Squid Game Fortnite Map Code {Sep 2021} Full Details!

Squid Game Fortnite Map Code {Sep 2021} Full Details!

This article is to elaborate on all the details regarding Squid Game Fortnite Map Code.

Are you excited to know about the latest crossover that Fortnite has done with Squid Game? Are you a big fan of the Netflix Series and want to know all about its addition to Fortnite? Are you looking for a code to help you explore the brand new creative Squid Game map? Then, you have landed on the right post as we’ll discuss all Squid Game Fortnite Map Code and other related details. The codes we’ll share will be applicable Worldwide so let’s begin the article.

What is Squid Game × Fortnite?

Squid Game is a South Korean television series. It is based on the genres of drama and survival. The show presents the story of 456 individuals who were invited to put their lives at stake in a mysterious survival game to win a prize of 38.7 million US dollars. The absolute release date was on 17th September 2021, and within a week, it came at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 Weekly Most Watched global TV charts. 

Hence, a Squid Game Fortnite Map Code was inevitable because both the game and the series are based on the theme of survival so that Squid Game could enhance the Fortnite Creative Zone. 

Who created the Squid Game Fortnite Map?

Glitch King is the one who jumped to the occasion and decided to create his version of Fortnite × Squid Game when he saw how incredibly well the series performed on Netflix and how much people wanted to see a collaboration. Although he is better- known to be a game enthusiast and a glitch discoverer, he made a pretty accurate version of Squid Game in Fortnite. 

Squid Game Fortnite Map Code:

Given below is the map code and how you can apply it to your game.

The island code for Squid Game in Fortnite is 5335-8349-2062, and this is how you can use this code in the game:

  • Launch Fortnite and once you are in the lobby, go to the Discovery game selection section.
  • Head on to the Island Code tab and enter the island code given above.
  • If you typed the code correctly, the island would be displayed to you, and you have to click on the Play button to load the map.

What can the players experience in this map?

Squid Game Fortnite Map Code will help players make their private maps with any content from the game, such as terrains, buildings, and weapons options. Gamers can even make their servers where others can join and play with them. Players will also experience the eerie music, queuing up before the game, teleporting to the game area, the green light to move into the safe zone, red light to stop moving, timer restrictions, etc., which exactly represent the Netflix Series. Even beds represent sleeping quarters, and the doll is there to make it look like the show.


Squid Game Fortnite Map Code is a perfect addition to the Creative Zone of Fortnite, and gamers can perfectly recreate the show with their mini-games. Hence, this will be a fan favorite from both sides. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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