So Player Error Connecting to Server (Jan 2021) Get Solution!

So Player Error Connecting to Server (Jan 2021) Get Solution!

So Player Error Connecting to Server (Jan 2021) Get Solution! >> Read about the error happening while using So player out of your home.  

Do you also watch tv shows on SO player? In this So Player Error Connecting to Server issue, we will look at this player and problems that users face these days on this OTT platform. In case you don’t know So player is an IPTV service. It is a subscription-based platform which gives content service to its users. So players is a media player that uses IP to provide services to users, and you need to have an IPTV service subscribed for its service to work. This media player is very famous across Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Many users face this error “Unauthorized IP address” while using it stay tuned to this, So Player Error Connecting to Server review to know the solution of this kind of errors. 

What is So Player Connecting to Server error

It is an error that many users are facing currently on So player, which you know is a streaming platform. Suppose you are a user of this platform. In that case, you might see that you are getting Server error because So player is restricted to only one home internet connection and 1 IP address which means you cannot share your accounts to your friend, neighbour or even you can’t use it at work if you use it at home. 

So, using it in multiple connections may be an actual problem here but if you are sure that you use only one network then stick to this So Player Error Connecting to Server further you will know how to solve this error problem. 

How to solve Server error on SO player? 

Many people use VPN to get rid of Server problems, but this don’t always, in fact, it do not work, and chances are the IP address will still be different. If you keep in mind the points below you won’t get any errors:

  • All you have to do is do not share your account with anyone else.
  • Only use devices in the same place home or office because they need to be on the same wifi connection. 
  • You should not connect to other wifi connections outside your home where your TVs have active, So Player Error Connecting to Server
  • If you connect to different networks and wifi you will get this error, and your account can also be flagged. To unlock your account, you will need contacting support. 

You have to keep these steps in mind to ignore the error and prevent your account from getting flagged. 

Final Verdict 

As we have mentioned in the above post, what is the error and how you can fix it? It is Crystal clear now that you cannot share your account across your relative or friends’ multiple homes, and even you cannot use it at work and family. Further, we recommend that you not use the account at various places and do not share your account with anyone else as the account needs to be at the same router/wifi and network.  

You can use your account on your mobile data anywhere and anytime you want to use but do not try to connect it to any other wifi or networks. It will immediately flash you the So Player Error Connecting to ServerAlthough, this platform has a quick support system that helps you in case of this error, continually doing the same thing can be annoying to both of you. Do read this article and comment in the comments box below.

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