Stop Medical (Jan) All Details Inside!

Stop Medical (Jan) All Details Inside!

Stop Medical (Jan) All Details Inside! >> The write-up shares details about the petition filed to stop medical discrimination.

In a bid to stop the forced experimental vaccinations, Stop Medical has been created. It allows the residents to stand up and deny the pressure to take the experimental vaccines.

People from Worldwide can participate in the website and sign the petition to stop the forced experimental vaccines. People must not be forced to comply with taking the experimental vaccinations. It has become a life-threatening cause for many people, and it is the type of medical privacy that is aggressive, invasive, and unethical. 

To put a hold on such activities, a website has been created to sign the petition and say “No” to forced experimental vaccines. 

What is Stop Medical

Stop Medical Discrimination is the website created for people who want to sign the medical discrimination petition, including forced experimental vaccines. The website was launched on 11th December, 2020. The medical conditions and healthcare are private and personal, and no one can violate them, especially government agencies, airlines, and employers. 

If you are a victim of such a violation, visit the website and sign your petition for medical discrimination. The website is created to seek your support to prevent people Worldwide from being pressurized and intimidated into undergoing experimental vaccinations. 

It is the website to sign the petition to stop the forced experimental vaccines. The petition signed by the people allows the website to actively blacklist the employers, businesses, and school that commands to take experimental or routine vaccines. 

If you are the victim of such activities, visit Stop Medical to sign your petition today.     

How to Sign a Petition at Stop Medical Discrimination?

The process of signing the petition is straightforward. Users have to follow the instructions on the website to complete the process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to sign the SMD petition and stop the forced experimental vaccines. 

  • Visit the official website   
  • Provide your name and email address
  • Mention your mailing address; choose the state, city, and country with zip code
  • Enter your phone number with country code 
  • Choose your gender 
  • Describe your issue and sign the petition 
  • Click on the “Submit” button to complete the process

Remember, by signing the petition at Stop Medical, you allow SMD to blacklist and boycott the business, employer, and others in question. After signing the petition, you can also download the white paper of the petition in PDF. 

Who Files the Petition for You?

The team handling the people’s petitions is the humanitarian outreach team from America’s Frontline Doctors or AFLDS. The website has been created to make the voices of concerned physicians and patients loud to counter the forces and pushes that are not in the people’s best interests. 

The team comprises member physicians from across the nation representing different medical disciplines and having hands-on experience in the frontline of medicines. Stop Medical is unbiased.      


Stop Medical Discrimination and AFLDs are not anti-vaccine or in any form to be referred to as disapproving of established, reputable vaccines when taken without force. It is to safeguard the interest of the people and to maintain medical privacy.

Anyone who believes that their medical privacy is violated must file a petition at the website by signing it with SMD and AFLDs. If you have anything to add about the Stop Medical, please write it down in the comments section.

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