items without a miss. Apart from the N95 masks, the company gives the hand sanitizer as well. The mask is suitable for all ages and is unisex. They offer affordable covers made from the delicate material.

But is the website to be trusted? To find out more, this article listed the specs and the con and the pros under the Stratton Essential Supply Legit!

Specification of Stratton Essential Supply: 

  • Website Type: Online shop for the N95 mask
  • Site URL:
  • Shipping time: 7 business days
  • Cancellations: All shopping is final
  • Shipping: Free shipping available
  • Wholesale contact email:
  • Warehouse Address: Sacramento, California
  • Company Address: Stratton Medical Supply, 910 Striker Avenue, Sacramento CA, 95834, United States
  • Refund time: 7-14 business
  • Contact number: 8883173334
  • Customer contact email:
  • Owner: Tom Patterson
  • Payment Type: AMEX, diners club, discover, Elo, MasterCard, and visa

Pros of Stratton Essential Supply:

  • The site has external reviews of the products.
  • The NIOSH approves the products.
  • FDA registered many of the items.
  • The masks are designed in the USA, and the Stratton Essential Supply Legit to have all the rights.
  • The site has the complete about us section.
  • The refund and return policy are given in detail.
  • The cancellation is given if the product is not shipped.
  • The contact number is given, and the email of the company is provided.
  • Wholesale buyers can quickly contact the company with an email.
  • The website offers the right company and the warehouse address.
  • The safe and secure payment option is given.

Con of Stratton Essential Supply:

  • Social media accounts are not working.
  • The product is limited.

What is the Stratton Essential Supply customer views? 

The KN95 and the N95 mask are now easy to purchase. The cover is safe as these are authorized by the FDA and give trusted protection from the dust, pollution, and smog. Stratton Essential Supply Legit has the masks designed in the Quanzhou Weishi Medical Devices Corporation, china. 

Most of the Chinese product is of low quality. But this US-based company is giving NIOSH approved item that removes any doubt from the buyer’s mind. Both positive and the negative reviews are provided online that are based on the quality, shipping and packaging of the Stratton Essential Supply. But because of the proper customer support, all the queries are resolved on a timely basis. 

Final Verdict:

The conclusion on the website is that the site is new and need research to look for the right quality product. But overall, they provide an excellent product and the service. It suits the needs of the people during the pandemic.

And all the Stratton masks and sanitizers are effective and do the work. The buyers can save their money by taking their subscription service and protect themselves during the high infection rate.

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