Sonovia Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is The Product Worth It?

Sonovia Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is The Product Worth It?

Sonovia Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is The Product Worth It? >> This article is a product based review of a website dealing with a face mask to prevent covid-19.

This Covid situation is stretching a bit long. This is the time we have to think about long time protection from the virus. To fight with the pandemic situation, proper sanitization and wearing the right musk is essential. So, you have to be very specific in choosing the right place to buy masks. Sonovia Tech is one of the humming names to purchase quality musk these days.

As per the reviews on different websites, different types of masks are available in the market. Therefore, before you reach a conclusion and buy one, make sure that you have read about Sonovia Mask Reviews

The United States has become the place of the ultimate scam and the legit sites for ecommerce. Therefore, one must go through the reviews are other related facts on the website. In this article, we will tell you insider facts and real product reviews of the previous buyers of the website. So, keep reading without skipping a single word.

What is Sonovia Tech?

The website Sonovia Tech has a different segment named SonoMask that is dealing with reusable, multilayered musk. These masks provide you with two-layered protection and the strength to prevent Covid-19.
This is one of the Israeli start-up companies ready to develop an anti-pathogen fabric that is precisely used for the high-quality mask to stop spreading Coronavirus.

Please read the article below about Sonovia Mask Reviews to get more clarity about it.

Specification of SonoMask: 

  • Product: Two-layered fabric mask
  • Web address:
  • Office address: Habonim 1, Ramat Gan Israel
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: +972 77 940 0370, +1 (888) 564-9075 (USA)
  • Shipping time: 2 to 4 business days
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping
  • Delivery: Right after the shipping process is done once
  • Return/ Refund: 14 days from the delivery date
  • Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Apple Pay

What are the benefits of SonoMask?

  • The website has several decent looking face masks.
  • All masks have two layers to prevent the novel Coronavirus.
  • The mask is scientifically proven to be an anti-microbial fabric.
  • The multilayer of the mask ensures you durable protection.
  • There is zinc coating upon the cotton-polyester blend.
  • It is quality tested to wash a maximum of 55 times.
  • The masks are made of soft, breathable fabric.
  • The price is lower than any other masks in the contemporary time.
  • They provide speedy delivery.
  • An easy return policy is available.
  • Most of the online transactions are available here.

What are the disadvantages of SonoMask?

  • Minimal collections are there on the website.
  • The masks are not versatile in their looks.
  • No cash on delivery is applicable.
  • No customer review is available.
  • The sellers are not available on any social site.

What do people say about SonoMask?

First thing first, to get the Sonovia Mask Reviews, one must know what the previous customer of the product is saying. However, the saddest part is, you will not get any product review on the website from the customer’s side.

However, the customers get a complete description of each product. Therefore, most of them are not confusing about buying the products. Apart from no customer review, the seller cum manufacturers have zero engagement on social sites. You do not get any profile or game on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter of the sellers. Therefore, customers cannot connect directly to the sellers.

Coming to the technical part, we are assessing the hidden facts. As per the SEO friendly tools and analytics, the website is an old one, set in the year of 2013. So, there is a possibility that the site is not a scam. At the same time, it has been proven that the products are reasonable.

The final verdict:

Observing the mentioned detail, Sonovia Mask Reviews, product quality, and the price, we have come to the point that the website is an authentic one. Chances are, they have less traffic rate and purchase rate. The price is reasonable and affordable. However, do not restrict you from buying the site. Look for the right review on other review posting sites before purchasing the masks from the website.

0 thoughts on “Sonovia Mask Reviews (Oct 2020) Is The Product Worth It?

  1. I bought some Sonovia masks. They failed a very basic test. I dripped a drop of water on the outside of the mask and it was absorbed immediately and got through to the inside of the mask. How is this technology supposed to work if fluid can go right through the mask?

  2. Wonderful product-I purchased twice from Sonovia, and the quick delivery and customer service was superb. We bought the original mask which was too small for someone with a large face. When the mask was available in a larger size, customer service allowed us to repurchase the new design at a discount. The new mask with the wire insert fit much better. It is lightweight and comfortable in hot weather.
    As to how well the mask protects, time may tell. The company is legit. The theory of anti-viral zinc in a fine woven fabric sounds good. The mask is easy to wash-dries quickly. The mask is absorbent like other cloth masks and would not be effective when wet or maybe if hit by a large, wet droplet. Overall, this product is high-priced but well-worth it if it turns out to be more effective than other cloth masks. If is only as effective as regular cloth masks, well then it isn’t worthless but maybe a $10 value.

  3. I bought 3 masks – you can buy different colors in the same multi-pack order, just put it in the notes. Got women’s medium with ear loops and it fits fine. The masks are comfortable to wear for longer times. My one complaint is there is not a nose-bridge (wire) to secure it tightly on my nose so my glasses won’t steam up. I’m going to ask for this addition to their product design. So far they have been responsive to any query I have had. A little expensive but better than the medical bills. If it’s really protecting me and others, then it is well worth it.

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