Sobusystore com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam Website?

Sobusystore com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam Website?

Sobusystore com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam Website? >> Love to be in fashion and style always, read the reviews about the online web store.

If flaunting with new and trendy clothes is your way to treat you, then go ahead with this review.

All seasons are high with their variety and space to live life, but my favorite is the summer season, as I can go beyond all varieties and choices to make the different looks. 

The various looks which can be created with the mingling up of the different and can obtain absolutely a different look. To check and enhance the collection of your wardrobe, we are presenting Sobusystore com Reviews.

Interestingly, people around the corner of the world are fond of a variety of stuff in clothes, especially in the United States.

So, there is an enormous inclination to buy the required stuff, and if online options are available with meaningful choices, then nothing better than this.

Please be with us in this review to find out more about this online web store.

What is Sobusystore com?

Shopping from legit online stores is always experiential and gives satisfaction to the shopper. The is another e-commerce fashion store, majorly having stuff for women wear. In the United States, women generally love to do online shopping, and it’s straightforward and comfortable as well.

This web store also tried to catch the traffic by keeping a range of stuff and that too somehow in range prices. Along with this, they also offer discounts, depending upon the purchases.


  • Website type: an online store is offering a range of apparel for women. 
  • Website URL –
  • Email:
  • Exchange: Applicable 
  • Shipping time: up to a maximum of seven days
  • Refund: a window open within 30 days of the purchase date
  • Return: Follows Refund
  • Delivery time: ranges between two to six weeks
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable 
  • Address: Not specified
  • Payment options: Diner’s Club, Amex, JCB, PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa

Pros of having shop from Sobusystore:

  • Collection of a wide variety of apparel with in comparison to the trend
  • Excellent refund policy for the buyers within thirty days of purchase
  • People can get huge discounts when purchasing during sales.
  • The facility of subscribing newsletter to be in updating as and when new sales open
  • Almost all payment modes are open, and all cards are acceptable to make payments
  • Great deals currently on the website to get amazed at

Cons of having shop from Sobusystore:

  • The web store does not hold any information on the owner of the store.
  • Lack of or almost null reviews availability makes the web store worthless
  • The images present on the web-store seem to be copied from other legit websites
  • No social media presence found anywhere

Is Sobusystore com Legit

When shop irrespective of online or offline, people tend to share the reviews and information, but here we lack in this part. Sobusystore com Reviewsalmost null appearance makes us feels some fishy or different fragrance. When no one had presented the opinion of their purchase from this web store, it’s difficult to judge the legitimacy.

So this could be understood that no one had tried as yet the web store.

Other factors are like the copied images, non-availability of the contact, and unnecessary cheap prices with huge sales. This could further create a sense of doubt on the legitimacy of this store.

So these above discussed facts made us believe that this web store is not legit.

What customer says about Sobusystore com?

Customer satisfaction is the most priority by any seller, but in this case, even after hard research, we could not gather the reviews of this website. This seems to be fraud or scam, where one can get trap if not pay attention to the different facts.

So we can say that the web-store hasn’t got any reviews and no social media presence, which can direct us to modify our search to shop from some legit website.

Final Verdict:

We have described above all the reasons to prove this site a scam. We don’t want our readers to face any trouble because so many scams are happening every day.

If any website opens, it creates its images with great models to increase the buyer’s traffic and sales. But this website has copied images, with no information on the owner of the store. So, we do not recommend you to buy from here.

We appreciate it if a comment can be shared below about the article presented for you.

0 thoughts on “Sobusystore com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam Website?

  1. I agree. I placed an order almost 4 weeks ago and still have not received the merchandise. You are correct, there is “no social media” presence but I got linked to the site through Instagram. The prices did not raise a red flag to me, and of course I purchased the items for a teacher as gifts. It’s a shame that people take advantage of folks in this day and age. I plan to pursue this legal to the full recourse. I take offense to folks STEALING my hard earned money.

  2. I ordered an item described as ‘hoodie’. When received, it was not a hoodie, but just a long sleeved shirt. I exchanged emails asking for the return address because I wanted to return the item for a refund. After seven exchanges of emails, and after they collected their money from my credit card charge, they offered me a gift card and told me perhaps I could give the item to a friend. Returns were not accepted. Sobusystore is nothing more than bigreapoffstore. I am reporting them to Better Business Bureau and will write a review on any site I can find. Particularly during this time of COVID, a business – any decent human being – would be considerate of decent business practice. Sad!

    1. I’m currently going through this right now and am wondering how they plan on “giving me a gift card”. They also asked me to give to a friend instead of return. Are we able to get our money back through the third party payment method we used? I didn’t use PayPal but whatever it was my husband says it’s a legitimate thing (not this store but how I paid). Thanks for reporting it. I’m so annoyed.

  3. I thought it might be a scam online store since no reviews from anyone as well where the stuffs is coming from, no info to refunds, etc. I am staying away from this one. Trust your guts.

  4. This place is a scam. I spent over a 100.00. They just kept making up stories and never answered my direct questions. So I reported them through PayPal and got a refunded. Very sad when you can not trust none of them.

  5. I placed an order over 2 months ago and still haven’t heard anything. Pd with a credit card. And it came through as a Hong Kong Groceries..

  6. I have repeated requested my merchandise! They are hard to contact, hard to hear back from, difficult living with the fact that I am a victim of their products! I am so DISGUSTED

  7. Don’t order here. It’s a chinese scam site. I got my order after 7 weeks. I thought the sweaters were going to be comfy warm cotton. No, its thin polyester something. I would never buy clothes with this material. The seams are poorly sewn. Don’t do it

  8. It took a long time to get my items and had to send messages to tell them I haven’t received the shirts. By the time I did get them I was not happy and not good quality material. I like mostly cotton. Plus the shirts didn’t have wash instructions and what they were made of. I think the clothing is made by young children in warehouses and emailed company and told them that and in process of sending shirts back. The shirts are silky like costume material.

  9. I ordered a sweat shirt, It did take over a month for delivery. But I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it is. I’m confused about the bad reviews.

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