Stopworldcontrol com NL (Nov) Express Your Opinions.

Stopworldcontrol com NL (Nov) Express Your Opinions.

Stopworldcontrol com NL (Nov) Express Your Opinions. >> This article was a complete packet of information about a company that helps people earn money through online platforms.

We all somewhere believe in the fact that the government controls the media and journalism. The media shows us what they want to show us and not what should be shown or the truth. Everyone and everything on different media platforms seem to be fake. The trouble is that many people get their news directly from social media, where there are no barriers or truth filters to separate fact and fiction.

And today, in this article titled Stopworldcontrol com NL, we are talking about a United States website that claims to provide its audience only the truth. So please read the whole article to find out more about it. 

What is

As mentioned on the website, its only motive is to stop misinformation or disinformation globally, which is spread through fake journalism. The author’s only ambition in life is to stop those rich and powerful people from controlling the world. 

They believe that this is the need of today’s world- to help the people in need and show the world the truth that liberates us into a life full of wholeness and purpose. 

The website about which we are talking in Stopworldcontrol com NL was registered on 27 May 2020. 

Who is the creator of the website?

The website has a separate column titled “Who are we?” where they have mentioned the creator. The creator of so-called Stopworldcontrol com NL is David Sorensen, an author, designer, coach, speaker, and artist. 

He had started his life as an investigator while studying at the University for Science and Art, situated in Belgium. He wrote a thesis there about the anti-scientific nature of the theory of evolution. This very thesis was his first book, and currently, he’s working on his 9th and 10th book. 

More about Stopworldcontrol com NL:

This website is the voice of freedom. They represent the voices of scientists, journalists, government leaders, doctors, courageous researchers, and religious world leaders who are rising against tyranny and global corruption.

They have used the bald eagle symbol, the United States’ national bird, as their logo. They have published many stories like “Who is Donald Trump?” “Voter fraud caught on camera” and various articles on Covid crimes. Their widely known and most popular video was Pandemic: Indoctornation, where they have explained and claimed that this Covid-19 pandemic was nothing but a master plan. 

Customer Reviews:

People have reacted differently about Stopworldcontrol com NL. Some of them are against the statement made, where as some of the are agreeing with them.

Final verdict:

Through this website, the creators are trying to make different claims. Still, it is all up to you whether you believe in them or treat them as conspiracists who promote misinformation and falsehoods about the Covid-19 pandemic and other essential topics.

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